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Confidence. (Day 12)

Confidence. It's not an easy thing to have, but it's not impossible. For so long, I didn't have it. I used to be such a shy person. I hated being the centre of attention and I constantly cared about what other people thought of me. Anything I did or said was to impress other people and I was so caught up in all the trends like having BBM just to fit in. I don't regret getting BBM though because I have so many memories from it! My point is, I didn't do things because I wanted to do it, I did it because I wanted people to like me. But that is just wrong!

You should NEVER let other people live YOUR life. There are going to be people smarter than you, prettier than you, more wealthy than you, but they are not you! You are an amazing person. There is nobody like you! If you're a twin or you have siblings/look alikes, that still doesn't make them you. They may look like you but their heart beats differently, their thumb prints are different, they have a different number of hair strands than you. The details are important! Don't forget them.

People are always asking me, and I mean ALWAYS, how I have so much confidence. There isn't even space on this page to explain my journey! It was a long ass road guys! Confidence for some may just come out of the blue but I really had to work hard for it. I adore my friends because they were through it all. They have been with me from the nights I cried myself to sleep to the nights where I've been so hyperactive that I've not been able to sleep. Words can not describe how much I love and appreciate what they've done for me. They're the reason why I can write this blog post right now with a huge smile on my face.

Everyday is a new day to make a difference. Forget yesterday and don't worry about tomorrow. You can't do anything about them! It's all about today. Had a bad day? You still have hours, minutes, seconds to change it. I challenge you to walk straight up to a mirror and tell yourself three things you love about yourself, every morning when you wake up. It sounds so dumb but it works! If you tell yourself enough, you'll believe it! Why should you wait for other people to say those things? The mind is a weapon. It can hurt you or defend you. You choose it's role.

I think the one thing I was afraid of the most, was not being liked. And I don't mean by boys or anything like that (although that was always an issue too), I mean in general. I used to hate the idea of someone hating me! I just hated the idea of someone talking to their friends, telling them how much they didn't like me. I've ALWAYS tried to be nice to everybody. Kindness is the most attractive thing in my opinion. However not everyone is going to like you. It's not something you can really change. I mean you can't like everyone. I don't like rude people but I can never hate them. Hate is such a strong word. I mean Donald Trump is very close to that top position but I don't hate anybody. Everyone has a different story and reason for being who they are and doing what they do.

I've learnt that you could be the sweetest strawberry in the entire planet and there are still going to be people who don't like strawberries. That is something I live by. It's ok if people don't like you. You weren't born to impress them.

Now confidence can come in many forms. Such as self-esteem and confidence to do something. A lot of people lack in self confidence when it comes to appearance. Let's face it, there are a lot of BEAUTIFUL people in this world. It's hard to compete right? Well that's the thing, it shouldn't be a competition at all. You can't compare yourself to those models you see on Instagram. I swear to you Instagram is dangerous! As much as I love it, that app really knows how to take away your self-esteem! Some models ONLY have their looks to get by. Of course that isn't all of them but a lot of them only have their perfect skin and gorgeous eyes to get them through life. Their looks pay the bills. But do you know how lonely and upset some of them can actually be? For instance, I was watching Essena O'neill's video about "quitting social media" a few months back on YouTube. She basically confesses how miserable she's been since her following increased and she started doing more modelling etc. I will leave the link to the video at the end of this post. She seemed happy in her images and YouTube videos but inside she was MISERABLE! Looks are nothing. They only go so far. It is hard to think that way, I get it, but it's really true. As a teenager, looks seem like the most important thing in the world but it isn't. As kids nobody cared, so why do we all now? I can make a whole separate post on self confidence when it comes to physical appearance so I won't go into too much detail. I'm going to keep it general.

The other kind of confidence people tend to lack and want is the confidence to do something. That could be trying a new skill, meeting someone for the first time, or even making a blog/YouTube channel. It all takes courage and confidence. Things that may be stopping you could be fear of being rejected, fear of being judged etc. You only live one life so go for it! Are you really going to not meet that person you've been talking to for weeks because someone else wants to interfere and tell you it won't work out? Do you really care about what those girls with no qualifications are saying behind your back? Are you really going to not TRY because of other people? OK fair play if what you want to do is extremely dangerous and morally wrong, but other than that, go for it! You do you! Nobody can tell you not to jump into that lake fully clothed (unless they're you're parents then skip that one).

