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5 Life Lessons I've Learnt

Over the 16 years of being on this earth, I have learnt 5 important life lessons that I will be carrying with me on this journey through the rest of my life. Some of them may be things that you have known practically forever but let's just say I can be a little....late.

So here are my top 5 life lessons that I have learnt.

1) Always Be Yourself
Never EVER pretend to be someone you're not. You're were born as an individual so why would you want to change that? There isn't any one else on this earth exactly like you. Don't doubt yourself. You're an amazing, beautiful, talented human being. You deserve to be loved and treated like it. Make the world fall in love with who you are, not who society wishes you to be. Nowadays there is such a high expectation for us to be a certain way. YOU DO NOT NEED TO FOLLOW THAT PATH. You are good enough. There is someone and there are people who will appreciate the person you are. You may have those low days when you question if this is true, so when it does, you need to tell yourself that you're good enough.
It took me a long time to learn this. It took me a long time to show who I really was. Of course my friends and family knew but I didn't like showing it in front of just anyone. Honestly, I thought that I would be judged for my weird personality but now I find every opportunity for people to see it. It's a lot harder to show it on my blog because I tend to come up with a lot more "serious" things to post about. So, if anyone has any less serious suggestions for blog posts, leave a comment and I'll put it on the list. I really want people to enjoy my blogs and me for who I really am. I am no longer concerned about how people view me. I know that there are people who do love my personality and who I am, which I appreciate more than people can imagine. This is probably the most important thing I have ever learnt.

2) Take a Chance
I haven't always been the sort of person to take a risk. I was very much the type of person to stick to what I knew. I thought it was the safest thing. You know, to avoid getting hurt. Nobody likes rejection and nobody likes to fail but how do we know that one small idea is going to fail, unless we try?
It's not always good to play it safe because you don't want to spend your life wondering what could have happened. Taking a chance on something could be the best decision you could ever  make. Take this blog for instance. I have always wanted to do something that would let me help other people. At first I thought maybe people at school would laugh at the fact that I'd want to have a blog, since I'm pretty sure I'm the first to start one. When I came up with the idea, after thinking about all of the opportunities I would have to help others and entertain people, the doubts just disappeared. As soon as my new laptop came, I was already creating my account and coming up with ideas. It was the best chance that I have ever taken. I have had so much support from people and so much love from people all over the world already! I never in my life thought that I would get this amount of support. It honestly makes me so happy when I write and I just always have a sense of pride whenever I click publish. It has now become a passion of mine to write.

3) Don't Force Anything

If it's meant to be, it will happen.You have no idea how much time I used to spend dwelling on the same situation. I have learnt that the best things happen unexpectedly. Forcing something to happen just makes things less special. As hard as it can be, you have to be patient. I remember back in primary school and my earlier years of secondary school, I used to have little crushes on boys and I seriously thought It was meant to be. HELL NO! Half of these boys, if not all of them are people that I could NEVER imagine myself being with. I basically convinced myself that it was meant to be (like we all do when we're 10) but damn was I wrong. If it is meant to be, it shouldn't be forced. Don't force anything to happen. It could be a friendship or relationship situation. Either way, if they're suppose to be in your life, somehow they will.

4) Don't Strive for Perfection

Perfection doesn't exist. Let's face it, we think it does but it doesn't. Whether it be our appearance or personality, people always strive for perfection. The reality is, perfection doesn't exist. We all have imperfections and flaws. Even your favourite celebrities have insecurities. Think about it, these celebrities have EVERYTHING. The money, the fame, EVERYTHING. Yet we still hear about them having depression and going to rehab etc. Perfection doesn't exist. Don't compare yourself to these Instagram famous models or even people you go to school with because they probably have their own insecurities. Strive for progress. Take every opportunity to improve yourself and do it without having perfection in mind. You need to get to a place where you can say you're happy with who you are. Once you're there, that is all you need,
I'm a bit of a perfectionist. Sometimes I'll work hours upon hours so that my school work is just how I want it to be. Sometimes I forget that I shouldn't stress myself out to get good grades. I'll work work work work work work (yeah I bet you sang Rihanna) until I'm exhausted. But I know that I am not going to give up my life just to get "perfect" grades. Of course I'm still going to try my very very hardest to get great grades, but I'm not expecting perfection.

5) Random Acts of Kindness are NEVER wasted

Kindness is never wasted. Being kind to someone doesn't cost anything at all and it's what makes the world go round. Complimenting someone can make their day and yours too. I try to compliment people as much as I can because not only can it make others feel good about themselves but it also makes me feel good about myself. I enjoy making people happy. Whether someone takes the compliment or not that is up to them. You don't need a reason to help someone. There are people less fortunate than ourselves and they should be acknowledged. I used to help my mum make toiletry packs for the homeless every month just because I enjoy helping others. Unfortunately due to doing a ton of school work, I haven't been able to help much but I definitely want to do lots of charity work after exams.
Even helping someone with revision at school would be beneficial. I'm sure they would appreciate you helping them to pass a certain subject, because you could be contributing to setting them up for the future.
Kindness has it's rewards too. Ever heard of the term 'give and it will come back to you'? That one random act of kindness could come all the way back around to you. Of course you shouldn't just be kind for it's rewards but being kind is not wasted.

