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Summer Bucket List 2017

As I am writing this, I only have two exams left! I am absolutely buzzing! As soon as those exams are done, I'm pretty much done for the summer. That means I can finally blog without guilt and I can upload so much more frequently. Last year I challenged myself to upload everyday, but I have to admit, it was a little much for me. This year I am hoping to post 3-4 days a week. I have so many posts planned already, so make sure to follow me here so you know when I am uploading!

Anyway, let me stop rambling and give you what you came for! This year is by far going to be my busiest, most jam packed summer I have ever had. I have so many plans and so many things I want to do, so I thought I would show you my bucket list for summer 2K17!

1. Play Messy Twister (It hasn't happened yet but this year has to be the year)

2. Go On Random Buses And See Where They Go (I take the bus to sixth form everyday but there are hundreds and I mean hundreds of buses in my city that I have never taken. Adventure awaits!)

3. Start A Dance Routine In A Supermarket (As some of you may know, I am a dancer. However I get easily embarrassed in public settings and I always want to dance when stores play music but I get easily shy. I kind of just want to break out of that and just do it! I mean it's summer right?)

4. Study The Bible In More Depth

5. Ride A Bike At The Park (I haven't rode a bike in YEARS. To be honest, I don't even think I remember how, it has been that long. But I really want to go on a bike ride at the park)

6. Try To Post On Instagram Everyday (Try being the key word there aha)

7. Make At least 5 New Friends (Last year I made so many new friends that I still speak to all the time and I'll be hanging out with this summer. This year I want to meet new people)

8. See A Fireworks Show (I'm going to Disney World this year so hopefully I'll see a couple at the night time shows!)

9. Do The BeanBoozled Challenge Again (I did it back when I was 14, which was almost 4 years ago! wow...I feel old. I want to do it again as they have added new beans since then)

10. Try Pinterest/Buzzfeed Recipes (I did a few last year and they were so awesome, I made S'more bars and cookie pops. This year I want to try more savoury stuff)

11. Go Camping (I have never been camping before, so I would love to actually do it and sit around a real fire. Do the lot)✔

12. Go Grocery Shopping Without My Parents (I go grocery shopping with my parents all the time but now that I'm close to becoming a university student, I want to experience it without them and buy my own groceries for the week)✔

13. Visit A Trampoline Park

14. Become More Flexible (I'm still quite flexible but I'm definitely not as flexible as I used to be so I want to try and get back to how I used to be or better)

15. Go To A Later Cinema Showing (I've only ever went to the cinema in the morning or early afternoon so I want to go in the evening time)

16. Start My Driving Lessons

17. Document My Whole Summer 

 So this is my 2017 Summer Bucket List! Make sure you're following my Instagram to see if I complete these things! Ahhhh Summer is within reach

Have a great day x

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