You can do so much. You have so much power and ability, so why not?

Try to do one thing a day that scares you. That is something I learnt from Katy Bellotte. Whether that be popping up to someone you really want to be friends with or climbing a big ass mountain. Everyone has something different that they're scared of. Do one thing everyday that you're nervous to do and it will lead to great things. Back in year 10 I did a speech in front of over 200 people, which was so scary to me. As soon as I walked off stage, a weight lifted off my shoulders and I was so proud of myself. Now I can happily speak in front of people without wanting to crawl up in a ball and roll away. Because of that one day I decided to apply for that role, I'll be able to be the girl I was on stage, for the rest of my life.

I'm going to set you one more challenge to do.

Cut out all the negativity in your life. Who needs it! All those fake friends you've been holding onto...get rid of them. All those grudges you've been holding...get rid of them. And all those doubts you have? Get rid of them. They're no good to you! Negativity is like the seal on a sauce bottle. It's stopping you from getting to what you want. Once it's gone, you can get on with it.

If you'd like to see a part two, please leave a comment, tweet or snapchat me!

I hope that you have a wonderful day! And remember, you're incredible.

Essena's video:

Prom Vlog! (FINALLY) (Day 11)

After 6 million issues and 5 billion hours of editing, exporting and uploading, my prom vlog is finally up on YouTube!

Here is the vlog!

July Goals and Results(Day 10)

At the end of each month, I would like to set myself three goals for the upcoming month. At the end of each month I will post pictures and diary entries on how those goals turned out. This will be the first month that I try this out and if it goes well, then I'll make it a regular thing.

So, I am going to set myself three goals for the month of July that I would like to achieve.

The first thing I would like to do for the month of  July is to make at least three new friends. Now that I have graduated from high school, making friends is going to be a little harder. All of the friends I have, I've made at school, so my goal for this month is to make at least three new friends that I've never met before. This requires me to talk to lots of different people and get to know as many people as I can.

The second goal that I am setting myself is to find a part time job. I had a job for a bit but I didn't like it at all. I ended up not going there and decided to start looking for some place else but by the time exam season hit, I didn't have any time to find a job. Therefore, during the month of July I am to apply to at least one place. I would like to have had at least one interview by the end of July. To make sure I achieve this goal, I will apply to jobs online and go job hunting around my local area.

And finally my third goal for the month of July is to buy 5 pieces of summer clothing. Since exam season started, I hadn't bought any summer clothes and a lot of my clothes from last summer already don't fit anymore. I would like to buy five pieces of clothing for summer, both in store and online. This can include shoes as I do not own many pairs of shoes.

These are my three goals for July. A month from now, I will post the final results and tell you whether I was successful or not.

Thanks for reading!


At the start of the month I made 3 goals that I wanted to achieve for the month. Those three goals were to make new friends, buy at least 5 pieces of clothing and to apply for a job.

As a result of doing NCS, I have managed to make so many new friends. Even after finishing the program we have met up and spoke to each other every day! I've become very close to a lot of them and I can't imagine what my summer would be like if I hadn't met them.

I have bought more than 5 pieces of clothing during the month of July. Due to summer sales, this is the best time to shop in my opinion. Once I have collected a good amount, I will do a haul.

I haven't had any job interviews yet, however I have applied for Head start which will give me a guaranteed job interview for new look! All i have to do is 16 hours of volunteering at an allotment. I start on August 16th, so hopefully I'll have a job by September.  

YouTubers who Inspire Me (Day 9)

Everyday I am inspired by several different people and things. All for different reasons. I would say that these things/people make me a better person each day and they help me to become the person I want to be. YouTube has become a big part of my life and I find myself watching it more than TV! There are a few YouTubers in particular who inspire me and I'm going to write about them today.

