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Trends That Need To Stay In 2017

This year has been a roller-coaster. One that I am unsure of whether I would ride again, but on the other hand, one that I don't regret going on. During this roller-coaster of a year, there have been many trends that I personally just don't want to see coming into 2018 with us.


This is my personal opinion and just a bit of fun. If any of these trends apply to you in anyway and it's not hurting anybody, by you following them, DO YOUR THANG, but preferably leave it in 2017. OK lets go.

1. Being Creative With Eyebrows

OK. I can appreciate creativity. I love being creative and I love creative people, but this is just nonsense. Why in 2017, did I see braided eyebrows, wavy eyebrows, glitter eyebrows etc etc. Why? What is the point? Can we not just appreciate brows as ordinary, neutral coloured, plain brows? There are people out here struggling to do brows normally, and now all this extra stuff? Leave it in 2017.

2. Concealer Brows

I am no brow expert, makeup artist, professional or beauty guru, but bad brows are bad brows. My brows can look awful sometimes, I'm no perfect brow angel but I have witnessed some tragedies this year in the brow department, specifically with concealer. IF YOU ARE USING CONCEALER TO CLEAN UP AROUND YOUR EYEBROWS, FOR THE LOVE OF HUMANITY, USE THE RIGHT SHADE. I am TIRED of seeing girls with concealer around their eyebrows that is about 100 shades too light for their skin-tone, looking like they're being embraced by Caspar. TIRED. One shade or two shades lighter is perfectly OK, but when you change your race around the eyebrow region, it looks ridiculous. Is it even blended? Like come on girl, do better. I literally couldn't even find a picture to show this (I see the people in my city though).

3. Interfering In People's Business

I feel SO strongly about this one. In 2017, I have seen and heard way too much nonsense. I don't know who decided this year that getting involved in other people's business was the thing to do, but it needs to stop. There have been people trying to break friendships, relationships and people in general. IF STEVE AND SARAH HAVE BEEN DOING THERE THING, LEAVE THEM BE. IF LAUREN AND JACK HAVE BEEN TALKING FOR A YEAR AND STILL HAVEN'T MADE THINGS OFFICIAL, LEAVE THEM BE. IF SHANIQUA AND DEVVON ARE SUPER CLOSE AND CLAIM TO JUST BE FRIENDS, LEAVE THEM BE. I am so tired of people just getting in people's business. If it has nothing to do with you, then just sit down, hush and think about your own life. You don't need to know who is with who, who isn't with who. In 2018, lets choose to just sit back and say nothing.

4. Calling People Trash

I am guilty of this one and its something that I thought was funny at first, but honestly now I just see how much this one word has divided both genders and also our generation.We are constantly throwing it back and forth at each other and its just not healthy for anybody. Lets just stop calling people trash. Leave it in 2017.

5. Vegans Judging Non-Vegans

If you want to be vegan then go ahead, nobody is stopping you. In fact, I applaud you because surely being vegan is hella expensive and hard, but please do not come for non vegans for not following your diet. I am perfectly happy with my roast chicken. You can have your roast lettuce or whatever but please just don't judge meat eaters for loving life.

6. Taking Gender Neutral Too Far

I am not rejecting gender neutral altogether, I can see in SOME cases why it may be necessary, but as a whole, I really don't see the point (please don't come for me). There are teachers losing their jobs for referring to people as boys and girls and that is when you know it needs to stop. It has just been taken way too far. If you personally do not wish to be labelled, then fair play but to stop a whole group of people, e.g. a class, from being called what they are, that's just unnecessary.

7. Having something negative to say about everything

LETS LEAVE THIS IN 2017. I can't stand when people always have something negative to say. I'm not talking about constructive criticism or opinions here and there, I'm talking about full on slating people for their opinions or just giving negative opinions ALL THE TIME, where they're not needed. Um, sorry SUSAN, but did I ask for your input?? Just leave people alone. You don't need to share your thoughts on absolutely everything, negative Nancy.

8. Instagram Click-bait

I totally get that you need those views. Go ahead and make that coin, but please don't put your life on the line just for a view. Do you know how many times I have scrolled through Instagram and seen a woman holding a knife to her nostril or a lighter to her eyebrows, just for click-bait? I'll sit there and watch the makeup tutorial or whatever the video is, waiting for the moment she shows why she is holding scissors by her face, to see it was to cut her falsies....
Or watch the video and find out that the lighter was just to heat up a spoon full of foundation...why? No more. No more.

What trends do you think should stay in 2017?

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