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Unpopular Opinions

At the end of my last post (Here), I mentioned that I have a lot of unpopular opinions that I could rant about. I decided to share them because I don't voice my opinion too often and want to get out of my tent of comfort. I'm hopefully going to make this into a little series I guess. This will be part 1 of many (If you guys want them).


I have no intention to cause offence or hurt, in anyway. If you disagree with me then feel free to voice your counter argument in the comment section. 

*In hales* *Exhales* Let's do this.

1)  There are only 2 genders
- Please don't come at me for this because my opinion won't change

2) The Kardashians are one of the main reasons for the failure of this generation
- I have no idea how to explain this without disrespecting them so hopefully they will never read this LOL. I obviously don't mean in terms of violence and terrorism etc. What I mean by this, is that the Kardashian family becoming so mainstream has led to way too many girls wanting to look exactly like them, increased self esteem issues and increased cosmetic surgery procedures among young adults. Not only this but way too many people now aspire to be social media influencers as a career, which in my opinion is not a good career aspiration.
-Yes they've somehow managed to build multi-million dollar empires over the last decade just by being attractive, but I don't respect the process and at the end of the day I would rather be respected than rich.

3) Leading on from number two: Plastic surgery doesn't fix insecurities 
-When it comes to plastic surgery, I have very mixed opinions. I personally don't think I would get it but if someone else wants to get it, that is none of my business. When someone gets something done, I don't look at them any differently (If they are honest about it), however if someone's whole body is fake, I definitely start to lose respect for them. There is a reason behind this so let me explain.
-When someone chooses to change everything about them, there are 4 things I think of.
--- They took the easier route rather than learning to love what they have
--- They would rather risk their health for the "perfect" features than to work on their self esteem
--- They are choosing to waste thousands of £ on something that ultimately doesn't matter
--- They had a lot of insecurities to begin with that needed to be dealt with
- I just don't think cosmetic surgery is ever the answer to low confidence.

4) Dr Alex on Love Island needs to go home
- His time surely must be up by now? I'll be checking Twitter for when he is on his way to the airport. This guy has been hurt more than his patients.

5) Most trending Instagram comedy sketch videos are trash

6) Kpop is overrated
-I've heard a few songs and I don't get the hype. To be fair, BTS seem like fun guys

7) All this advanced technology isn't good, its terrifying 
- Listen here. If you think I'm using facial recognition to unlock my phone so that the government can store my retinas, you must be crazy. I'm already using finger print recognition and really skeptical. People think the facial recognition feature on iPhone X is amazing. I DON'T! It's terrifying and it makes me think the end days are approaching No thankQ. I've read 1984 by George Orwell...

8) Android is way better than Apple. 
-Samsung all the way!

9) Milkshake is gross

10) Nobody should be allowed to use the N word
- Even as a young black woman, I don't think the N word should be used at all. I get why it was reclaimed and used, but it has such strong history. I don't think our ancestors would want us to use it and it causes so much unnecessary controversy.

11) Most of this generation look at social media, to make political judgments rather than gather their own thoughts and ideas
- I don't know if it's cus we're brainwashed, lazy or sheep. Could be a combo of all three.

12) I'm not a huge fan of Bananas
- Nobody hypes up Nectarines and Kiwi but they're so good. I have to be in the mood for Bananas.

13) Black History Month is just to tick a box
- When it comes to Pride, everyone goes all out. Music Festivals, Rainbow everything, Banners etc. On the other hand, black history month isn't any where near on that level. We learn about the same people every year, there is a solid focus on slavery rather than how far we've become and it almost feels like it ends once you graduate high school. I thought it was overlooked in school and then I graduated. Never mind overlooked, we pretty much just get a hashtag. It's just a part of a To-Do List that gets ticked off to say we have been acknowledged.

14) Men aren't trash
- Some are, don't get me wrong, but for the most part I think they're just very different to women. We misunderstand each other.

So this was Part 1 of Unpopular Opinions. I can breathe now. Hopefully nobody is crying or driving to their safe space. If you enjoyed, let me know in the comments so that I can do plenty more. I have a lot of opinions.

Thanks for reading,

Have a great day x

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