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My Autumn Obsessions

I'm not one to enjoy the cold, however for some reason I've been waiting for Autumn to come around, practically all year. Watching YouTube videos these past few weeks has gotten me really excited for the colder months, for the first time. This Autumn, I've had a few obsessions that have made autumn so much more cosy and exciting than usual. Here are all the things that have made autumn so great this year!

Hot Drinks

I've always been one for tea and hot chocolates but there is obviously something about drinking them in the colder seasons that is so nice. Whether it be on a coffee date with your best friend or whilst watching movies at home, I just really enjoy the autumn season more with a hot drink in my hand. I feel like its not really autumn until you have your first cup.


This is quite an obvious one but in the colder seasons, its just expected for you to own several sweaters, cardigans, capes etc. I'm obsessed with buying them at the moment and i've had to stop myself so I don't use all my money on them. Primark have been up their game with their sweaters at the moment and you have no idea how hard it is to walk out without one in my bag or on my mind. They're so comfortable and pretty fashionable I must say. There is so many things you can pair with a simple sweater and look the bomb. As it has gotten colder, I've just been wanting to wear sweaters all day everyday.

Pinterest and We heart it

I love using Pinterest and We heart it all year round but in the autumn, the pictures and blog posts just inspire me to take pictures for memories and make the most of the rest of the year. I like to start off my morning looking at pictures on my laptop in bed or one my phone when I'm on my way to sixth form. It makes me really happy to see how creative people can be with photography. It has also inspired me to keep up with a good Instagram theme and take really artsy photographs, which leads me to my next obsession. 





Like I said before, Pinterest and We heart it have really inspired me to take more pictures. I really enjoy taking and editing pictures. There is so much in the world to capture that may hold many memories or are simply satisfying to look at. I've become so much more invested in my Instagram, in terms of accounts I follow and my own feed. I take my consideration when it comes to what I post. I definitely want to build up a collection of photographs for each season, especially leading to Christmas time.

Reading Books

I adore books. I'm not a really fast reader but when I get into a story, I find it difficult to put down. