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Back To School: Sixth Form Supplies Haul

 This post is way over due! Over the course of the summer, I have collected all the essential things for sixth form. I start sixth form on the 7th of September. One of my favourite things to read/watch is hauls, so i thought why not do one myself. I'm also a sucker for stationery, so when I see an opportunity to buy more, I jump on board.

First of all, my bag. My bag is from TJ Hughes and was on sale for £20, reduced from £35. I like that it looks professional and mature but also that it's practical and sturdy.

 The inside has four sections, which is definitely going to help me be organised. There are loads of pockets and things too for all the smaller essentials. I may do a "whats in my bag" post near Christmas time, to see if I stick at the whole organised thing.

Index cards helped me so much during my GCSE exams, for revision, so I went to Asda and got another pack for year 12. They cost only £1.00 and hopefully they come in handy. 

I purchased a pack from Poundland which consists of a mini hole puncher and stapler. I don't really have a real explanation for why I bought it, to be fair, I just enjoy mini stationery....
Anyway, I thought I could keep this at home for when I need it.

So...I got two planners....why you ask? Well, I couldn't just pick one planner! Poundland had so many that I loved and these two I just couldn't choose between so I just got them both. I mean It was only £2 for them both, so why not. 
I plan to use these planners to write homework, coursework deadlines and essay deadlines. It's basically going to be like my school passport but prettier, you know? 

 I got a notebook from poundland, which has three divided sections. I thought this was perfect for taking notes as I'm taking three subjects, so they can all be sectioned off.

Obviously, pens are essential. I'm starting off with just one pack but they're so easy to get hold of that I'll probably just make regular pit stops to poundland when I need more. I'm not too fussed about pen types but I do prefer writing in black. Just looks more clean.

 I prefer mechanical pencils, simply because I don't have to sharpen them, so I got a pack from Asda for 75p! I may not even need pencils, however it's good to be prepared and have that option.

I got a new ruler for 70p at Asda because I lost my one from year 11, just before exam season. I got the exact same flip one as it fits perfectly in my pencil case and it's just a...good quality ruler? I don't know, there isn't much to say about a ruler.
 Even though I got mechanical pencils, I always get asked for a sharpener by other people, so I bought another. It only cost me 30p from homebargins.

 I got another rubber as god knows where mine went. It was 50p for this pretty huge rubber and fresh erasers excite me...just saying.

I got two new highlighters for revision and highlighting important notes (so everything). These seem like good quality highlighters and I'm looking forward to my notes glowing like my highlight. 

 Although I'm obsessed with stationery, I'm not one to be too fussed over pencil cases. I just stick to the cheap clear cases like this one. I got a red one last year, so this year I went for pink. It was only 50p and holds enough, so yeah that's the case!

I got a block of sticky notes, as again, they really helped me with revision. I used so many during year 11, so I bought more. I got these from wilko for £1.00. Although there are 4, I plan to use different colours for each subject. 

 I wanted to have an option of having regular paper, as well as the notebook, so I got a refill pad from wilko for 50p. I'm also willing to share paper with anyone who needs it too. Because I'm nice like that.

I got a pack of plastic folders from wilko for 80p. It comes in a pack of 4, but I am planning to use the three for each subject. There are two black, a pink and blue. It will be good for loose sheets and essays that need to be handed in.

I bought a basic binder for work aswell. It's going to stay at home for revision that I can relocate for when exams come.

I also bought a big pack of polly pockets to go in it for 89p. There are loads of them, so it should last me a long time.

I bought some dividers for each subject or any other form of dividing things in the binder. It cost 30p.

So that is what I got for sixth form! I hope you enjoyed reading. If you would like me to do a sixth form lookbook, I will do one as our dress code is smart/business wear, so I no longer have uniform!

Have a good day x

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