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I'm not sure why I have never thought to do a playlist post before. Music is one of the best parts of my life, I was actually writing another post when I thought mmm I should do a playlist post. My music taste honestly varies. Anytime someone asks what music I listen to, I honestly can't give a straight answer. If it sounds good, I'll listen to it. Best way to put it really.

I love music from primary school/early high school time. Music from 2009-2014 was the best, don't even @ me. I rediscovered so many classics and they're all on repeat, so my playlist is honestly such a mix.

Let's begin!

1) All of the ELLA MAI album to be honest.
- I LOOOOVE her album so much. I think she's a brilliant artist. I love how her album explores so many areas of love. It's not just a "men are trash" approach or "He's my world" vibe. It really paints a picture of what love is like. All directions were considered and I love that.

My Top 3 Tracks:

I) Whatchamacallit ft Chris Brown
II) Trip
III) Sauce

2) Deuces by Chris Brown, Tyga and Kevin McCall Jr
- This song came out when I was in year 6 and it still bangs. I rediscovered it very recently and honestly I forgot how much I loved it. It's one of those songs that could be released in 2018 and would do just as well in the charts as it did in 2011.

3) 079 Me by B Young 
- The whole vibe of this song is just such a mood. Like let me get mi maracas out! Take my number cus the beat is sick. It's obviously more of a summer tune but it's October, it's still acceptable.

4) Breathin' by Ariana Grande

I like this song so much that I randomly decided to choreograph to it. Choreography that nobody will see but thats not the point. I don't even know exactly why I like it but I do.

5) Funky Friday by Dave ft Fredo

I don't usually listen to either of them but I liked this song literally the first time I heard it. Dave did such a good job producing it and the flow is A1. You can't listen to it without at least bopping LOL. Also, if you've seen Sam Smith flexing to this, you know how funny it is.

6) Come and See Me & Location Mash Up by Kiana Lede and Maurice Moore

- It's such a beautiful cover. Their voices match so perfectly. I was listening to Kiana Lede when it came on shuffle and I loved it.

7) Bad Vibe by M.O, Lotto Boyzz and Mr Eazi 

Again this is quite a summer tune but if it's good I'll play a summer tune in December. I played this all summer and it's still being played. Anytime I hear it, I just wanna scream "WHO NEEDS MEN" and dance. Like I'm just living my life!

8) I Wish You Loved Me by Tynisha Keli

- This song is old as heck. It came out in 2009 so I was literally just a yute. I knew nothing about love so I didn't appreciate it. I mean to be fair I still know nothing about love but let's pretend I do. This is such an in your feelings song. It's pretty much about a girl realizing she is in love with her best friend and how much she wants him. It's cute but bit of a sticky one there. Shoot your shot sis.

9) Doo Wop (That Thing) by Lauryn Hill

- EVERYONE loves this song. If you don't, are you ok babes? This is one of those songs that I literally belt out at parties like nobody can see or hear me. It came out before I was even born and I play this like it was written for me. The anthem for the whole men are trash/women are trash movement.

10) Upgrade U by Beyonce ft Jay-Z

-In my option B-Day was Beyonce's best album. I'm always playing it. Upgrade U is like my sassy song, if you know what I mean? Like bro you NEED me. Your life may be fantastic but the way I can elevate it is a mad ting. WOW I'm gassing myself up too much to be honest LOL.My point is that it's a good song.

I'm just going to stick with 10 because I could go on forever. What songs do you have on repeat? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading,

Have a good day x

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