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Let's Be Honest...

Hey guys! It seems like so long since I last wrote. Life has been a little crazy these past few weeks. I'm sorry for not posting for two weeks but hopefully this should explain.

First of all, I hope you've had a great Easter and Spring holiday.

Ok, so I haven't been posting for several different reasons. The main one being the dreaded E word...EXAMS. My exams and revision has taken up so much time and space in my life lately. I've always worked hard but as we get closer to exams, my head has been right in those books. I don't tend to do much else than study when it's exam season. This holiday I've mainly been studying at home or at sixth form. I definitely haven't got as far as I want to but we'll get there. My exams finish at the beginning of June and once they're over, I'll be posting so frequently!

The second reason is because I've been a little...down. I'm not going to go into that one, but I haven't been in the best head space and that's definitely made an impact on...well everything. This blog is mainly an advice/lifestyle blog and it would be unfair for me to talk so highly of positivity and happiness when in fact I'm struggling with those things myself, at the moment. I need to get myself together before I can give advice and help other people. I'm not perfect and I always like to emphasise that to you all. I still have bad days, weeks, even months but when I do, I like to take a step back and evaluate the issue. I'm currently doing that and hopefully all this crappy stuff will be a benefit to you guys and of course myself. I truly think that hearing experiences and other people's thoughts can be good for us and I truly believe that our problems can make us stronger.

Because of this situation, I've been feeling super uninspired and I seem to be lacking creativity. I'm not a beauty blogger or fashion blogger, so I can't really be creative in that way. I find creativity through my mood and other people's moods but I'm not ready to share my feelings on the internet yet and when you're wrapped up in your own stuff, it can be hard to look at anyone else's, you know? I don't like to follow the crowd just to follow the crowd. I like to be original and authentic. I'd much rather not post at all than post mediocre content that I'm not proud of. I'm sure you guys would rather see something original than ANOTHER post of something you've read 10 times already.

On that note, due to all the things I have mentioned, my blog is going to be even more inconsistent and a bit of a hot mess for the next month and a bit. HOWEVER, you best believe that this summer I'll be making up for it! Also, I will still be very much active on Instagram so make sure to follow me over there.

I'll be making another life update post in a month's time to let you know what is going on, so don't you stress!

Thanks for reading,

Have a great day x

Instagram Feeds You NEED To Be Following #1

Instagram is probably my favourite social media platform, purely due to the fact that I love photography and the idea of being able to share parts of your life through photos. I am following so many different Instagram influencers, bloggers, YouTubers etc and I thought I would start a series where I share different people you NEED to follow on Instagram. Some have a large following and others have a smaller following, however in my eyes, every single one of them deserve their feeds to be recognised. So let's kick this off with the first lot of feeds!


I absolutely love these first four feeds! 

The first feed is by @its_not_synx . Her feed features a lot of pink and home-ware (which I love). She has such a talent with flat lays and every picture compliments each other so well! I love feeds that show the creator's personality and this is definitely one of my favourites for that. Go follow her NOW. 

The second feed is by @travelling_in_heels . Now, if you love travelling and seeing people in loads of beautiful places, you'll love her feed! All the pictures are amazing quality and she visits so many beautiful places. If you ever need motivation to do anything, just look at her feed and you'll definitely be motivated enough to get to the point where you can take a trip to these places. 

The third feed is by @elodie_castiglion . I love her feed because it's so fresh and simplistic. The quality of her photos are incredible and most definitely inspire me to take more pictures of things in my daily life. Her feed features a lot of pink and cool tones, which is awesome. 

The fourth feed is by @the_fashion.blogger . Now I discovered Holly's Instagram when she actually followed me! I was kind of starstruck that someone with such a stunning feed would bother to follow me! I've been obsessed with her feed and we've actually had a bit of a chit chat in the comments before. She is so lovely and such a gorgeous girl. Make sure to go follow her because she is incredible.


The second lot of feeds are honestly feed goals too! I love them all. 

The first feed of the second lot is by @barbaraschoumacher . I actually found her through a SFS Sunday post and I followed her as soon as I saw her pictures! Her Instagram is a visual diary, featuring bits of her life. She travels, she goes on fun adventures, tries new foods etc. I really enjoy seeing what she is up to and her feed is so cool. Its so cool because most people go for a white and bright theme but hers is a little darker and gives me Tumblr vibes. 

The second feed is by @h.capucine . I love her feed because it has such a wide variety, which I love in a feed. It isn't purely selfies or flat lays but a bit of everything. She doesn't really have much of theme to her feed but that's partly what makes her feed so great! She isn't limited to what she can share and post, which makes everything so much more authentic and fun. Her feed makes me really happy!

The third and final one is by @alexandra.em . I started following Alexandra a few days before I restarted my feed. My original feed was full of pictures of when I was 13/14 and did not co-ordinate what so ever so I decided to change it altogether. I went on a big follow spree to get inspiration from different people and came across Alexandra's feed. I DMed her asking what editing tools she used and basic Instagram questions because I was just in awe of her feed. She uploads a lot of fashion posts and flat lays which all just fit so perfectly. She is such a lovely girl and one day I would love to meet her, since she does live in the UK! Go follow her, she is so great. 

So those are all the feeds I will be featuring in my first post of the series. I think I'm going to do it as a monthly favourites type of thing. If YOU want to be featured in a post, leave me your username in the comments so I can check it out!

Also, don't forget to follow me on Instagram! @chelle-_babes. I'm trying to set myself a challenge to see if I can get to 1.5K by the summer time! I'm currently at 1.1K and I want to say thank you to everyone who follows me already. 

Thanks for reading, 

Have a great day x