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What I HATE about YouTube

YouTube. A platform that I very much love...for the most part. I can't go a single day without watching videos, its become a real problem, however there are many pet peeves I have about YouTube which I feel need to be expressed. This is going to be quite a bit of reading so grab your tea and a healthy snack (Christmas is coming so you gotta save the room) and lets do this.

Number 1: Clickbait

Honestly I think this annoys many people. I can not stand clickbait. I get why it is done and that it is very much effective but as a viewer, I can not stand it. The type I hate the most are when it's a Q&A and the question is barely answered! For example the title will be "I have a boyfriend?!" with them looking shocked in the thumbnail but when they answer the question in the Q&A, all they say is "Nope I'm single, sadly" and then they'll move on. YOU MADE ME HAPPY FOR YOU WHEN IT WAS ALL A LIE? I AM NEVER BEING PLEASED FOR ANYONE EVER AGAIN, I say but I fall for it EVERY TIME.

Number 2: People who complain about Vlog "haters"

I had a bit of a rant about this on my Snapchat and I wanted to go further into this now. That was basically my inspiration for this post.

Of course we all know of vloggers. People who record their daily lives and what they get up to and post them onto YouTube. I love vlogs. They're probably what I watch the most to be honest. However, there are those odd few vloggers who just get on your nerves. They have those "heart to heart" moments with their viewers basically expressing their dislike for when people have opinions on their lives and write comments about what they do/say.

 I understand that it must be hurtful when NEGATIVE things are said about your life, but when they're simple questions, general opinions and just typical comments and you complain about it, it baffles me. YOU choose to put your life on the internet for thousands of people to see. YOU are the one who takes that risk by recording what you do and say. It kind of makes me wonder how many people do it for the money.

 This isn't me criticizing them, I just don't understand the logic, as someone who doesn't have a vlog channel. I have uploaded a vlog before (don't try to find it because its been put on private due to the fact that its too cringy for the human eye and ears), and even if I got opinions on my life, I wasn't going to moan about it because it was my decision to put it up, knowing what a judgmental platform YouTube can be.

Number 3: Rude viewers/comments

Now I am an opinionated person and I do comment on things that I don't agree with but I am not one of these people. The rude viewers that I'm talking about are the type that just go at the YouTuber for absolutely no reason. I've seen people call other girls ugly, tell them that they should get lip fillers and have even told them to go and kill themselves, which is ridiculous. It just saddens me when I see such hateful comments that have been sent to another human being. What has the world come to? To wish death upon anybody, let alone someone you've never even met is so wrong.

Number 4: Viewers who start on others for no reason at all

This is similar to number 3 but this is when viewers are rude to other viewers. I have had people come at me and be verbally abusive towards me on YouTube many times for literally no reason at all. For example, about 2 weeks ago someone made a comment and all I said was "I agree" and I had this girl telling me that I wasn't allowed to comment on a 2 week old comment made by someone that wasn't her. When I asked her why, she started telling me how I couldn't read because I hadn't left yet and I replied back saying that I found that really rude and she literally went OFF. She even told me to kill myself but because I have thick skin and I'm not one to take anything from someone who doesn't know me at all, it honestly just made me sad for her. It made me sad that someone could be so angry over something that A) Didn't concern her at all to begin with and B) show so much angry and hate towards someone she didn't even know the name of (my account is Chelle Belle too so she doesn't even know my real name). There are just so many bullies out there.

Number 5: The final thing about comments are People who write comments just for likes

This is exactly how it sounds. There are people who will literally just comment "Like this comment for no reason" "It's my birthday today so can I get 50 likes?" "Like if you're watching this in 2072" "Can I get 200 likes because my dog died" etc. WHAT IS THE POINT? You may as well just change your account name to "Like Seeker". Why make a comment just to give yourself attention when the creator has spent hours, days, weeks on making and editing the video? They're the ones who work hard and you want likes because you were born that day or because you just happen to be watching that video in 2072 so you feel that you should be rewarded for it? Nah mate, fly away please.

Number 6; Lack of effort to upload

There are YouTubers whose full time job is to be a YouTuber and is to upload videos every day/week, but fail to do so. They don't go to school, they don't go to university, they work AS A YOUTUBER, but they don't upload...

