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My Perfect Imperfections Tag

As you all know, I am a huge believer and supporter of self love and being true to yourself. The perfect imperfections tag created by YouTuber, AndreasChoice in 2010 is so inspiring and definitely deserves to go more viral. The tag features 3 things you love about yourself and 3 insecurites, however I chose to do 4 of each just to make it longer. It is a tag that shows that everybody has insecurities about themselves, even if they do come across as 100% confident. Here is my take on the tag!


I'm a confident person, generally but of course I have imperfections that I am totally aware of. Some of them I am trying to change, just because I know that I can, however I would never choose to get surgery or change those assets in a way that may cause harm etc.

1) I have a really wide nose

I have never been a huge fan of my nose. I mean I don't get emotional over it and I would never even consider getting a nose job but it's still something that I don't like about myself. It's not so much the size, but how wide it is. I don't have a very slim nose and contouring just doesn't seem to work. I have definitely learnt to own this flaw and it doesn't stop me from doing anything in life, however it is still an imperfection I am aware of when I go to do my makeup.

2) My Skin

I have acne prone skin. Let me tell you, it is frustrating. When it starts to clear up, I get too excited and the next day it will come back. I have tried endless "skin life hacks", products and tried changing my diet and it just doesn't seem to keep my skin clear. This is the one thing out of my three imperfections that I'm trying to change. I am aiming to find a skin care routine that works for me this year. I know that it may just be teenage spots and hormones, which is why I'm not exactly crying over it. My skin could change at any time, but I'm still going to try and find products that work for me now.

3) My figure

I'm not super insecure about my figure but I do wish that I had a bit more of a shape. I have hips but they're only really shown in certain outfits like bodycon dresses and leggings. I don't want super wide hips like Kim K or anything like that but I love Kylie jenner's figure when she was my age and Salma Haylek, I also get bloated VERY easily so I wish my stomach stayed as flat as it is before I eat. Haha

4) My Forehead

My forehead is almost a 5. It's just over a 4 but not quite a 5. So pretty big. Of course with contouring and makeup some people don't notice it but it is definitely noticeable when I don't wear makeup. I don't hate it but it's definitely something I see as a flaw.


1) My eyes

I love my eyes. It's funny because I used to hate having such brown eyes but I really like them now. In certain lights they look really big and I think it's pretty cute. They always look smaller when I wear makeup though and I wish they stayed nice and big.

2) My height

Again, I used to hate my height but it's something I have learnt to love about myself. I'm 5'1 which is obviously really short and it's something that people used to point out to me all the time and still do. I genuinely think being short is so fun! haha. I swear to you, short girls are life changers and will take over the world. I love being short!

3) My eyebrows

Again, I used to HATE my eyebrows. I have always had light, brows in comparison to my hair colour so sometimes it looked like they just weren't there. They've actually gotten darker now though, which makes me happy. I don't have much brow hairs naturally which is what used to bug me so much, but now I really appreciate them because I have never had to get them done, simply because they never grow and are naturally the perfect shape. Save the pain and money! I just fill them in and because of my old brow insecurities, I now know how to get a good strong brow with the use of cosmetics. (I practised a lot when I first started wearing makeup).

4) My smile

It's so weird because all my favourite things about myself now are things I used to hate. I was a really insecure person a few years ago though so I pretty much hated everything. My smile was always something I couldn't stand. I never liked showing my teeth in pictures because I have a particular tooth that grew in the wrong place back when I was like 10 and it was super obvious when I smiled but now I love my smile. I still have that same tooth and it's still obvious but it doesn't bother me anymore and smiling is just my favourite gesture to do. I'm a happy person! It's in my nature.

So that is the tag! I tag anybody who comes across this to do this tag. Whether it be on your own blog, YouTube channel, Facebook, whatever.

Thanks for reading,

Have a great day x

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