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My UCAS Experience

As you may (or may not) know I've applied for University through UCAS. I've actually got my confirmed place to my firm, which is super exciting and means I'm done with the UCAS process. I thought it would be helpful to share my experience with UCAS, since this has been such a big part of my future and I would have really appreciated something like this, before I applied myself.

What is UCAS?

In case you're not from the UK, or you just don't know what UCAS is, it stands for Universities and Colleges Admissions Service. It is the main program used for people to apply to University or College here in the UK.

Finding A Course

There are so many courses available for you to do at university. Whether you're very academic or not so academic, you have the opportunity to study something you are passionate about. UCAS allows you to search for different course options before you apply. I will be studying English Language. UCAS is very good at providing enough information about different courses and answering all the FAQs even before you start applications. I would recommend going to Open Days too, and talking to course leaders/lecturers about the course. I will do a post similar to this for Open Days.

My Options

I'm not going to share where I will be attending, simply for safety reasons, because I'll be remaining in my city. I have so many international readers, which is so strange to me and I would rather keep that amongst friends and family. Maybe, I will reveal it closer to the time, since my start date is in September.
When you apply for university through UCAS, you can apply up to 5 different institutions. I applied for 5 and received offers from each. Overall, I received 2 Unconditional and 3 Conditional offers.

When we started applying, our mentors recommended that we apply to 3 realistic, 1 aspirational and 1 Backup. Pick three places that you realistically think you'd get into, based on your AS results and previous grades, 1 Aspirational that you could get into, with lots of hard work and 1 backup that you wouldn't mind going to if results day didn't go to plan.

Personal Statement

I would say the main part of your application process is your Personal Statement. A personal statement is a 4000 character piece about why you want to do the course, the skills you have and why you'd be best fit for the course. Again, I will do a post on personal statements in the summer if that would help people. I actually got put on a High Achievers Scheme, partly due to my personal statement, which is pretty cool. Overall I did 3-4 drafts before uploading my statement. It definitely takes a while, but don't worry, you'll get there. Its basically like a CV for University. You have to sell yourself in no more than 4000 characters, which is not easy to do.


Another big part of your application is your reference. Your teacher will write a reference for you that goes directly to UCAS. This is not something that you get to see (at least not at my sixth form) and that is really frustrating but it will support your personal statement. I would have loved to know what my referee said about me but oh well. They basically share your predicted grades, how you are as a student, why you'd be perfect for the course etc. I suggest you be super well behaved and nice to your referee, especially if they are affecting whether you get an offer from your choices, haha.


Once you've sent your applications, its just a case of waiting. I was really fortunate that I got my first offer within 3 hours! I was super excited about that. However, don't be disappointed if you have to wait days or weeks to hear back, its pretty normal. Waiting for offers is super daunting but also exciting all at once. I can not tell you how many times I refreshed my emails every single day. It is the best feeling when an email comes through with an update. Whether its an offer, update or interview, its super exciting to progress. I sent my application on December 4th and received my final offer on December 12th. I got my offers really quickly now that I think about it. It seems like forever at the time.

Making A Decision

This is 100% the most exciting and stressful part. Making a decision. Now you have heard back from all your options, whether it be an offer or rejection, its time to make a choice. You have the power here. Accept or decline. It may take a while, and that is totally OK. They give you MONTHS to respond and even after you've chosen, they give you 14 days afterwards, in case you change your mind. As I said, I got my final offer on December 12th, but didn't actually respond until February 28th. The final deadline is May 3 so a lot of the country still have time to decide. My biggest tip is to really consider all your options. You're paying £9,250 to attend this place, so make sure you know it is for you. Visit the area if you're moving away from home, as well as the uni. See if you can picture yourself living alone there. Consider the modules that each uni or college teach. You have time to think and so many people around you to ask questions.

Overall Thoughts

I had a really positive experience with UCAS. I was constantly receiving information (and still will until I move into university), which I really love. Every important deadline and date is given to you and I really appreciate that.