Katy Bellotte (Hellokaty): Katy is my favourite YouTuber/blogger. For 20 years of age, she has been through so much and experienced so much. She shares her mistakes, heart aches and memories with her followers, which makes me so happy. She is probably one of the most humble people on the internet. Everything she does is out of love and I respect her so much. One thing she promotes so much is kindness and I adore her for that. Kindness to me is the most attractive thing about people and she has that same opinion. She gives THE BEST advice on her YouTube channel. She is like the big sister I never had really. Although she doesn't know me and I don't know her personally, when she talks to the camera I feel like we're having a conversation. I relate to her so much and I understand all of her phases that she has been through. She isn't perfect but she owns up to her mistakes and makes things right. That is the sort of person I want to be. I want to be the kind of person that people can admire for being a genuine good person. I feel that there aren't too many genuine people in the world anymore but Katy is someone who I will always adore.

Cody (Imcutiefish): Cody is also a YouTuber, who is actually from my city! I admire her for two main reasons. One of those reasons is that she is such a ray of sunshine. Cody is honestly such a happy person and it makes others so happy when she smiles. I've actually had the pleasure of talking to her on snapchat and she is honestly such a sweet person. She is always spreading positivity through her videos and encouraging others to do the same. The first video I ever watched of hers was her GCSE results video. She saw her results for the first time and managed to get her reaction on camera. Her results were INSANE! Ever since I watched it, I had never worked harder in my life. I saw how proud of herself she was and how shocked she was at her results, which made me even more determined to work, hard. I wanted to be as happy as she was in that video. I would definitely say that she influenced me during exam season and I have a feeling that I'm going to be pretty proud on results day. The second reason why she inspires me is because she continues to be herself even after all she has been through. She unexpectedly lost her father, whom she was very close to. You would think that she would become negative and depressed after the event but she has continued to be the quirky, bubbly person she is. She doesn't care about people judging her and she is always expressing her true self. She inspires me everyday to stay true to myself and be the unique person I was born to be. I love that she isn't afraid to be herself.

Lizza Koshy: Lizza is one of my all time favourite YouTubers. It is simply for her humour and lovable personality. She is the most hilarious person ever and I've never watched a video of hers without laughing. She is known for her vines and's but the thing I love the most is her YouTube channel. She is such a creative person with such a kind soul. She inspires me because she takes risks. She is never afraid to be a weirdo in public and does anything for the entertainment of her viewers. She is one of those people that I could only dream of meeting some day. I can never not smile after watching her videos and reading her tweets. There is nothing I love more than people who spread happiness.

Jordeecakes Jay: First of all she is probably one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen. I never watch a video without admiring her simply because of how gorgeous she is. But that is most definitely not what inspires me about her. Jordan is such a sweet heart. She is always giving to others and putting others first. She is so mature for an 18 year old and understands so much about life already. She is someone who adults could take advice from. She inspires me because she knows how to forgive and forget. No matter the person or situation, she is always forgiving. I love that she puts the past behind her and focuses on what is important. She chooses to move forward and stands up for what she believes in. She has so much patience and grace and I adore her for it.She is someone that doesn't allow others to effect her decisions in life and has become very independent during the past few years and its been great seeing her develop.

 I am subscribed to over 100 YouTubers but these are the four that inspire me the most. They all have amazing qualities which I most definitely want to develop as I grow.

If you get the chance, check out their channels because they're awesome!


How to Survive School (Day 8)

June 24th I graduated! I'm officially a high school graduate and it's really weird. I'm in this "I don't know" phase where I don't know what to do with myself. Since I have finished school, I thought I would help out the people who still have a little while to go before they leave too. 

I am in no way saying that my high school experience was perfect (it definitely wasn't) nor am I saying this is how to get by when you're still in school, these are just things that I found helped ME to get through school life and maybe it will help you too. 

First of all, get involved. Getting involved in school events will benefit you more than you think. Not only will you be able to make closer friendships and memories but you'll learn life lessons that aren't taught in a classroom. For example, taking part in the school production. You make so many friendships when  doing productions and showcases. It gives you the opportunity to make memories and express your talents. Even little things like helping out at open evenings and parents evenings. You'll learn how to communicate with adults which will prepare you for whatever you do after school. I found that doing these things was always great as you could have a good laugh with friends and teachers are always so much nicer outside of school hours. 

