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Exams Exams EXAMS

I thought that I would make a very short blog post announcing that there won't be any Sunday blog posts for the next few weeks due to my GCSE exams starting next week. I've been dedicating all of my time to exams and blogging does take quite a bit of my revision time away.

Don't worry, I will still be on my account replying to comments and things, however the next post you'll see from me possibly won't be until the end of June. You may get short posts depending on whether I have any spare time but I don't have any planned at the moment.

I have so many ideas and plans for the summer, which I hope you can all look forward to! I've planned to post every single day of my 12 week summer! It's going to be a challenge but I have so many ideas, so get excited for that! My summer starts June 17th as that is the day of my final exam so the first post will be that day.

I also was thinking about vlogging my prom and graduation! If anyone wants me to vlog the day, then let me know and i'll do that! I'm sure my friends would love to feature on here xD
My social media are also there if anyone wants to contact me about anything at all. Feel free to DM me anytime and i'll try my best to reply.

Twitter: chellebellexo
Instagram: chellebellexox

I hope you have a great week and good luck to everyone else doing exams! You'll smash it!

    Finding a Prom Dress

    So, prom is fast approaching (for me at least anyway) and I know that there are people at my school in particular that don't have their dress yet, so I thought that I would give some of you girls some tips on how to find your perfect prom dress.

    These are some tips that I followed to find my own dress and also that I gave my friends, which allowed them to find theirs.

    Tip 1: Inspiration

    First of all you'll need to know what you're looking for. Pinterest. Pinterest will be your best friend! It is the most useful tool when it comes to finding inspiration. There are so many dresses on that website/app, that it is impossible not to find a style that you like. I used the keywords 'Prom dress' in the search bar and hundreds of images and boards came up. I spent a good hour just looking at all of the beautiful dresses before deciding what colour I wanted. I looked at a bunch of them until I had some kind of idea about what I wanted my dress to look like. Pinterest is the perfect tool to use if you have no clue what you want. All you have to do is surf the site and see if a reoccurring style or colour you like keeps popping up. For example, you may see a ton of two pieces that you love, so two pieces could be the way to go. In my opinion it is far easier to look for the style, rather than the colour as this will narrow down your options and you'll become a lot less overwhelmed with the choices to choose from. If you just type in 'Blue prom dresses' then you could be looking for a very long time. It is super easy to create an account. You even have the option to use your existing Facebook, Google or Twitter account, which decreases the time it takes to set up your profile.

    As you can see, there are categories that you can pick to narrow down your options.

    What I love about Pinterest is that you can like and pin the boards/images which are stored on your account.
    This means that you don't have to download the image to your phone or desktop but you can still have all of the dresses in one area.

    A lot of the boards show the website and prices of the dresses, which is extremely convenient as you can buy the exact dress that you see an image of.

    Tip 2: Decide on a budget

    There is no point looking at dresses that you can not afford. It is only going to make you get upset over the fact that you can't get the dress you've fell madly in love with. You need to either make your own budget if you're paying with your own money or negotiate with your parents if they are purchasing it for you. Once you've came up with a price range, then you can start to search for dresses that could potentially be yours. You'll need to keep in mind that if you are buying on-line or even in store, you're probably going to have to pay extra for tailoring and alterations. Make sure that your budget is realistic and reasonable, because let's face it, it is only one night.

    Tip 3: Advice from Friends and Family

    Get some advice from the people closest to you. It isn't the best idea to ask questions and show potential dresses to just anyone because that kind of ruins the whole surprise factor. I don't know about you but I want to really surprise people when I go to prom. It's your last time to represent yourself in front of your peers before you go your separate ways, so you want to leave on a high note. You'll most likely stay in contact with your close friends but it is 99.9% guaranteed that you won't see everyone all together again.

    Get your friends to help you by asking them questions such as what colour suits your skin tone best and what sort of style do they think is most flattering etc. I do it with my friends on our group chat and we tend to really help each other out. My mum and their opinions influenced my decision to buy my dress. Your family and friends' input may be a benefit to you.

