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The power of makeup

I am a huge fan of nikkietutorials on YouTube and I think that she is such an inspiration. Nikkie came up with the power of makeup video which involved doing a full face of makeup one side and leaving the other side completely bare. Since then it has taken off on YouTube, being recreated by hundreds of beauty gurus. 

Although the challenge is a whole lot of fun, the message behind it is that there is beauty with and without makeup. This is important and I love that she is doing something to make girls feel good about themselves. 

There is a misconception that girls only wear makeup because they're insecure or they're hiding something, which isn't always the case. Doing makeup is fun! It's a form of art, hence makeup artists.
I had a lot of fun doing my version of this. I am not a makeup artists so it may not be impressive but I really wanted to participate in the challenge due to it's powerful message. 

Here is how it turned out!

As a base I used seventeen 3 way highlighter primer. It gives you a glow without looking oily.

I used loreal lumi magique as my foundation. It gives you a natural summer glow and covers what you want to cover without looking unatural. 

I used maybelline age rewind concealer to conceal and highlight my face.

I used collection sheer loose powder to set the foundation and then left extra under my eyes for bake for 5 mins before brushing the excess away. 

For my eyebrow I used the collection eyebrow kit. I always use the middle shade to fill them in. 

For my eyeshadow i used the I heart makeup 'ur the best' palette. I used the purple, matte brown and silver shade. 

I used maybelline lash sensational to coat my top lashes and great lash for my bottom lashes as the wand is really small. 

To contour I used the elf bronzer and blush kit. The bronzer is the perfect shade for my skintone. 

For blush I used the third one on the top row of the makeup revolution hot spice blush palette. I also used a purple rimmel eyeshadow crayon on my lower lash line. 

My favourite part is highlighter! I used the makeup revolution golden lights highlighter to give me that intense glow! 

For my lips i wanted to use red as I find that red suits me the most. I used lime crime red velvet, which is extremely long lasting and matte. 

I actually put the makeup on the side that I have the LEAST imperfections to show how comfortable i am in my own skin. I can personally go out with absolutely nothing and be happy, however it isn't the case with everyone. A lot of people are dependant on makeup because they're not so confident. If you're one of those people, let me tell you that you're beautiful the way you are! You don't need to depend on makeup because you're gorgeous as you are. 

I hope that more people do this challenge and it continues to grow. Thanks for reading!

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