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Affordable Makeup Brush Set Review

Like I said in my first ever blog post, I really enjoy doing my makeup. It's something that just keeps me content. Besides the makeup itself, I am OBSESSED with makeup brushes. I don't know what it is but I just always seem to find myself wanting to have more and more! Some how whenever I am doing online shopping, it's one of the first things that I look for.
Makeup brushes make your look and application so much more professional and seamless. Of course you can use your fingers but I much prefer brushes. Anytime I buy new brushes, I just can't wait to do my makeup and try them out.

About 2 or 3 weeks ago I bought some really chic looking makeup brushes from Amazon. After reading a bunch of reviews, I finally decided to get them. They came the next day (thanks to good old amazon prime), and I was beyond excited when they did.
I have tried them out since I got them, and thought it would be a good idea to review them, for those girls who may be looking for some affordable makeup brushes to purchase.

The set cost £9.99 for standard amazon members, however I only paid £5.99 as I used prime! That is an amazing price for a brush set. What is even better is that I paid that price for 32 brushes! 32! They came in a range of different colours too. I got mine in black and rose red.
The other options were:

Gold and Black
Rose (pink)

The set comes in a black faux leather roll. It has a really strange smell to it when it first arrives but washing the case (if you plan to keep it) usually gets rid of the paint kind of scent. The leather roll is super convenient for people who may be a makeup artists (which I am not). It makes travelling really easy too as it is all compact and secure.
The product was packaged really well and nothing was damaged when it arrived, which is always a positive. The brushes itself are BEAUTIFUL! They look really professional and generally appealing.

Testing out these brushes for the past few weeks, I have already identified my favourites from the set.

The small fan- I love this brush for highlighter. If you know me, you know that highlighter is just my thing. If i'm going to wear any kind of face makeup to school, it's going to be highlighter. I think this brush is amazing! It's a little thin and flimsy but there is no shedding at all. It gives your cheek bones the most radiant and natural glow. Before this set, I'd never used a fan brush before, so I thought it would be hard to use but it is so easy! I don't know how I ever did my makeup without it.

The large fan brush- The large fan brush is similar to the small one but larger (obviously) and much more dense. I would say it is just as good for highlighting but you can also use it for applying powder to set your base. It sets your makeup without applying too much powder. I much prefer dewy skin over matte skin, so using a fan brush to set my makeup makes my makeup look less matte. A large fan brush can also be used to contour. I've never tried to do it myself yet because I use another brush from this set for that, but I know that others have.

The Angled Blush Brush- This is my FAVOURITE blush brush. I no longer seem to use my other ones because I love this one so much more. It applies blush so evenly and doesn't pick up a ton of product which makes you look like a clown. (sorry that the image isn't as bright as the other images. The sun went down a little when I took it. Typical England) .

The small powder brush- I love this one! This is the brush that I use to contour. It makes your face look structured, but subtlety. It is perfect for contouring your cheek bones, temples and forehead. It is honestly very versatile. You can use it for setting the under eyes, T-zone, apply bronzer, blush and also highlighter.

The larger powder brush- This brush is amazing for blending out harsh lines after you contour your face. A sharp contour is great but an un-blended contour...not so much. I like to use this to blend out the harsh line and also bronze the face. It's not as soft as the other brushes but it works great and doesn't scratch my face at all.

The small precise eye shadow brush- This is my favourite brush for inner corner highlight. I don't always highlight my inner corner, but when I do, this is the brush I am most likely to be using. It is nice and precise, which allows you to brighten up your eyes.

There are 29 other brushes in the set, that I haven't used much or at all, but I am sure they're brilliant! I am really pleased with their performance, considering the price.The quality is amazing for the price and it's definitely worth giving it a go.

 Here is a link for the brushes, if you want to purchase them:

Let me know if you like reviews and "beauty" posts and I will try to do them more often.
Thanks for reading!

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