Be positive. This obviously isn't easy but it makes school seem less stressful. Particularly during exam season, being positive will get you through it. Sometimes you just have to lecture yourself  to get through the stressful parts of school like the exams. Even when it comes to friendships, you should just stay positive. You may have conflicts with people at some point, even the ones closest to you, but you just have to be positive about things and know that everything will work out fine. 

Stay focused. School is obviously a good place to meet people who will have a good impact on your life, however the reason we go to school is for the qualifications. People tend to forget that. Stay focused and aim for good grades. Work hard play hard. Your future is determined on what you make of your school days. You become the person you'll be forever when you're at school. Being determined and focused is definitely traits that you should have. As long as you try YOUR best, that is all that matters. If you know you did all you could, then you've done it right. 

Build relationships with your teachers. People have this weird misconception that having a strong bond with teachers makes you a "teachers pet" but that isn't true at all. Being able to talk to your teachers with confidence and knowing that they support you is amazing! You know they're there to help you with ANYTHING, including school work and personal life. You don't need to tell your teachers things you don't want to but it's nice to talk to them. That is probably the thing I will miss most about not being at my school anymore.  There are so many teachers that I love and will miss tremendously. It's going to be so strange not seeing them almost every day. 

Make mistakes. Mistakes aren't something to be afraid of (most the time). They make you human. School is the best time to make mistakes as you have time to change and learn from them before you become adults. Whether it be the friends you were surrounded with or your  behaviour, you have the ability to turn it around. Make those mistakes now so  that later in life  you can look back and be proud of what you've accomplished. You can look back on your journey with pride. 

Actually talk to the people you spend your school hours with. I had the chance to talk to talk to every single person in my year at some point. Most of them are such amazing, genuine people with different stories to tell. You can learn so much just by talking to those around you. We all have so many different stories, lifestyles and personalities and it's amazing that we can share them if we choose to. 

And my final point is not to wish the days away. School isn't always great. We have our dark days but at the end of the day, most our memories made are at school. It honestly goes so quickly. Appreciate every single minute you have with everyone because after school, you won't ever see every single person you shared your journey with again. 

Thanks for reading and enjoy your school life! Good luck to all other year 11'a starting the rest of their lives. And to the people I went to school with (so weird typing that) good bye x

Have a great day. 

The Ultimate Guide to the best summer 2016 (Day 7)

Exciting news! This is my first ever collab! I am collaborating with Tonee aka Infoella. She is so lovely and it's  been great working with her on this blog post! Follow her and go read her take on this ultimate guide to summer!

Her blog:
Her blog post:

Summer is my absolute FAVOURITE season. Everything about it makes me happy. The warm weather, fashion, makeup and food! Everything is great. Not to mention that there is no school! Sometimes, because of how long summer is, it's easy to get bored, so hopefully these things will give you some things to do this summer.

One thing that I love doing is exploring. In the summer, exploring is the best! Whether it be in a different country or just a place in your home town that you've never been before, exploring can be super fun. It gives you so many photo opportunities and gets you out and about.

Exploring an island in Mallorca

During the school year, having time to watch your favourite shows and movies isn't always possible so binge watching them in the summer is a necessity. I recently had a little Netflix party with some friends which was fun. Movie days are always better with other people. Whenever I have movie marathons, I always make sure to have snacks at hand.

A picture we took at our squad Netflix party

 Speaking of snacks something else I enjoy doing is trying new foods. Last summer, I went to Chilli's for the first time in Orlando and fell in love with Tacos. Summer is one of the best times to try new foods as barbecues are traditional. If you love food like I do, there is no way summer will ever be complete without trying new food. Even trying food you've had  before but from other restaurants/companies is fun. You can compare them to ones you've had before.

Lunch in Mallorca

These are a few snacks that you could try to make:

  1. Ice cream sundaes- 
  2. Frozen yogurt bars 
  3. Fruit Kebabs 

I will be making separate blog posts on how to  make these, in a few weeks so be sure to follow me and check back to see how to make them.

