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The ABC Tag

It has been a while since I have done a fun tag post. My Perfect Imperfections tag is one of the most popular posts on my page! Given that it has so many hits, it tells me that you guys like tags. I saw this one on We Heart it and decided to answer the questions myself. I enjoy writing tag posts because it allows you guys to get to know me better, and I enjoy thinking about my answers. I hope you like this as much as the last one.

A (Age)

I am 19-years old.

B (Best Book)

I'm torn between See Me by Nicolas Sparks 

C (Country from)

I was born and raised in Great Britain but my family background is Jamaican

D (Dream)

I have a lot of aspirations for my life (Here is my Bucket List), but one particular dream I have is to publish a successful book. I'm leaning more towards a non-fiction book of some sort. Whether it be an autobiography, a self-help book, a devotional for women etc. I have always loved writing, and would love the opportunity to write something that could go world wide. 

E (Everyday starts with)

I want to say prayer, but recently I haven't been very good with that. I still pray but it's not the first thing I do. Definitely need to work on that. The first thing I tend to do is convince myself to get up, and then check my phone (terrible I know)

F (Favourite series)

This is hard because I don't really watch shows all that often. There was a period of time where I just wasn't watching anything at all. Books and music were perfect for me. I would have to say Jane the Virgin or Say yes to the dress. I'm so upset that season 5 of JTV will be the finale. I enjoy Say yes to the dress because I'm that girl who has been dreaming about her wedding day since she was like 10. I love wedding shows. 

G (Greatest accomplishment) 

It took me a while to think of an answer for this question. Not because I haven't done good things but because I feel like I'm yet to accomplish something GREAT. For the sake of this tag, I will say doing my election speech for head-girl in year 11. The reason for that is because I shared a personal story with people who knew me but didn't KNOW me and for an introvert, public speaking is not the easiest thing to do. It was such an accomplishment to speak in front of over 200 people. That was something I would never have done even 6 months before that. I really grew in confidence during that time in my life. 

H (Height) 

I need to get measured again but I'm pretty sure I'm just under 5"3 but I tell people 5"3 because I'm not trying to be that girl who says "and 3/4". 

I (In love with)

I'm in love with FOOD. Honestly I crave Nandos 5 times a day 

J (Job of Dreams)

I would love to be a teacher, but I wouldn't say it's my "dream job". I've wanted to teach since I was about 6-years old. I used to place my dolls and teddy bears on the stairs and pretend I was giving a lecture in a lecture theatre, talking absolute nonsense. I had so many teachers whilst growing up that just made me want to do it. From primary through to sixth form I've held that same aspiration but I don't know whether it's my "dream" job. Maybe because the UK education system is awful. I don't know. 

K (Kids I Want)

I would like a maximum of 4. I feel like it just gets even more stressful and expensive beyond that point. 

L (Last Thing I Ate)

Moam Pinballs. Not the best for your body haha 

M (Magic Power)

If I had a super power I would want the power to heal. I would love to be able to fix a broken heart, mind or actual physical problem. However, I'm not God so I'll leave that to him. 

N (Number of siblings)

Two younger brothers 

O (One song) 

Bloodline by Ariana Grande

P (Plants/Flowers)

Pink Roses 

Q (Question I'm always asked)

"How's uni?" and "Are you mixed race?"

R (Reason to smile) 

My family and friends who always support me, the ability to keep reaching purpose everyday and seeing the people I love succeed. 

S (Shoe Size)

I'm a UK size 6

T (Time I wake up)

It's different every single day

U (Unpopular opinion)

Avocados are vile

V (Vacation Place)

Anywhere beautiful where you can relax and admire God's work. I really want to go to Hawaii, Australia, Switzerland and Greece

W (Worst Habit)

Doubting myself or picking my eyelashes after I take my makeup off

X (X-rays)

I've had one x-ray for my foot. It was a gymnastics injury that I did 10 minutes before I was supposed to start comp...

Y (Your favourite Artist)

Ella Mai. I have been listening to her since 2016 and was anticipating her album for so long. It's so so good and her voice is incredible

Z (Zodiac Sign)