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My Fitness Goals: Summer Edition

Before I start, I just want to say that I am so sorry for not posting in a week. I've been EXTREMELY busy. I went on a trip with some friends and was obviously super focused on having a good time and then spent 3 days doing DofE (which I passed, woo!) and then another 2 days recovering from all that haha.

Today I thought I would share with you my fitness goals for the summer, In the summer in particular, I am so motivated to keep fit and be healthy, so I thought I would talk about my goals for the summer.

This is quite a random post in comparison to what I usually post but then again my blog has no boundaries or structure.

General Information:

I'm 5'2 and 54KG
I have some problems with bloating and Indigestion
I used to be a gymnast

I thought I would share with you this information just so you guys can understand a little bit about my body and shape currently and it may make it slightly easier to see any progress or understand what improvements I'm trying to make.


I'm not planning to lose any weight or anything this summer but I do want to tone up.

I'm planning on working out in some way 4 times per week.

I may do a mixture of jogs in the morning, home workouts and dancing.

I used to be a gymnast and was very flexible but I no longer compete or train so I've definitely lost some of my flexibilty. I would love to get back to looking how I used to when I did and hopefully get my moves back. I'm planning on continuing my stretches everyday (more strictly than currently) and making more use of my garden since the weather is good, to help with that.


My diet hasn't been so great recently. I've been eating so much junk and my skin definitely shows that. I'm not drinking my litre of water like I usually do and I've been starting to drink a lot more fizzy drinks which I cut out earlier this year but some how its making its way back into my life.

I'm challenging myself to drink nothing but water throughout the day and then juice with my dinner so i'm not super bored. The only down side to me drinking so much water is that I pee 24/7. Not fun.

When it comes to food, I'm trying not to eat super greasy foods (hard when you're Jamaican) and I'm incorporating lots of veggies. I love vegetables and salad so this bit really isn't a challenge for me.

I'm definitely attempting to make as much of my meals as possible and not eat takeaways, unless its a cheat day. However I am going to America for 2 weeks in August so i'm 99.9% sure I won't stick to that for those 14 days ahaha!

What I want to see changes with:

I am hoping to sort out my bloating problems. I may make a doctors appointment just to find out what it is that is causing me to bloat. If its genetics then I obviously can't do much about that but if its a certain type of food then I can cut it out of my diet.

I want to tone up my legs, bum and stomach as much as possible as its bikini season and I want to look my best for my holiday. The villa we are staying in has a 24hr gym too so even when i'm there I can be working out. Hopefully I'll burn all the calories from the endless amounts of food i'll be intaking.

Besides my body itself, I want to see someone improvements to my energy. I'm aiming to get atleast 8 hours sleep per night and to be more energetic throughout the day. During the school term I always felt tired, so I want to start back in september feeling awake.

If you guys want me to do a few what I eat in a day posts or progress posts then i'll try my best to do those and let you follow my fitness journey this summer!

So these are my fitness goals for the next month and a bit.

Thanks for reading,

Have a great day x

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