As well as trying new food, trying a new look could be fun. You could buy new makeup and products and experiment with new looks. For  example, being more colourful and wearing bright eyeliner or lipstick if you don't usually. You don't even need to go out in it, you could just do it for pictures or for fun. If you don't wear makeup, you can do it with clothing too. Trying different styles and ways of wearing clothes you have gives you something to do and it may help; you to find your signature style!

I'm usually really casual so going to my grandmother's church was a chance to try something more sophisticated. \I didn't wear any makeup either. 

On the same note of beauty, here are my top 5 essentials for summer:

  1. Sun-cream- It's a basic but important product. Of course you want to have fun but you need to look after your health. Wearing sun-cream is going to protect your skin but also keep your skin moisturised and soft. I love the Garnier Ambre Solaire wet skin protection sunscreen. It is SPF30 which is perfect for UK weather as we don't get very hot but it is enough to keep us protected and it is also very convenient as it is a spray product. 
  2. I'm not the biggest fan of waterproof mascara usually but I think it comes in so much handy in the summer. You can walk around in the heat without worrying your mascara is going to smudge and sweat off. My favourite is the Maybelline lash sensational waterproof mascara as it is pretty much exactly the same the original but a lot tougher to get off. 
  3. I personally get such dry lips so lip balm is always needed. I tend to need it more so in winter however my lips are always dry, so it is an essential in summer too. One of my favourites is the Nivea lip care lip balm. It only costs £1 from Super-drug and works amazingly. 

  4. Primer is a good thing to have if you wear makeup and want it to last all day. Primer not only keeps your makeup in place for a long time but it keeps it looking smooth and allows it to apply smoothly too. I like the Nivea express hydration primer for normal/combination skin. It is a lightweight gel formula which feels like regular moisturiser on the skin. 
  5. My absolute favourite makeup product is highlighter. It just makes your skin glow and look so radiant. Your whole makeup look just comes together with a bit of highlighter. My favourite highlighters that I have tried are by makeup revolution. In particular, golden lights. 
It is a .little powdery at first but on your face it doesn't look powdery at all! (mine is broken so ignore the mess)

Something else you could do in the summer are pinterest DIYs. Last year I made a summer journal/scrapbook and documented things from each day. These included recipts from shopping trips, photos and tickets from Universal studios. I know have an A5 book full of memories from my 2015 summer! This year I want to do something similar. I plan to buy a photo album and fill the plastic slots with photos, tickets and little diary entries. It was so much fun  making the journal last year and it only took me about an hour to design and create. 

I plan to test some Pinterest DIYs this summer. One DIY that I definitely want to try is crayon art. It is all over Pinterest and YouTube and it would be so cool to have a bright colourful canvas to hang in my room that I create myself. If you would like me to film the making of the crayon art, let me know and I may film it. 

So those are  my ideas on how to have a good summer! I hope you enjoyed reading. If you're a follower of Tonee's and you like what you see, do follow so that you can read all the other posts that I am going be uploading this summer. If you're a follower or reader of my blog, go check out Tonee's and say hi! 

Have a great day!

What's happening on this blog this summer? (Day 6)

As you guys know, I am planning to blog everyday (for the most part) during the summer. I have already started and I've managed to keep up with it so far, however summer is 12 weeks long, therefore there may be days when I am out of creative ideas. This is where you guys come in. I would like you to send me requests that you would like to see. I will add them to my list and try to do them all.

Although I do feel that I may run out of ideas towards the end of the summer, I do have many ideas already, which should cover a good 6 weeks!

One of the ideas that I have is to document what I eat each day during my vegetarian challenge. I am challenging myself to be vegetarian for one week during the summer. I plan to cook my own meals and eat only vegetarian approved snacks. I feel that it will be tough however I am curious to know what vegetarian meals taste like. I've seen many pictures of both vegetarian and vegan recipes, which look very appealing to me, so I would love to try and make them. I will take pictures of the meals that I make and write short summaries on how I found them. At the end of each day I will state which snacks I recommend.

I am planning to vlog both the day before prom and the actual day. I am a little nervous as I have never vlogged before, however I do have a snapchat, which apparently people actually love watching. It's weird because I forget that anybody watches or looks at my snapchats sometimes. It's only because more people have been adding me that I realise that people actually see them. Hopefully people will love the two prom vlogs as much as they enjoy my snapchats.