I can't wait to share more with you as time gets closer to move-in day. My next task on my To-do list is to apply for student finance and accommodation. I will be happy to share those experiences with you too. I also want to do hauls and stuff in the summer as I will be living in student accommodation.

I hope you enjoyed reading,

Have a great day x

March Academic Goals

We are 3 months into 2018 I skipped February because I didn't actually have any goals for the month. My only goal was pretty much just to carry on with organising class notes, doing coursework and revision, which really wasn't much different to January. Don't worry though because I am back to share my academic goals for the month of March!

1) FINALLY do my EPQ Presentation

I was supposed to do this back in December but something has always gotten in the way of it actually happening. In December we had a Snow Day, in January I caught the flu, the week of the presentation and had a full week off and February was already booked in with other things, so March 1st, is when I finally get it over with. Let's all pray I actually get to do it because I am so ready to get it done. I'm usually pretty good with presentations, so lets just hope it goes well.


I hate mock exams. The same anxiety and stress, without the real result, however I appreciate the purpose of them. Mock week is set from Monday 12th to Friday 17th and that means I have a week to finish revision and prep. I've been working hard for them over the half-term and I've been staying back late at sixth form to fit in extra hours. Lets hope they go to plan because I did really well last mock week and I only want to grow.

3) Writing essays/doing mock questions

Despite mock week this month, I want to start writing essays or doing mock questions every other day to get marked and looked over. I've found that the best way I learn is by practising and then getting feedback. My teachers are probably going to get so sick of me but its getting closer and closer to the real deal. I want to have everything completely down and go into the exam hall in May with confidence. I want to focus on structure, language and hitting the criteria's.

These are my top 3 goals for the month of March!!

Thanks for reading,

Have a great day x

Morphe 35O2 Review

EEEEK, my first Morphe Palette! So, if you saw my Christmas Wishlist last year, you would know that I wanted the Morphe 35P palette. My brother told me on Christmas day that he went to order it for me but it actually went out of stock, so had to buy me something else (which I was totally fine with). I thought I'd wait to be paid from work and then I would treat myself to it instead but it was still out of stock. I ended up falling in love with the look of the 35O2 palette and ordered that instead! I'm sure I'll still buy the 35P at some point, but I am so glad I got this palette. Today I thought I would give my own review of the palette.

Purchasing details:
Cost: £23
Retailer purchased from: Beauty Bay
Shipping: Paid Standard and came within 2 days

I always get amazing service from Beauty Bay and it came full packaged and protected, which is a huge tick in my books.

The packaging is really nice. If you are unaware, Morphe revamped during October 2017, including different packaging and a new logo. I think it looks really nice. The black makes it look really sleek and the new logo is very professional compared to the older one. This is my first Morphe product (but certainly not the last), so I have nothing to compare it with, however Morphe is all over social media, so I'm sure you can see the difference for yourself. The only thing I would say is that I wish the names of the eyeshadows were printed on the actual palette rather than on a plastic slip, just because I'm always losing things. So far, Its still in tact but I'm not sure how long that may last haha.

The actual product is AMAZING! The pigmentation is insane and the colours are so beautiful. I have become a huge fan of warm tones recently and this is a dream. If you love warm tones, YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE. It has really pretty shimmer shades and some of the most creamy and buttery matte shades. I would say the matte shades are actually slightly better than the shimmers, in my opinion- which is actually amazing, since many brands tend to fail with the matte colours.

I took photos of a few swatches down below.

This is a palette that you could use for everyday or for a glam look. It has a bunch of neutral colours but also some bright and bold shades like the reds and that super intense black called Whiz. It is the most pigmented black I have ever used. You definitely need to take your time with it, because the pigment is so high with this one.

The colours work so well together and they blend so well.

Overall, I am loving this palette and if you're debating getting it, I say go for it. It is definitely worth the money.


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