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A Little Break

Hey Guys, I just wanted to make a little notice to apologise for the lack of posts lately and to say that there will be irregular posts on my blog for the next couple of months as my AS exams start in May and I really want to dedicate my time and focus on studying for them until they're over and done. My final exam will be in June, however as you will know if you've done A-levels or are doing them, they're definitely not the type of exams you can wait a month before to study for and most definitely can not just wing them, so I will be diverting my focus onto my studies for a while. I won't be stopping posting and writing for all those months, I will just be posting less. I will most likely post when I have free time and when I have ideas I'm super excited and enthusiastic about. I would really like to do the summer challenge again this year and attempt to post everyday (attempt being key) to make up for lost time.

Thank you for all your continuous support!

Thanks for reading,

Have a great day x

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