I am attending NCS this year which is a summer camp kind of scheme for 15-17 year olds around the UK. I will be going to Scotland for the first time, whilst on this trip, so I will make sure to post my experience, as well as lots of pictures.

My friends and I have a squad bucket list that we want to complete, which I will post pictures of. I also have my own bucket list, which I can take pictures of when they're completed and write about what I did. We are definitely going to see Finding Dory, so I may try to write my review on the movie (without spoilers of course).

I got a wreck this journal last summer, but I didn't do many pages at all. I did about 5 in total. This year my aim is to finish the whole journal completely. I may post pictures or do talk through videos of each page that I complete.

I love to cook and bake, so I definitely want to post recipes and try out Pinterest food DIYs. I will post lots of pictures of the things that I make. If I do any with friends, I may film the process too. as our squad gatherings are always hilarious.

These are just a few things that I want to blog about during my daily blogging. I hope that you guys can also come up with ideas that you would WANT to read and watch. I am thinking about expanding to videos too as I have been asked many times to make a YouTube channel or post videos on my blog. Let me know of any videos or challenges you want me to do.

I am yet to save up for a proper camera, so all my videos and vlogs will be done on my phone until I get one.

Thanks for reading!

Seventeen Skin Wow Highlighter Primer (Day 5)

I was looking for a good alternative to MAC strobe cream on the boots website as the makeup look that I planned to do for prom was very glowy and radiant. I heard that MAC strobe cream was really good but it had ingredients that my skin could have potentially reacted to so I decided to find an alternative. I was intrigued when I saw Seventeen's version on the boots website and decided to get it when I went into town the next day. I've been testing it out for a couple of weeks now so I thought I would write a review. 

This is a 3 way highlighter. It can be used as a primer, it can be mixed in with foundation or it can be used as a regular liquid highlighter for your cheek bones. I have mainly been using it as a primer as I am yet to find my go to primer. 

In my opinion, the packaging is pretty nice. It is made out of plastic but you would expect that for a product that cost £5.99. The bottle has a pump which is always handy and I really like the colours used. You get 30ml of product which is basically the same amount as a standard foundation. The colour itself is a pink champagne shade. It is more so champagne but it does have a pink under tone, therefore I do not recommend it to anyone who has a darker skin tone. 

This product is obviously very affordable compared to MAC strobe cream. I would definitely say it was a good buy. It is very convenient to travel with as it isn't too bulky and the packaging is sturdy. I went on holiday with it no problem. I've been enjoying using this product. 

Colour in bottle without the flashlight on

Colour in bottle with the flashlight on

With this product you don't need a lot to cover your full face. I use two small pumps to prime my entire face before applying foundation. It isn't a thick consistency but it also isn't runny.

One pump of the product with the flashlight on

One pump of the product without the flashlight on

I would say that it is very easy to blend. It is extremely creamy and glides on really well. I found that one pump was enough to cover my entire hand, however it dries very tacky and sticky on my skin for a little while.
Slightly blended without flashlight on

Slightly blended with flashlight on

It does look slightly glittery on camera with the flashlight on but in person it is very subtle. It doesn't make you look like a disco ball and it doesn't make me look greasy. People with oily skin may not agree with this product as it is very shiny, however I do have combination skin so I am fine with this product.
Fully blended with flashlight on

Without the flashlight on camera the radiance can look extremely subtle  but the product is build able so you can keep adding more until it is as intense as you desire.
Fully blended without flashlight on
Overall, I am happy with this product. I would give it a 7/10 as I do find that it is a little sticky when first applied, but it isn't really a problem once I've applied the rest of my makeup. I would suggest putting normal powder highlight over the top if you choose to use it as a liquid highlighter, to avoid it feeling sticky.

Here is the link if you would like to purchase this product:

Thanks for reading!

Story Time: Up, Up and Ding (Day 4)

This is a very very short story about an event that happened on holiday. I do have MANY other embarrassing stories that are much longer so leave me a comment if you want me to write about any of them.

Almost one month ago now, I went on a family holiday to Budapest. It was an amazing holiday and I plan to share pictures very soon.

