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Christmas Bucket List


 love making a Christmas Bucket List because it means I always have something new to do during the holidays that keeps me entertained but also gets me in the festive mood. This is a list of things that I want to do during the month of December.

1) Go Ice-skating
2) Go Christmas shopping with friends
3) Donate to a homeless shelter
4) Decorate my room for Christmas
5) Make a Christmas themed recipe found on Pinterest
6) Take some cute winter pictures around the city
7) Spend time with people I haven't seen in a while (All a part of the Holidays, right?)
8) Watch a ton of Christmas Movies
9) Have a Pyjama Day (Boxing day tradition)
10) Have annual Christmas Eve party with my brothers
11) Actually light my candles (I have so many and forget)
12) Make S'mores
13) Play Board Games with Family
14) See the Christmas lights
15) Go on a cute date (not necessarily a real romantic type, just one with a friend or something)

Thanks for reading,
Have a great day x

December Academic Goals

The last month of the year! 2018 is right around the corner. It's time to share my goals for the final month of the year.

1) EPQ Presentation

The date of my presentation is December 14th. I'm generally pretty good with presentations, as long as I'm prepared for it. I have exactly 10 days (from writing this) to prepare and hopefully kill it. EPQ has been way too time consuming and hard work to not do well with this one. My final big push until it can be done and dusted (I hope).

2) Finish English Coursework

I had a deadline extension to the end of the month because of my circumstances, which is obviously great. I definitely need to get everything done as soon as possible, so I can move on to my second piece. It's a lot more difficult to juggle with everything else than I thought it would be, but hopefully it will be worth the hard work and dedication.

3) Start my 'Original Writing' piece

I want to begin my original writing piece (second piece of english coursework) as soon as my Investigation is complete. I am only planning on doing the research for support and analysis though as I do actually want a Christmas break.

4) Carry on with History Coursework

I've started History coursework now but I do need to pick up the pace this month. I don't necessarily need to have done paragraphs and paragraphs of writing, I just want to be on track and happy with what I do compose.

5) Write at least 3 essays for each subject

This is obviously not something I have to do but I do want to write plenty of essays, in order to get some practice. I may time myself with a few of them so I can get used to the whole exam vibe or I may just write them and get my teachers to read over them. I haven't decided how I'm going to go about this one yet but I definitely want to do it. Even if it's just during the Christmas break and I bring them on the first day of term 2.

6) Get offers from all my university choices

Obviously, I have no say or control over this one but I've still made it a goal of mine. The final deadline for offers is May, however I am hoping to get them all now, I have had 3/5 offers already so it is looking likely. If I can get all 5 within the month, that would make my year to be honest.

Thanks for reading,
Have a great day x

7 Attractive Things Guys Do

So, this is a bit of a different post. I wanted to do something a bit more fun. This was inspired by a video that came up in my YouTube suggestions. I decided to watch it because I’m a bit obsessed with YouTube and whatever they decide to suggest for me must be somewhat similar to what I watch, for it to be there. I ended up watching it and then it spiralled into watching another twenty of them. I just found it so interesting to hear other girls’ opinions and it was so relatable, so here I am doing my take.

Disclaimer: Obviously all girls are different, so boys, don’t take this too seriously. These are my personal opinions, so don’t cry if you try these things on a girl you like and it doesn’t work out.

1) Making Eye Contact and Smiling

I don’t know if this is just me who finds this attractive but when a guy has eye contact with you and they have that cute smile, its just.... wow. I don’t mean creepy "I’m going to lock you in my basement" eye contact and smile, but a sign they are listening to you. If you’re telling them something and they keep their eyes on you as you talk its a tick from me. Or even vice versa. If they are telling you something and they have that intense eye contact, its very alluring. I dig it.

2) Being Goofy

I honestly didn't  know the best way to describe this. When I say being goofy, I mean when they're not afraid to embrace their weird side or their quirky personality. Again, I don’t mean creepy things like "I enjoy collecting clumps of hair" or "I talk to myself on the bus", I mean being able to have a good laugh. I hate when people are super serious all the time and have the personality of a toothpick. If. a guy can be stupid, send ugly selfies on snap, break out into song with me or something, I find it so attractive. Maybe that's because I have that kind of side to me, but I find it attractive regardless.

3) Text First

I have no problems with texting a guy first. Whether it be just a friend or more than a friend, I really don’t find it too much to handle, however I love when a guy texts first too. It shows they were thinking about you at some point or that they genuinely care about you or how you’ re doing. Our generation makes texting the opposite sex seem so miraculous and difficult but it really shouldn't have to be. Obviously there are exceptions, like if they’re constantly asking for something or messaging you at 3am, but besides that, its cool.

4) Stretching

This is probably weird to most people but I love when guys stretch. Not like go into splits or anything (that would be kind of weird) but when they stretch their arms out or rub their neck, ITS SO ATTRACTIVE. Ok, I should calm down. Especially if they’ve just finished doing some kind of sport, woiii. I watch way too many romance movies to be honest.

5) Talk when they are tired

I have a thing for sleepy voices. I don’t have any explanation for it, I just do. If you’re tired, I can listen to you talk for hours. In fact, please do. Talk to me about tea bags and I would listen to you just because I love your voice.

6) Give Nice Hugs

I like them, there isn't really much to say about it. I'm short so I guess it makes it easier. If you can give me a long hug and still leave me standing there wanting it to last, then its a nice hug. Not gonna lie, I've had hugs that have left me thinking about it for hours. Even if they're literally just a friend, if the hug is nice, its attractive.

7) They encourage you and build you up

I love when a guy just has your back. When you have days when you feel meh or you’re struggling with something and they give you some confidence. Just being reassuring and motivating is super attractive. Especially when it comes to your personality. Say if you're really intelligent but failed an exam and they reassure you that everything is ok. Or you’ve had bad experiences with other boys that have left you feeling a bit insecure about who you are and they give you that little bit of confidence again. I LOVE THAT.

I hope someone can relate to any of these and I'm not alone here LOL.


Thanks for reading,
Have a great day x

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