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Study Tips

Ok everyone, we can't ignore the fact that exam season is approaching. It's coming and it's coming fast. Doing my GCSEs in year 10, I managed to pick up a few techniques and tips for revising, that I'll definitely be using this year for my year 11 exams. I thought it would be a good idea to share some of those techniques with you all, as I know that many people find it difficult to revise. So here we go!

Study Tip 1: Making a schedule

The first thing that is essential for your revision is making a schedule to follow. Make sure that it is realistic! There is no point writing down that you're going to revise for 4 hours a day, if you know full well that you don't have an attention span that long. Grab a notebook or use an excel spreadsheet to create a time table that you can follow. Even 5 minutes per subject will do! When you have completed a day that you have written down, make sure to tick it off. You'll be extremely proud of yourself after exam season, when you see all of those ticks on the page.

Study Tip 2: Making revision cards

This is a technique that particularly helped me last year. All you will need is some colourful cards (which you can make yourself) and some pens. All you have to do is write an example exam question on one side and the answer at the back or at the bottom of the card. For example, if the subject is science, you may ask the question "what is an atom?" and then write the answer to it. That maybe helpful enough for some people. Some people may just want to flick through it and all the information will be absorbed, however I'm not like that. I don't know about you but I can't be bothered to flick through a pack of 50 different cards with information. It doesn't seem to help. What I like to do is stick each card onto my wall with blue tack. That way, every time I go in and out of my bedroom, I can see it. It's actually amazing how much our brain retrieves information without you needing to try!

Study Tip 3: Writing a song

This one is for all the creative people. Some people don't really learn from reading from a page. No matter how much they try, it doesn't work for them. Sometimes the only way that they can learn, is through doing. One way is writing a song! I remember back in year 8, my friend and I wrote a song in science that helped our whole class to remember a topic. It was a short catchy song that allowed people to remember all the essential information. The song does not have to be professional or good. It just has to be something you'll easily remember.

Study Tip 4: Using revision guides

This isn't my favourite way to study but it's definitely beneficial. My school is always recommending study guides and selling them at school. They work really well. They break down the information into sections and usually have practice questions in the back too. I prefer to use highlighters when I use this technique as using colours automatically draws your eyes to that piece of information first. This way, you'll never forget the essentials. They do cost money, but they're certainly a great source to use.

Study Tip 5: Have a study date

Whether it be with your boyfriend/girlfriend or your best friends, it's so much more entertaining to study with someone else. Going to the library with your friends sounds super boring but it's actually more fun than you'd think. You can teach each other topics that you're stuck on and test each other when you want more practice. You don't even have to go out. You could gather a bunch of throw blankets, pillows and cushions on the floor, with your books/laptop. I personally love having music in the background. I guess some people get their motivation from BeyoncĂ©.
Don't forget to have a break too! Treat yourselves to a Maccies or a Chinese takeaway when you are done!

I hope this helped some of you out. Good Luck to everyone with their exams. Remember that if you try your hardest, you'll be proud of whatever you receive on results day.

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