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How to stay Organised: Spreadsheet Method

Back in November, I mentioned how I use a spreadsheet to keep myself organised during the semester. I got a couple of requests to share this method. This is not the only method I use to keep myself organised, however it has been a super helpful addition to my life, since I started using it in October. Hopefully this helps someone else, who may come across this post.

C H O O S E  Y O U R  P R O G R A M
I'm really unsure of what else to call this method, so spreadsheet method will have to do. Any spreadsheet program will work for this, however I choose to use google sheets rather than Excel, simply because it is so easy to add and check off wherever and whenever. I am an avid user of google drive, so I have my spreadsheet on me literally at all times. It makes it really convenient to keep on top of things.

P I C K  Y O U R  C A T E G O R I E S
What is it that you want to keep organised? Write down some of the things you want to keep on top of and make a little key or side note of each category. For me, a lot of my categories are uni related, however I also have some more personal categories too. My categories are:

  • Study session - Anytime I have arranged to study with someone or catch up on a missed lecture
  • Assignment - Deadlines for assignments 
  • Exam - Dates of exams 
  • Contact - Reminder to email or contact someone 
  • Dance - Anything dance related, whether it be events, committee meetings or times to choreograph/teach
  • Workshop - Dates and times of workshops 
  • Shift - Days and times I am working
  • Ministry - Anything to do with church responsibilities 
  • Meeting - Any sort of meeting or appointment 
  • Other - Extra reminders that don't fit into the other categories. E.g. errands 
C O L O U R   C O D E 
Once you have chosen your categories, assign a colour to that category. This is what will allow you to track everything. Make sure to make it clear which colour is associated with what category. I keep a key table at the side to remember the colours. My colours are:

Add caption

Besides the categories themselves, I also colour code the dates, to show their positions. If the task/event has been newly added to the spreadsheet or there hasn't been any sort of update to it, I keep the date blank. If it is in progress, for example exam revision or assignments, I colour the date in light green. If the task has been completed, or the date has been met, I change the date to be dark green. If the event was cancelled or an appointment has rescheduled, I colour the date red until it has been met. You obviously do not need to follow this exact colour pattern, however it is just what made the most sense to me and allows me to see what I have done and what is still progressing. 

F I L L   I N  Y O U R  S P R E A D - S H E E T 
And just like that, life is a bit more organised! Now you've set up your spreadsheet, all that is left is for you to fill it out. You have full control over what goes on your spreadsheet and how often you update it. I choose to split mine into months, however you can record things weekly if you prefer. I just find monthly sections are less overwhelming. 
You can even make individual spreadsheets if you prefer. I have a very similar spreadsheet for blogging, which is a little more minimalist. I record blog posts I want to post each month and then decide on dates I want to post them. Once I start writing them they become light green and once they are published, they turn dark green. Do whatever fits best with your lifestyle.

I hope this was a helpful blog post. If you make your own, please send me pictures because I'd love to see them!

Thanks for reading,
Have a great day x