Now I would get if there were personal issues going on at home or in your personal life but these people own social media accounts and still upload on there with not a single word being said about their channel. They go like a month, 3 months, 6 months without uploading and when they finally do, they don't give us an explanation as to why they haven't uploaded. YouTube is now considered as a job, so there is no excuses. If you worked in an office, you couldn't have a month off with no notice and come back like you never left. You would lose your job. So if YouTube is now a real job, why is it that its not treated like one? As a teacher you go through personal problems and you may be given a few weeks off for it but then they have to come back like professionals and do their job. But as YouTubers the rules are different. You can go a full year off and come back just like that. Why is it considered a real job if the workers aren't going to work?

Some excuses may be "I haven't been feeling myself lately and I needed some time to myself". Fair enough but if this was a profession, you wouldn't have this much time away from work, you know?

Number 7: When every post is sponsored 

 Now, I have absolutely nothing against sponsors and sponsored videos in general but when an individual creator has a channel just full of sponsored videos all back to back, it takes away their genuine passion for creating videos and makes it just seem like a straight up business or a way of just collecting cash. You can always tell when a YouTuber looses their interest for YouTube and just continues for the money because they act bored, they use/show products that you can see they're hyping up more than they should and they just don't sound happy at all. I know for some this is true as Essena O'neil said in her last video before "Quitting the internet" admitted to promoting products that she didn't believe in. Obviously this isn't what all YouTubers do, but I know for a fact that there are a few. Its kind of irritating when someone's videos are all sponsored or you only get that odd one that isn't but still seems it.

Finally, Number 8: When YouTubers changes when they have a high social status

The thing that draws me in to Subscribe is when somebody displays their genuine personality. Adelaine Morin and Lizza Koshy are my two favourite YouTubers EVER because they're always being themselves. They both have over a million subscribers and they're both as genuine as they were when they had 100,000 or even 10,000. Sadly, there are YouTubers who change when they become popular. They become quite arrogant and rude to others by using their numbers against them or gathering their minions to back them up even if they're wrong. They say fame can get to your head and you can definitely tell that this is true.

So those are the things I hate about YouTube. I do love YouTube in general but these are the odd few things that aren't so likable. If you got to the end and read all of the post, thanks for being such a loyal reader. I really appreciate you all.

I hope you enjoyed,

Have a great day x


The other day, I was watching a YouTube video all about feminism. Definitely check out the video after reading this as it was definitely my inspiration for this post and it was really well created.


These are simply my own opinions on the manner, I am not trying to offend anyone in anyway and I really hope that some of the points do not upset anybody. If you do have anything to say or your opinions are different to mine, leave them in the comments as I am certainly open to hearing your views.

First of all, what is feminism? Most people would say that its the idea of women being equal to men, however I personally would say different. I would say it is giving women fair treatment to survive in this world. I believe that equality is most certainly a part of it but only a portion.

I'm a feminist for those woman who don't have a voice. I live in a privileged country. In the UK women have come so far. We can happily live our lives knowing we can have access to the basics we need to get by. However there are places on this earth who can't say the same.

Women moan that they still don't have equal pay to men but there are countries where women can't even get jobs at all. Hundreds of women across the middle eastern countries have acid thrown at their faces for simply requesting for them to work. It's considered shameful for them to even suggest such a thing. And we want to moan about having a few pounds less than men?

Sure it would be nice to have the wages that men do but the difference isn't so large that we can't go by. There are so many successful and well off women here and yet women still complain that its not enough.

We can walk down the street and do as we wish to ,without questions most of the time. Did you know that in places in Dubai, women can't even leave their house without their husband being by their side? They can't wear what they want to wear, they can't drive themselves to places. Here we can do all those things. There are millions of women in this country who drive themselves to places and who walk wherever they want to go and go out without the need of a man.

I am a feminist for those people who aren't treated as individuals, just as we should be.

Malala Yousafzai is one example of a woman who was a victim of violence simply for wanting an education! Girls in our generation alone take advantage of the education we are entitled to and don't see or hear about those woman across the globe who are in fear and are fighting for the education we have. Its such a shame that young women aren't being educated on this enough. If it wasn't for my interest in articles and the world news, I wouldn't know any of this either.

Personally I feel that we need to stop complaining so much about ourselves and what is needed in such privileged nations and focus on helping the women who don't have a voice. We need to start raising awareness for these people and raising money for them to live on. We need to offer support for women who go through such traumatic events such as gun violence and acid attacks. We need to stand up against these countries' systems and make changes so that things are fair.

Make a change for them. Show them the love that they may not be getting. Of course its difficult to get through to some but we need to start by understanding how lucky we are. Focus less on ourselves and more on others. Sexism from men who say "you belong in the kitchen" or "you wear makeup to impress us" is obviously very infuriating but its the least of our problems. We know that we're more than that so why waste our time trying to argue against it and prove ourselves?

