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Dear Year 11.

Before I start I just want to say Happy Father's Day to all the amazing men around the world who have supported anybody in anyway. Whether you are biologically a father or not, you are a credit to the world and today is your day. My thoughts are with all those that sadly can not be with their father today for what ever reason. Happy Father's Day to the Mum's fulfilling both roles, you're amazing.

Today I wanted to do a short advice post and this is particularly to the year 11's who have or are about to finish school. I was in this exact same position a year ago and I want to give you my very best regards for your future but also give you a bit of advice.

First of all, congratulations. You did it. You made it through this tough year. You have been challenged and pushed to your very limits and now its over. Bittersweet huh? It is now the end of your high school journey and another chapter in your life has ended and a new one begins.

This summer will be the best summer of your life if you choose it to be. Almost 3 months of whatever you want to do. Travelling, partying, anything but studying pretty much. This is the summer full of opportunities. Opportunities to be with your closest friends for potentially the very last time, opportunities to try things and do things you never thought you would, opportunities to meet new people and introduce all new characters in your new chapter of your story. My advice to you is to grab those opportunities with both hands. Challenge yourself and experience as much as you can. You have 12 weeks to live your life. Once September starts and you begin college/sixth form, you will be so happy you made summer the best you could. Especially if you do A-levels.

Try things you wouldn't usually, go to places you've never had time to go to. This summer could be the best summer of your life. If you choose it to be. This is YOUR summer.

Congratulations on the end of your journey. Try not to stress too much about results day until the day comes. Don't try to hold back the tears at graduation or prom because it won't work. Just enjoy every moment with the people you have spent almost everyday with for 5 years.

This is it. Happy Summer!

Thanks for reading,

Have a great day x

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