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My GCSE Results

Just yesterday, August 25th 2016, I got my GCSE results. I was nervous to say the least but came out happy as can be. I'm so proud of what I achieved and I'm so glad that I finally secured a place in sixth form.

In sixth form I will be taking Politics, History and English Language. I'm looking forward to learning about politics as It's something that Interests me but I have never taken this subject before, so I am quite nervous too. 

Overall, I got 4A's, 3B's and 3C's. I am so proud of myself as I worked extremely hard and gave 110% during exam season. 

Here is a break down of what I got each grade in:

I got an A in Food technology, which actually surprised me! I found the exam pretty difficult and I actually assumed I would come out with a B. I worked hard in food and spent a lot of time making sure my coursework was solid. I did find it hard to revise as there was a lot of content I needed to remember, however resources my teachers gave me were a huge help.

I got an A in English language, which was the only subject I resat. I did english a year early and got a B. I was super disappointed, as I was so close to an A and it was a subject I knew I could do well in. I was the only one in my year to do both literature and language and I can definitely say I was stressed. I had to redo all my coursework for language too, which I had to do in the space of a month or so. I spent a lot of time with my teacher after school, trying to get it done in time. I was extatic when I saw that I finally got an A. I came out of the exam confident that I did it and I did! 

I also got an A in English literature, which was a huge surprise to me! I expected to get a B as I have to admit, I did spend a bit more time with language. I even missed literature classes to do language. I didn't feel as confident coming out of the literature exam, so seeing that I got an A is so amazing! Like I said, I did both literature and language, and without my teacher, I wouldn't have gotten through it. 

My fourth A was for ICT. I REALLY worked hard in ICT. My coursework was picked for moderation, so you have no idea how much work, time and effort I put into making sure it was atleast an A grade. I spent all my spare time revising and doing mock exams. I went back and forth with my teacher, getting her to check my work and I studied for every mock we did. I'm so glad that I got an A and I was so excited when I first saw it on the paper.

I got a B in science, which completely baffles me! I hated science so much but I still tried so hard. I just didn't understand it and I was so close to giving up. I got so many E's and D's in mocks, so I convinced myself that I would only get a pass max. After the horrendous physics exam, I just assumed the worst. But I managed to get a B! That's so weird to me and i'm still in shock.

I got a B in performing arts. I would have loved to get an A but I was still so happy with a B. I know I got an A in the practical, so my written work must have dragged my grade down, as it was worth 60%. Again, I spent ridiculous hours on this subject. I did one all nighter and stayed up until 2am on my laptop, writing my evaluations. With how much time it took up, I do wish I got the A, however I am still so so pleased with a B grade.

My final B was from child development. Again, I was aiming for an A in this subject, however the exam in my eyes was so tough, that I kind of expected it. My coursework was an A*/A so I went in strong. I really enjoyed this subject and actually didn't mind revsing for it. I worked extremely hard and studied so much. I did so many mocks and past papers that my bedroom floor couldn't even be seen! 

I got a C in maths, which I was so chuffed with. I hated maths and I struggled with it. I was about 5 marks away from a B, which I was gutted about, however I was just so happy that I passed! No more math lessons! 

I got a C in french. I PASSED FRENCH! Lord knows how many times I stressed over this subject. I really struggled with french, so I had to work twice as hard as any other subject. Again, I did mocks, I spent time working one on one with teachers, I used several resources. I struggled so much that a pass was all I wanted. I really tried hard and it paid off!

Finally, I got a C in History. Now this was the only subject I was so annoyed at because I almost thought I garunteed an A in that subject. I love history and worked incredibly hard at it. I actually got full marks in atleat 3 mocks! I got an A* in my coursework too, so either I completely messed up in the exam, or the grade boundries were insanely high. History is one of my A-level subjects so I really wanted to go into it confident that I could do it. I was so mad at myself and my grade. I don't know what happened. I know some people may think I'm exaggerating but people in my history class know how hard I worked. For me personally, getting a C felt like not passing at all, but hey sometimes thats the way it goes. 

So those are my GCSE results! I'm so happy with them overall and I'm ready for the next chapter in my life. Bring on A-levels!

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