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Never Take Love For Granted.

Oh my gosh guys! On Friday night I was watching a video that didn't bring a tear to my eye, but a WATERFALL.I'm a little bit weird and sometimes I'm just in the mood to cry. Happy tears, sad tears, who cares, I just feel like having a good old cry. When that feeling occurs I like to watch inspirational or emotional videos. Anyone else do that? No? Ok. Anyway, I was having one of those moments so I looked up sad videos on YouTube (as you do) and found the most heart throbbing story.

I won't go over the video, because that would make this post way too long. Here is the video:

Watch it first and then continue reading this post straight after!

Watched it? I hope so. When I say I SOBBED, I mean I SOBBED. I just got such an important message from it and it's genuinely such a sad story that so many people in this world unfortunately have to live.

The thing I got the most from the video was to never take love for granted. Sometimes we overlook love, in search for love. What I mean by that is we overlook the love we already have and receive from people, whilst trying to be loved by others. In the video that you watched, she really distances herself from her father and pushes away the love he gives her, in order to receive approval from the young people that bully her.

No matter what her father did to show he loved her, there was always more that she wanted. She was never satisfied with what she had. It really is true when they say you don't know what you have until it's gone.

After watching the video, I was just really inspired and I guess renewed. I'm not the type of person to constantly ask my parents for things or be unsatisfied at all, however it still very much made me feel refreshed and gave me a whole new outlook on love. It really inspired me to show my appreciation MORE and to show that I'm truly grateful for all the love that is in my life.

I'm so privileged. I have a loving family, amazing friends, an opportunity to have a great quality education. I get to see the world, I have a full meal in front of me everyday, there is a roof under my head. Of course I've always known that I'm privileged but I found a new form of privileged. I have a family that will never leave me, I have friends that help me to grow as a person daily, I've grown up in a house with Christ and love as the foundation.

Often we take those things for granted. We don't mean to most the time, but things can get in the way that can cause us to forget or be blind to it. For me the video was like a glasses wipe or cloth. With glasses you can see but then it gets dirty. You can still see but now it's a little blurred and unclear. Once you grab that wipe or cloth and clean the lenses, you can see again. That video had that sort of effect on me. I could see but now my vision is a lot clearer than before.

We can sometimes be blind to the fact that there are people watching over us everyday. Like guardian angels. It can be a huge slap in the face to them and at times may make them question why they bother to stay. I have witnessed way too many times, girls who constantly go on about wanting a good guy, but fall for the same bad guy over and over. Meanwhile there is a sweet, charming prince that has been through the heartbreak and pain with you and is constantly overlooked. I remember watching Lizzie McGuire as a kid and thinking 'GORDO IS RIGHT UNDER YOUR NOSE" and watching Zoey 101 screaming "WHAT ABOUT CHASE?". See, even TV producer see that this very thing is a problem. They look miles and miles for a love that just isn't for them, when love has been there all along.

I don't just mean relationships either. Parents. We take our parents for granted all the time as teenagers. We have relationship problems, friendship problems, sibling problems, who gets the backlash? Who gets the rejection for wanting to know what's wrong? Parents don't constantly ask us if we're OK because they want to bother us, they ask us because they know something is wrong. I mean for goodness sake we were literally a part of them for 9 months. LITERALLY. I know for a fact that my mum knows exactly when I'm upset. Even when I try to hide it, I never can, She just knows. We shouldn't get angry because they're "invading our privacy", we should be grateful that they care and that they're there. Even if we'd rather just keep it hush, just say so! I have the sort of relationship where I can tell my mum all the details but she also respects whenever I tell her I'd rather not talk.

 I hate seeing status' and Snapchats saying "I hate my mum/dad" "I can't wait to leave home" blah blah blah. We're allowed to get annoyed at our parents, of course, but we should never have that sort of mindset or attitude. Our parents just want what's best for us and they're trying their best! I have never had be a parent but stopping my brothers scrapping itself is enough to tell me how difficult parenting must be. It's frustrating. Cut em' some slack will ya!

Love isn't something that just comes around, it's a choice. The people around us and in our lives choose to love us, flaws and all. Never take love for granted.

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