One major part of this holiday was an embarrassing event that happened in our hotel, which I will NEVER forget.

It was our last few hours in Budapest before we were due to go to the airport, when my brothers and I decided to explore parts of our hotel that we never had a chance to. We told our parents that we were going to go to the top floor, whilst they waited in the lobby.

The lift was so cool. It was a glass lift, so we could see the amazing city view on the way up to the 8th floor. We were talking in the lift, excited to see what was at the very top of the hotel, until the embarrassing event occurred...

The doors opened. It was a portal to embarrassment. The doors opened and my heart raced. We had just entered a very important conference with some rather distinguished business people. Track suit bottoms and all.

I remember seeing them turn as the lift dinged. The woman holding the meeting looked straight at me and my brother as she continued to talk to her colleagues. What did I interrupt? An evil plan? The next iPhone release? The new Ferrari design? WHO KNOWS?

I froze, I panicked, I had no idea what to do. My brother Arron had to shout at me and tell me to press a button. I just wanted to get out of there, so I pressed anything in my view. The awkward person I am, of course would press level FIVE! I could have just went to ground level or even our floor which was 6, but no, I pressed 5. The doors closed and I just knew what I did was wrong.

The whole trip down, my brothers and I just laughed. There were tears in our eyes because we just found it so funny. I keep telling myself that it's just a typical thing to happen to me really. What else would you expect? I'm me!

My parents just laughed at us when we told them in the taxi, on the way to the airport. It's a moment I will never forget.

For Dad (Day 3)

Today is father's day, so in honour of my Dad, I'm writing just for him.
There are millions and millions of things that I love about my Daddy. From the day I was born it was clear that my dad and I would be extremely close. We even share birthday's!

I wrote a poem especially for my incredible father.

I hope this father's day is the best so far 
I hope it's a day as incredible as you are

Seeing you smile, it makes my day
I think about you when you're away

You make me smile, you make me laugh
You see it in our photographs 

I'm never alone, because I have you 
When you're around, I'm never blue 

Sixteen years have gone so fast
Every moment I'll make it last

You'll always be my first love
Don't worry if that's what you're thinking of

Down the isle, I'll hold your hand 
With you always, that's the plan

It's scary how quick time goes
But forever and always my love will flow

Life isn't perfect and neither are we
But I guess that's how life is suppose to be

Now put your feet up and relax 
Try not to worry about the tax

You'll always be my best friend
Forever and always, until the end.

I'll always love you with all my heart
Our bond is so strong, we will never part. 

Super cheap lip liners? (Day 2)

One thing that you may nor know about me is that I am OBSESSED with Ebay! I love finding extremely underrated and inexpensive brands. I think it's really cool seeing products that cost so little and testing them out to see if they work.

I was on Ebay (like always) and I found some lip liners, which looked really interesting to me. Of course I had to get them because like I said, I love testing out cheaper brands.

They cost me less than £2 AND had FREE shipping! You'd be crazy not to try right?

It took a while to arrive (about 3 weeks) but I was elated when I got my package! As soon as I got them the first thing I wanted to do was blog about them. So today I am doing exactly that!

So, like I said it cost me less than £2, which is the first pro, however the 2nd pro is that you get 12 of them! That is just pennies per liner. Can't go wrong really.

The packaging is super cute and pretty. Definitely very girly. I feel that the coral on the packaging really reflects the colours of the pencils as there are quite a few pinky coral sort of shades.

The liners it self are your traditional pencil style, which I don't mind at all but it would have been cool if it was retractable, just because I'm lazy when it comes to sharpening them.

One thing that I would say that was a little disappointing, was that the packaging of the liner, e.g. the cap, is different to the actual product. However I am still a big fan of the colours, so I am not too fussed but I was however expecting a nice deep brown shade and it turned out to be red.

A lot of the colours are more nude/nude pink, which is right up my street. Here are all of the shades swatched for you:

They feel alright when being applied. I hate when lip liners are harsh and you can feel them tugging on your lips, but this definitely isn't like that. I wouldn't say they're creamy but they're certainly not too harsh. The pigmentation is really great and they last AGES. They claim to be waterproof, which I agree with 100%. I went swimming with the red shade when I was on holiday and it didn't budge.

