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Instagram Feeds You NEED To Be Following #2

WOW! So I did this post a while ago and it is currently my most popular post, so clearly you guys loved it. It's time for post number 2.  Here are more Instagram feeds that you need to be supporting and following.

The first person you need to be following is @sophierimmerr. She is the same age as I am and she is doing extremely well for herself. She is constantly working with the most amazing brands and creating amazing content on Instagram. If you want to see a girl boss just follow her account. We've gotten to speak a few times and she is so lovely, not to mention how GORGEOUS the girl is. I mean just look at her! 

The next person you should be following is @julietteetmary. She has such a great feed. She is always out and about doing the most fun things. I love how simple yet professional her feed looks. It's definitely the sort of feed I would go for if I was capable of keeping a theme. 

@seewantshop has one of the most incredible feeds. She always seems to be doing something fun and out there. All her pictures are super clean and crisp. She 100% makes me want to leave my bed and actually do something aha. 

@stephaniegrecco has a great account. She deserves a lot more followers for sure so hopefully this post will help her out with that. She puts so much effort into her posts and it definitely shows off her personality. Just by her feed you can see that she is quite laid back and simple, which I love.

@mary_pollypock has such an awesome feed. She's a beautiful girl for one and she is very consistent which is always nice. Her feed has a mixture of everything and I really like those sort of feeds as its kind of like a digital journal.

@lilia_rt has a vibrant and fun feed. It includes a lot of food, which of course everybody adores and i'd say it reflects the summer season really well. It definitely gets me in the summery vibe anyway.

The final feed is by @noortjelueb. I love that it is so cohesive but also interesting. Her pictures all co-ordinate without being similar. Its very cool. She seems so lovely and again, I really love her simplicity. 

So these are the feeds being featured in this post. If you know anybody that has a great Instagram then leave me their name below and if YOU want to be featured, leave me your Instagram below too. Make sure to follow me on Instagram @chelle._babes (plug plug). 

Thanks for reading, 

Have a great day x 

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