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Life Update

I'd be surprised if you even remember who I am at this point. Hey. Hi. I'm Rochelle and I have finally returned.
You're probably wondering where in the world I disappeared to and why I stopped posting. If you follow me on Instagram ( @chelle._babes - little plug ) then you may already know the main reason for my online absence, however I thought I owed it to you all to give a life update and fill you in on what life has been like for me since my last post (End of August....oops).

T H E  M A I N  R E A S O N .....

The primary reason for my blogging silence has simply been due to ever so unreliable technology. Whilst I was in Florida this summer my laptop quite literally gave up on me. I was actually planning to write a blog post when my attempt to turn it on FAILED. I put it on charge to see if that would resolve the issue but the usual red light to show it was charging decided to take a holiday for itself. OF COURSE my laptop reached it's expiry date weeks before I was due to start university again (typical). Anyways, after trying to fix it back in the UK I came to the realisation that it may just be time to replace it. I've been so busy that I haven't been able to buy one yet, so even now I am borrowing my brother's. It's super difficult to write when you don't have a laptop or computer at hand. I've been having to rent one out for uni work at the library and all the laptops in my house are constantly occupied. So count this post as a blessing. I'm hoping to get mine very soon and from there I will hopefully be back to posting regularly again.

Now that you know the reason for being MIA, here are some things that have happened in that time:

I  T U R N E D  T W E N T Y

September 11th was my birthday and I turned 20! I had a nice meal with a few friends the evening before and then some of us went on a night out. It was lovely to celebrate at midnight and dance the night away. I spent my actual birthday being slightly (who am I kidding - VERY) hungover, oops. Definitely not what I planned but life is funny like that. I honestly feel like 20 sits right with me. Although I'm kind of sad to no longer be a teenager, I feel like my 20s are going to be a great era and I'm ready to face it.


The much anticipated Alicante trip with my best friend happened and it was such a fun trip. If you have me on Snapchat you will know how much fun we had. There were a lot of laughs and stories to tell the future grand-kids that's for sure. I don't think I have taken as much pictures on a holiday as much as this one.
I can't wait for the next girls trip!

S T A R T I N G  S E C O N D  Y E A R

I started my second year of university on September 23rd. I was definitely ready to go back. I had 4 months break, so I was kind of ready to dive into some good old English texts and get my brain moving again. Let me tell you....second year did not come to play. The workload has definitely been multiplied this year. I'm just about keeping up! We have a novel per week to read for a literature module I am taking this year, about 30 pages a week of a psychology and communication book, lots of journals and case studies. It's only week 4 and it's already more work than first year. I'm enjoying most of it though which is good. I find this year's content far more fascinating.

T E A C H I N G  D A N C E  C L A S S

Aston Dance Club is back in full swing! I got to take the first class of the year which was a fun time. The fire alarm went off just before the class which wasn't ideal but I was able to finish on time anyway. I really enjoyed teaching and I look forward to future classes. Of course the first routine of the year had to be to Queen B, because WHO ELSE?

L O S I N G  A  L O V E D  O N E

A more unfortunate and difficult life change was losing a really close family relative. It wasn't sudden, which I guess makes it slightly easier but you can never prepare for the passing of such a prominent figure in your family. We've all been holding it together and I'm so grateful to have spent my 20th birthday with my grandmother before she passed. I know she is in heaven at peace and having the absolute time of her life. I miss her lots but all I can do is be thankful for the 20 years I experienced with her.

And that brings us here. Now you're all caught up with the life of Chelle! I'll try not to leave you all for this long again (don't hold me to that though). I have some psychology reading to do so I shall love and leave you.

Thanks for reading,
Have a great day x