Those are my main points about feminism. If you enjoyed or found my points interesting, let me know your thoughts in the comments. I will happily make a part 2 for a more specific area if you would be interested in it. I hope this has some how inspired you to want to help other woman and I hope that men reading this can see that its not about hating men or wanting to be more superior like some may believe. I could have gone on but I didn't want to make it too long.

Thanks for reading!

Have a great day x

My Autumn Obsessions

I'm not one to enjoy the cold, however for some reason I've been waiting for Autumn to come around, practically all year. Watching YouTube videos these past few weeks has gotten me really excited for the colder months, for the first time. This Autumn, I've had a few obsessions that have made autumn so much more cosy and exciting than usual. Here are all the things that have made autumn so great this year!

Hot Drinks

I've always been one for tea and hot chocolates but there is obviously something about drinking them in the colder seasons that is so nice. Whether it be on a coffee date with your best friend or whilst watching movies at home, I just really enjoy the autumn season more with a hot drink in my hand. I feel like its not really autumn until you have your first cup.


This is quite an obvious one but in the colder seasons, its just expected for you to own several sweaters, cardigans, capes etc. I'm obsessed with buying them at the moment and i've had to stop myself so I don't use all my money on them. Primark have been up their game with their sweaters at the moment and you have no idea how hard it is to walk out without one in my bag or on my mind. They're so comfortable and pretty fashionable I must say. There is so many things you can pair with a simple sweater and look the bomb. As it has gotten colder, I've just been wanting to wear sweaters all day everyday.

Pinterest and We heart it

I love using Pinterest and We heart it all year round but in the autumn, the pictures and blog posts just inspire me to take pictures for memories and make the most of the rest of the year. I like to start off my morning looking at pictures on my laptop in bed or one my phone when I'm on my way to sixth form. It makes me really happy to see how creative people can be with photography. It has also inspired me to keep up with a good Instagram theme and take really artsy photographs, which leads me to my next obsession. 





Like I said before, Pinterest and We heart it have really inspired me to take more pictures. I really enjoy taking and editing pictures. There is so much in the world to capture that may hold many memories or are simply satisfying to look at. I've become so much more invested in my Instagram, in terms of accounts I follow and my own feed. I take my consideration when it comes to what I post. I definitely want to build up a collection of photographs for each season, especially leading to Christmas time.

Reading Books

I adore books. I'm not a really fast reader but when I get into a story, I find it difficult to put down. Reading whilst being embraced by your duvet or wrapped around an oversized blanket is the best. You're lost in the book and morphing into a character. I find reading books so great because you get to make your own interpretations of what is happening and what the characters are like. I've just finished see me by Nicolas Sparks which was an incredible book! I had so many mixed emotions. I laughed, cried and smiled, which is what every book should make you feel. I'm currently looking for a new book to read. I'm reading player by Denise Grover Swank on google books, however I much prefer a physical product.

Burning Candles

Candles. Candles. Candles. Oh how I love them! Scented candles are the best way to cosy up your house. They look amazing with the lights off and just lift up your mood. I really wish we had bath and body works here in the UK because they have candles tailored for every season. I really like yankee candles but they take me ages to burn due to their size and they are really expensive. Some candles I really enjoy during this time are pinewood, fresh cotton and cinnamon and apple. They add so much to a room and to autumn. 

Having Baths
This may seem strange to some people but I prefer baths in the colder months. On a day to day basis I have showers but I quite like having a steaming hot bath in the evening before bed. I love using lush bath products like bath bombs too. Sometimes I burn a candle and watch YouTube videos and its really relaxing. I like to set a bubble bath or add in a bath bomb once in a while.

Having a cosy Bedroom

I'll admit, I'm not the best at keeping my room tidy but when its a new season, I always feel the need to change things around and keep it looking close enough to neat. I may put up some lights, change up my pillows, add pictures etc. I like having a cosy looking and feeling bedroom.

So those are my autumn obsessions guys! I hope this has made you too feel autumnal and I hope you enjoyed reading!

Have a great day x

Valuable things I've learnt from Disney!

So, I was sitting in my room writing down blog ideas in my journal and it came to me that Disney movies and Disney channel has been such a big part of my life. It was my childhood. I learned so much from Disney programs and movies that I still use in my everyday life, regardless of my age. Like they say, you're never too old for Disney. I've wrote about things I've learnt in 16 years, so why not write about one of the biggest sources that taught me a lot of what I know...DISNEY.

Snow White: Your prince will come at the right moment in time.

Cinderella: Have patience, your time will come. No matter how tough life is, know that if you work hard, you play hard.

