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The World Needs Love.

Today, is Valentines Day. For some. To be honest for me it's just another ordinary Tuesday but to those who celebrate Valentines Day, I hope you had an amazing day spent with your loved one!

In this blog post, I'm going to be talking about another kind of love. Love within relationships is of course beautiful but this love is more of a general type of love. A type of love that the world is lacking. A type of love that the world needs. A type of love that we need to show.

The world is at a questionable place. With terrorism, hurt, social tensions, disrespect to the earth.

Everyday there is a new tragedy shown on the news. Whether it be kidnapping, murder, attacks and abuse, robbery. It's gotten to a point where I never want to watch it. I know I need to because this is reality. This is the world we live in and I must be aware of it, but it's always pure acts of hate. I just want to hug the families of the victims and some how guide these troubled people onto the right path, but how?

Ever since I was little I always said I wanted to change the world. I do. I will. One day. But how? I guess it starts with the little things.

There is now a man leading a multicultural nation called The UNITED States. He is segregating a nation who is supposed to be about liberty and freedom. It's a nation built on inmigration and made up of several different cultures and it's falling apart! Now I'm not an American citizen, so I had no say in this decision to make such a man leader, however I'm praying and hoping that things work out and that God's will for them will be done.

There's nothing anyone can do about him now, its what is going to be done from now.
Anyway, enough about that, let's carry on with what I was saying.

It's the little things. Listening to each other, communicating and hearing personal stories. That's the thing about modern society. With all this technology we sometimes forget to talk to one another, and I don't mean when we need something, but small talk, deep conversations, getting to know somebody's heart. The world lacks communication. Active listening. Really REALLY paying attention to someone and listening to their problems. Helping them out when they need somebody. Being there when somebody needs us the most. The world needs more love. Sometimes it's not a case of wanting advice or a solution but to know that someone understands and supports you through the hard times.

Letting people know how much value they have in this world when they don't see it themselves is important. Life is busy but not busy enough not to save another. Kind, genuine words can stick with someone for a lifetime. Someone's time and patience can mean more than we know. When somebody is feeling inferior and worthless, simple words like "I care" or "You're loved" can shape the outcome for the rest of their life. Words and actions are so powerful.

You may speak differently, look different, act different, think different but we were all crafted with the same amount of care and we all decompose in the same way. We're all human. It is 2017 and we still don't get that.

So today, I leave you with this. What are you going to do to change the world?

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