    Tip 4: Search around 

    You're going to actually have to start looking intensely at this stage. This is particularly aimed at those who have prom this month or next month like I do. It's definitely best to shop physically and go to actual prom shops at this point as you won't have to wait as long for the dress. Especially if you buy abroad, the shipping is never guaranteed to arrive at the time it gives you and it can be expensive. Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong with shopping on-line at all. I bought mine on-line and everything turned out fine. The only thing was that the website stated that it would take 5 days to arrive however it came 2 weeks later. This wasn't a problem for me as I ordered it in February so I had lots of time but I'm very impatient when it comes to waiting for packages. If you've left it this long to find your dress and you plan to get it on-line, then be aware that shipping can be crazy.

    If you plan to go shopping for a dress in stores, then go prepared. Try and follow the steps above before going as it won't be as overwhelming when you go for your appointment. You may get tired as people tend to spend hours looking and trying on dresses, so bring food and water, if the store allows you to bring it on the premises. Otherwise, bring money to buy food afterwards because it gets tiring.

    Something else I would recommend is to bring heels with you. Whether they're your prom shoes or random heels that you own, having them will let you see how each dress sits on your body and looks with heels. You'll also be able to see how much the dress raises from the floor with heels on.

    Tip 5: Trial and Error

    You need to try things out. I found my dress and it was so inexpensive that I thought it was too good to be true. Because of the cost, I thought the dress must have been cheaply made and must have looked nothing like the stunning image that was shown, however seeing that every single review was positive, I risked it and bought the dress. Like I said, it wasn't expensive so I had nothing to lose and the company had a 7 day return policy so If I didn't like it, I was able to get my money back. I received the dress 2 weeks later and fell in love with it. It is exactly as the picture looks and the quality is way better than I imagined it to be. I took the chance and found the right dress for me. The best thing to do is to try on dresses that you wouldn't expect to ever like. I know people who have tried dresses just for fun that they didn't ever think they'd like and ended up buying it. Most companies, if not all, have a return policy too, so if you don't like the dress, as long as it has been kept in good condition you can send it back and keep looking!

    I hope that these tips were helpful in some way. I hope everyone finds the perfect dress and has the best prom experience. Make some incredible memories!

    Happy Shopping!

    The TMI Tag

    If you've never heard of the TMI tag, it is a very popular set of questions that basically just let viewers get to know the creators more. Although I am not a YouTuber, I have always wanted to answer these questions for myself, and having a blog has allowed me to have a reason to! So here are the answers to the questions!

