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My 2016 Summer Scrapbook (Day 15)

Last year I made a summer scrapbook and I wrote on my bucket list to do the same this year! I had so much fun making it. Arts and crafts are very therapeutic and I genuinely enjoy making things. I decided to keep the scrapbook a little more mature than last year and I love it!

Here is how I created it!

I started off with a plain A5 notebook which I purchased from pound land. Poundland is one of my favourite places for arts and craft purchases.

I had some marble effect card in my craft drawer so I decided to cut it to shape and glue it to the front of the notebook. I just used regular PVA glue and made sure to keep it as steady as possible when placing it, to avoid air bubbles. The edges kept peeling away so I used my hot glue gun to keep it secure.

I used a piece of tan coloured paper across the book to make it look less plain. I then put a tag in the centre to make it look more sophisticated. I kept it at an angle and added some ribbon to it.

I then included a decorative strip at the bottom for extra detail

In the middle of the tag, I used a stencil to write summer and then some gold stickers for '2k16'.

As an extra addition, I included a 3D sticker in the corner.

Finally, at the back, I put a sticker to allow people to identify who it belongs to.

I plan to put photos, tickets, receipts, packaging and notes in the book. I found it extremely fun to do last year and I'm looking forward to documenting this year's summer!

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