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The Anti-Boyfriend Tag

So it's February... what? The year is already flying by. February is obviously the month of Love, so I thought I'd do at least one valentines related/ love related post. Today I'm going to be doing the Anti-boyfriend tag because....I mean do I need to explain? 

1. What is the most important quality you look for?
One of the most important qualities I look for is someone who has a good work ethic. it is important to me that he works hard and cares about providing for himself and his family. 

2. What quality is a turn off?
Someone who only cares about the physical aspects of a relationship. I have to be able to talk to them for hours about anything. 

3. What physical feature do you notice first?
Either smile or height. I'm really attracted to a beautiful smile. I notice height because I'm really short and I love tall boys. I feel like the contrast is just nice haha. I don't think I could be with someone sorter than me.

4. Describe your dream date
My dream date would be something fun and an activity that shows off our competitive sides. I hate the idea of just going for dinner or the cinema. I'd prefer bowling or a fun fair. Something fun that gives you opportunities to joke around. 

5. Who would your celeb boyfriend be?
Bryshere y. gray. He's actually already my husband. He doesn't know yet but he will, trust me. Rochelle the sound of that!

6. What is a relationship deal breaker?
An imbalance of life. I hate the idea of seeing my boyfriend EVERY single day. I don't know if that makes me a bad person or? We both have to be able to survive not seeing each other or talking to each for for a week. I want us to be able to live like we did before we met. Have just as much time with friends and family, aswell as be committed to other things.

7. What is a relationship deal maker?
If he has just as much or even more faith in God. I could never date anybody who doesn't share the same values and beliefs as me. If he loves God more than anybody in the entire world, that is a real deal maker.

8. What are your eye and hair color preferences?
I don't actually care about appearance. Of course looks matter to a certain degree but I don't have a preference. The only preference is the height thing I already mentioned.

9. He buys you a gift. What would it be? 
It would be something I mentioned once or twice but never really thought anything of it because it would show that he genuinely listens and cares. I love those sort of people who remember more than I do.

10. Would you say you have a type? If so, what?
Someone caring and naturally funny. I love laughing and it's the best thing when you can laugh with someone you really care about. 

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