Palma De Mallorca Travel Diary!

It is finally done! I have been working on this particular post for two weeks now, and I can finally share it with you guys.

I went to Palma for 4/5 days during the Easter holiday. It was a rather spontaneous holiday, as we planned and booked it 6 days in advance. Originally, I had planned to vlog the holiday on my snapchat, however I stupidly forgot to purchase an international sim to use data and the hotel's wifi was per device, per room. I came up with an even better idea, after the dilemma, to create a montage of my holiday on my blog! So here it is!

The video was created by my myself and my younger brother, featuring my family. Unfortunately, my dad could not come, as he wasn't allowed to book the time off work, and we did miss him lots. Regardless, we all had an amazing time and I am so glad that we were able to take this family trip.

I hope you enjoy/enjoyed this video, depending on when you're reading this. If you do, please leave me a comment down below, so that I'll know whether to make one for future holidays.

This video was edited by my amazing 12 year old brother! He is a tech whiz!

His Instagram:


Here is the video!

Have a great week!

Dear 12 Year old Self

Hi, Rochelle. It is now 2016 and you're 16 years old. Who knew how much your life would grow and develop within a space of 5 years! So much has happened and so much is going on.

Being 12 has been hard right? Probably the hardest but most memorable time of your entire life, for many different reasons. You're at that stage in your life where nothing is simple. Everything just seems...difficult. But let me tell you now, you have no idea how happy you are going to become.

Age 12 you're figuring out who you are. You have absolutely no idea what type of person you want to be. It's scary. For the next 3 years of your life, you're going to be someone you're not. You're going to try and impress other people and change just to be accepted. You need to stop convincing yourself that you need to change. Be who you really are because people will admire you for it.
You stay up late at night crying for reasons that you think nobody will understand. You sit in the classroom at school wearing your best fake smile. You feel worthless, even though you have some of the best people in your life. You don't seem to know how to deal with it and you think that those feelings won't go away, but trust me, they do. Just know that you're not the only one. Every teenager feels this way at some point in their life, so don't hide it away.
You walk past mirrors everyday, hoping to see someone different but you're still you. You beg your mum to let you wear make-up, just so that you can hide away how unhappy you are. You're constantly watching beauty gurus on YouTube, hoping that you'll be able to be as vibrant as they are. It's hard now but just you wait. You're going to develop a ton of confidence over the next few years. You're finally going to wake up in the morning in love with who you are. You'll finally display real, genuine smiles, which will brighten people's day.

Those friends that you have now are going to be the light of your life. You've known them for a couple of months so far but 5 years later at 16 years old, they are going to be family.
Speaking of friends, you're going to lose one friend who you thought would be in your life for eternity. It is going to hurt A LOT at first but it's the reason why you are who you are when you're 16. I mean nobody will ever believe you two were EVER close at one point because of how different you are. You're not going to regret one single bit of that friendship because it gives you the opportunity to meet your best friends. Although you get hurt, it makes you a better person.

You've started secondary school now and you're starting to settle down. Your grades are good and you're doing just fine. Your form tutor is pretty nice and you have a really well behaved form. However, she is soon going to leave school to live in Australia. Don't worry though, you'll get a new form tutor who you'll like. At this very moment, you're in year 11! It's your final year in school before you graduate. Unfortunately you're doing exams which stress you out constantly but you always seem to find motivation to get through them. I know you hate maths but if it helps, you pass first time, so hang in there. Prom is only 3 months away now! You've been dreaming about this day for years and it's finally approaching. I know that you want a puffy pink dress but girl, that doesn't happen at all. Your dress is nothing like you think it is going to be. It's more beautiful than you've ever pictured it to be. Oh and another thing, you've been dreaming of having  a prom date but that doesn't happen either. You end up going with friends, which you're perfectly happy with.

Speaking of dates. Still no boys. The boy you like now, is someone you could NEVER EVER see yourself being with when you're 16. Do yourself a favour and quit trying because you'll soon find out that he is not your type at all. It's funny though because you soon become the friend dishing out relationship advice, when you've never been in one. Somehow though, your advice seems to work! Being 12, having boys fancy you and flirt with you seems like a dream but once you're 16, you tend to avoid it most the time. Boys here in the future aren't all that nice.and tend to take advantage. Not all of them do, but even at 16, you still haven't found "Mr Right". I'm sure it will happen in the future though. I guess we'll find out in another 5 years.

So what is going on now? Well one huge thing that has happened is that you made a blog! It was only actually just less than a month ago when you made your first post. The response that you get from it is going to be incredible and it is going to change your life in so many ways. You think that people will judge you for it to begin with but how wrong you will be.
You're going to start travelling a lot with your family. You've always wanted to go to Florida right? Well guess what your mum does for your 16th Birthday? Yup, a 2 week trip to Florida. Your dream destination.