Beauty and the Beast: It really is what's inside that counts. Looks only go so far.

Mulan: Girls can do anything they put their mind to!

Inside Out: You are nothing without Joy.

That's so Raven: Don't try to change the future and it's OK to be different.

Cheetah Girls: You can get through anything with good friends

Kim Possible: I guess it is possible to get out the friend zone...good job Ron.

16 wishes: Popularity means absolutely nothing

Good Luck Charlie: You can learn the best advice from your older siblings...Arron, Nathan pay attention to this.

High school Musical: Music makes everything better!

Phineas and Ferb: Be spontaneous and make the most of everyday

Let it Shine: Stay in church kid

Hannah Montana: The best couples start as Best Friends first...Oliver, Lily you two were goals.

Sonny with a chance: Your worst enemy may actually become your boyfriend...ok most likely no but it would be nice to think that xD

Suite life on deck: You don't have to be from the same background to be best friends. London and Bailey were total opposites but they were always there for each other.

Well I hope this was relatable in some way and I hope you enjoyed this!

Have a great day x

See Me by Nicolas Sparks Book Review

This is way over due but I really wanted to post my review on 'See Me' which was my summer book. It took me longer than usual to read this book as I was way too busy to read my novel, after being handed things to do for my A-levels. Regardless of this, I finally finished it and I must say it was AMAZING!

The book is written by Nicolas Sparks, who I think is honestly such a genius when it comes to Romance novels and films. The notebook is one of my favourite books and is one of my favourite films. I had such high expectations after the notebook for see me to be great. I definitely think that it exceeded my expectations.

From the first ten or so chapters I was kind of confused as to why the title is called 'See Me', however when you get into it, it becomes super clear why. I don't want to make any spoilers in this review so you'll have to figure it out reading it of course!

The blurb/What the book is about; 

"At twenty-eight, he's focused on getting his teaching degree and avoiding all the places and people that proved so destructive in his past. But when he crosses paths with Maria Sanchez one rain-swept night, his structured life is turned upside down.  

Before the couple has a chance to envision a life together, menacing reminders from events in Maria's past start to surface. And as the threat of violence begins to shadow her every step, she and Colin will be pushed to breaking point." 

I read this blurb when I was in the store looking for a summer read and was instantly intrigued. I loved the sound of it and it went straight in my basket. Literally after fifteen minutes of being home, I started reading it.

The genre:

Although the genre of this novel is Romance, it is also quite a thriller. It's not your typical romance story all the way through it. There are many twists and turns which keep you constantly gasping. I found myself morphing into a character because of it's intense moments. It is such an entertaining book to read.

In many ways, the book is actually quite relatable. The characters go through some real life situations which just makes the book that much better of a read. It's not like 'The Notebook' with the petty argument scenes, although I do love those.

My Favourite Part (No spoiler):

My favourite part of the book is when Colin finally finds out who has been causing all the trouble for Maria and her loved ones, and their intentions. It has so much action and so much drama within one chapter! I was flying through the rest of the book to see how it ended. I became so attached to the book because it was just so good and I didn't want it to end. I was extremely shocked to hear the truth and it was definitely not a theory that crossed my mind, but it all made sense.

What I learned from the book:

If there is anything that I learned from this book, its that you can find your life long partner at the most random of times in the most unlikely places. The way the main characters Maria and Colin meet is so sweet but so mind blowing at the same time. Not only was it the perfect timing but it was also quite strange too. I could never imagine meeting my partner at that time and in that way.


If you're into Romance and Thriller stories, I 100% recommend this book for you to read. Even if you're not so into romance, it is still such a good read with all the drama and mystery that goes on. One thing that may seem off putting is the size of the book. It is 33 chapters long and almost 500 pages, however I found it so good that a lot of the time I struggled to keep it out of my hands.

The book

I hope you enjoyed this review and that you'll consider reading the book, it is so worth it.

Have a great day! x

My First Photo Shoot!

Hey there! I feel like I haven't posted in such a long time, and I apologise for that. I have no explanation for it, I just haven't remembered to keep up with posting, with sixth form and stuff piling up. 

Anyway, last week I went to Town with one of my close friends and we had a photo shoot. I wanted to practise and see how much better I've gotten at it since I first initially started learning photography. Here are how the images turned out! I'm really proud of them and it was such a fun day. Thank you to Sadia for being so easy to photograph xD Love you! 

I hope you like them! I'm hoping to do another photo shoot next month and make it Christmas/winter themed! Look out for those pictures in about a month time. 

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