    1: What are you wearing?
    I'm wearing my pyjamas because I've been doing revision all day, so I wanted to be comfortable.
    2: Ever been in love?
    Of course! Food is the love of my life
    3: Ever had a terrible breakup?
    Yup, 6:45am every morning. My alarm clock is so jealous of my relationship with my bed that it always has to interfere and we're always splitting up. It's tragic.
    4: How tall are you?
    Last time I checked I was 5'1 but I have actually grown recently so it may be different. I hope...
    5: How much do you weigh?
    More than you think. I actually have no idea what my weight is but I know I weigh more than people think I do xD (probably all that food I eat)
    6: Any tattoos?
    Nope. Metallic tattoos look cool though, so I may buy them for the summer xD
    7: Any piercings?
    I used to have my ears pierced when I was younger but they closed up. I may get them re done but I'm not sure if it will be any time soon.
    8: OTP?
    Noah and Allie from The Notebook and My parents (cheesy but I just love my parents' relationship)
    9: Favourite show?
    I'm torn between Empire and Australia's Next Top Model. I don't know why but Australia's next top model is just so much better than the other one's I've watched.I started watching it after Britain's next top model ended and I'm now obsessed.
    10: Favourite bands?
    I'm not really into bands any-more. I used to LOVE JLS and The Jonas Brothers when I was younger though. Oh and \Busted! Can't forget Busted
    11: Something you miss? .
    I miss before GCSEs. I miss my ability to go out without feeling guilty about it.
    Oh how I can't wait until summer...I have so many plans that I can't wait for! Plus I have challenged myself to post a blog every day in the summer, but you'll know more about that some other time.
    12: Favourite song?
    I don't really have one. I just dance and sing to what sounds good I guess. I've been liking cheap thrills by sia lately but I wouldn't say I have one favourite song
    13: How old are you?
    I'm 16
    14: Zodiac sign?
    15: Quality you look for in a partner?
    Someone who is sweet, funny (essential), and someone who has aspirations for the future. Like they generally care about their future and earning a living.I can't stand when boys just throw away opportunities to do well for themselves.
    16: Favourite Quote?
    'Every Accomplishment starts with the decision to Try'
    17: Favourite actor/actress?
    Madison Pettis! She is such a sweet person and she is so beautiful it makes me cry. I've loved her ever since she started acting from the age of about 8 or 9 in Corey in the House. I remember when she followed me on Twitter and It was a real fan girl moment. It's crazy how much she has gown up. I just love her!
    18: Favourite colour?
    I don't actually know anymore! It changes all the time. I've been really liking maroon lately though
    19: Loud music or soft?
    Depends on my mood. I like both! Sometimes you just wanna dance everywhere in the house and other times you just wanna stare outside the car window and get those 90's music video vibes ya know
    20: Where do you go when you’re sad?
    My room if I am at home
    21: How long does it take you to shower?
    If it's a school day then 15 minutes but if I don't have school I can take up to 45 minutes...I like to take my time xD I usually spend 20 mins of it just thinking about sceneries that will never happen.
    22: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
    If it is a school day it takes me half an hour to get dressed, do my hair and do my makeup and if its a weekend I may take longer or less, depending on if I am going out. If I stay home, I usually just don't wear makeup.
    23: Ever been in a physical fight?
    With my brother, probably, but other than that no
    24: Turn on?
    25: Turn off?
    I could do a whole separate blog post on these so leave me a comment if you would want to read it because there are many xD
    26: The reason I joined blogger?
    I wrote the answer to this on my nomination blog post if you want to check that out
    27: Fears?
    My two biggest fears are death and not living a life that I can look back on and smile. Death is a pretty common fear for many people. It's not so much death itself but more how will it happen and when. And as for the 2nd one, I just don't want to live a life that I'm not proud of when I'm old. I want to say that I lived a good life. 
    28: Last thing that made you cry?
    Lately, it's been school stress (of course) but today I cried when I was listening to time from Inception. If you ever just want to cry, listen to that instrumental because it hits you hard!
    29: Last time you said you loved someone?
    Today on text when I was talking to my girly (shoutout to Taya xD)
    30: Meaning behind your Blog Name?
    I discussed this in my introduction post if you want to know the reason behind 'Chelle Belle'
    31: Last book you read?
    I literally don't read unless I have to or if I am really interested in a certain book, so Of Mice and Men for English Literature. I really want to read more often so leave me some book suggestions in the comments.
    32: The book you’re currently reading?
    Like I said I don't read enough, so nothing at the moment
    33: Last show you watched?
    Everybody Loves Raymond
    34: Last person you talked to?
    My brother about 2 seconds ago
    35: The relationship between you and the person you last texted?
    My Butthead (Hi Robyn)
    36: Favourite food?
    37: Place you want to visit?
    Maui! It is my dream destination. I've always wanted to have my honeymoon there.
    38: Last place you were?
    In my house: The living room xD
    Country: Palma de Mallorca
    39: Do you have a crush?
    Nope. The last person I liked was when I was 14
    40: Last time you kissed someone?
    Um...never :P Not even ashamed either! I'd rather it be the right time and a memorable moment
    41: Last time you were insulted?
    I actually can't remember xD It was probably my brother Arron to be fair though. I loves dishing me out insults
    42: Favourite flavor of sweet?
    Chocolate but I'm not suppose to eat it because it breaks me out...I still eat it though
    43: What instruments do you play?
    I played cello for 3 years but I don't play any more. If I had carried on, I would have been playing it for 9 years now! That's crazy to think about.
    44: Favourite piece of jewellery?
    Rings. I feel weird  without one on
    45: Last sport you played?
    Dance is a sport right?
    46: Last song you sang?
    Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande. I can't hit the notes to save my life but I try
    47: Favourite chat up line?
    No. Just No. They're all just No. I find this one pretty funny though 'If you were a fruit, you'd be a fineapple'
    48: Have you ever used it?
    All the time...
    49: Last time you hung out with anyone?
    With exams it feels like the last person I hung out with was myself in the womb! It was probably my friends months ago though
    50: Who should answer these questions next?
    Anyone who wants to! 

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