I still find it crazy that you can change so much in just 5 years. You honestly have no idea how happy you're going to be. Life is going to become a blessing. Don't you dare tell yourself that you are not worth it because you are more special than you know. You inspire people without even knowing it. Some how you faced your fear of public speaking and became assistant head girl at your school! That is insane! Clearly you are more loved than you think because your own peers voted for you. You are priceless. Don't let anybody ever take away your happiness, your pride or your Joy. The minute that you let people's words get to you is the minute that you allow them to bring you down. You need to believe in yourself and believe that you are special. Even at 16 there are days where you don't have confidence in yourself but you have to know that you're OK. You're different, and that is OK. You go out and you slay those lime coloured jeans that your mum bought you. You rock those braids and you go out make-up free, without a care in the world. Be who you are. There will be a day when you finally decide to be your quirky, crazy self.

It sounds cliché but it will get better. Life is a crazy roller-coaster that sometimes you may scream to get off, cry in need for help and wish the time flies by. However, it is also a ride that you want to go on over and over again. You scream with excitement and you that you would wait a long period of time just to go on.

Live your life. Every second is precious.

Affordable Makeup Brush Set Review

Like I said in my first ever blog post, I really enjoy doing my makeup. It's something that just keeps me content. Besides the makeup itself, I am OBSESSED with makeup brushes. I don't know what it is but I just always seem to find myself wanting to have more and more! Some how whenever I am doing online shopping, it's one of the first things that I look for.
Makeup brushes make your look and application so much more professional and seamless. Of course you can use your fingers but I much prefer brushes. Anytime I buy new brushes, I just can't wait to do my makeup and try them out.

About 2 or 3 weeks ago I bought some really chic looking makeup brushes from Amazon. After reading a bunch of reviews, I finally decided to get them. They came the next day (thanks to good old amazon prime), and I was beyond excited when they did.
I have tried them out since I got them, and thought it would be a good idea to review them, for those girls who may be looking for some affordable makeup brushes to purchase.

The set cost £9.99 for standard amazon members, however I only paid £5.99 as I used prime! That is an amazing price for a brush set. What is even better is that I paid that price for 32 brushes! 32! They came in a range of different colours too. I got mine in black and rose red.
The other options were:

Gold and Black
Rose (pink)

The set comes in a black faux leather roll. It has a really strange smell to it when it first arrives but washing the case (if you plan to keep it) usually gets rid of the paint kind of scent. The leather roll is super convenient for people who may be a makeup artists (which I am not). It makes travelling really easy too as it is all compact and secure.
The product was packaged really well and nothing was damaged when it arrived, which is always a positive. The brushes itself are BEAUTIFUL! They look really professional and generally appealing.

Testing out these brushes for the past few weeks, I have already identified my favourites from the set.

The small fan- I love this brush for highlighter. If you know me, you know that highlighter is just my thing. If i'm going to wear any kind of face makeup to school, it's going to be highlighter. I think this brush is amazing! It's a little thin and flimsy but there is no shedding at all. It gives your cheek bones the most radiant and natural glow. Before this set, I'd never used a fan brush before, so I thought it would be hard to use but it is so easy! I don't know how I ever did my makeup without it.

The large fan brush- The large fan brush is similar to the small one but larger (obviously) and much more dense. I would say it is just as good for highlighting but you can also use it for applying powder to set your base. It sets your makeup without applying too much powder. I much prefer dewy skin over matte skin, so using a fan brush to set my makeup makes my makeup look less matte. A large fan brush can also be used to contour. I've never tried to do it myself yet because I use another brush from this set for that, but I know that others have.

The Angled Blush Brush- This is my FAVOURITE blush brush. I no longer seem to use my other ones because I love this one so much more. It applies blush so evenly and doesn't pick up a ton of product which makes you look like a clown. (sorry that the image isn't as bright as the other images. The sun went down a little when I took it. Typical England) .

The small powder brush- I love this one! This is the brush that I use to contour. It makes your face look structured, but subtlety. It is perfect for contouring your cheek bones, temples and forehead. It is honestly very versatile. You can use it for setting the under eyes, T-zone, apply bronzer, blush and also highlighter.

The larger powder brush- This brush is amazing for blending out harsh lines after you contour your face. A sharp contour is great but an un-blended contour...not so much. I like to use this to blend out the harsh line and also bronze the face. It's not as soft as the other brushes but it works great and doesn't scratch my face at all.

The small precise eye shadow brush- This is my favourite brush for inner corner highlight. I don't always highlight my inner corner, but when I do, this is the brush I am most likely to be using. It is nice and precise, which allows you to brighten up your eyes.

There are 29 other brushes in the set, that I haven't used much or at all, but I am sure they're brilliant! I am really pleased with their performance, considering the price.The quality is amazing for the price and it's definitely worth giving it a go.

 Here is a link for the brushes, if you want to purchase them:

Let me know if you like reviews and "beauty" posts and I will try to do them more often.
Thanks for reading!

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