Overall, these lip liners are definitely worth your money and I'm glad that I got them. It makes me excited to see what else I can find on Ebay! Let me know if you want me to do more ebay product reviews and I will do so! I mean it's an excuse to shop.

Here is the link for anybody who would like to try them out! The shipping has gone from free to 19p now but that shouldn't make much difference.

Have a great day!

My Summer Bucket List 2016 (Day 1)

Exams are finally over! I've worked so hard this year and I truly believe that the work paid off. I'm proud of how I did in every single exam that I have completed. Even the ones I found quite difficult, because I continued to study and be positive all exam season. No matter what I get on results day, I am proud of myself.

Now that all the stress has faded away and I have 12 beautiful weeks school free, I can finally get into blogging more than before! I will be posting every single day (as long as there are no unexpected difficulties) this summer.

I decided that the first post should be summer themed (of course) so here is my 2016 Summer Bucket List! I intend to do most, if not all of these things, by myself, with friends and family. I will definitely document it all for you guys too.
So here we go!

1. Have a photoshoot around my city
2. Create a summer photo album
3. Go on a bike ride
4. Go to an ice-cream parlour
5. Play messy twister
6. Have a silly string fight
7. Have a legit picnic
8. Test Pinterest DIYs
9. Have a movie marathon
10. Try new food
11. Complete my wreck this Journal
12. Get a part-time Job
13. Go to London
14. Make new friends at NCS
15. Go to the beach
16. Go to a fun fair
17. Go for a nature walk
18. Go vegan for a week (diet)
19. Build a fort
20. Go to a trampoline park
21. Go Bowling
22. Try challenges with friends
23. Go rock climbing
24. Go on holiday (again xD)
25. Go for morning jogs
26. Have a water fight
27. Bake something new
28. Read and finish a good book
29. Plant flowers and keep them alive xD
30. Play board games with my family

I am planning to blog/vlog everything that I complete on this bucket list! I hope you guys are all as excited as I am to see how my summer goes, and a massive thank you to everyone for the support during the exam season. Your patience is appreciated and I can't wait to get back into writing!

Have a wonderful day!

DIY Summer Money Stash Jar

Summer is fast approaching for me and I'm crazy excited! Exam season is flying by and I'm done for summer in a week and a half! I have so many plans which you'll all be able to know about as I am blogging everyday for 12 weeks! Now having all these plans is great but there is one thing that we all need to fulfil pretty much 90% of them. MONEY. Unfortunately, money determines how good of a summer you'll have because let's face it, nothing comes free.

I decided to do a super quick DIY project which will allow you to save up just for your summer break. Whether it be to buy tickets for a theme park or for ice-cream, your summer stash will give you the opportunity to do as you wish.

Resources needed:

  • Scissors
  • A glass jar
  • Paint brushes/sponges (optional)
  • Permeant Marker
  • A ruler
  • Glue (I used a hot glue gun but you can use any glue of your choice)
  • Paint (optional)
  • Craft/scrapbook paper
  • Other crafty bits you may want to decorate

I got most of my things from Wilko and Poundland. You don't even need to buy the Jar, you can thoroughly clean out a pasta sauce jar or anything already in your house.

Step 1:

Choose the materials you want to use, such as paper.

Step 2:

Measure your paper against the jar and cut according to the best size. You can use a ruler to get a crisp edge or go free hand.

Step 3:

Glue the paper around the jar.

Step 4:

Use either paper or some sort of card for the writing. I used a craft tag I got in a pack in Poundland.

Step 5:

Write what ever you wish. I wrote summer with a black Sharpie and gold letter stickers for the word stash.

Step 6:

Add any other decorative bits you'd like.

Step 7:


See, quick and easy! Now anytime you get loose change or money, just put it In the jar and watch it all add up!

Thanks for reading and thank you for being patient with me as I do my exams! Don't forget to follow me on \Twitter and Instagram. I made an Instagram just for my blog and I'm trying to reach 100 followers on there, so make sure to follow!

Insta: @chellebellexox
Twitter;: @chellebellexo

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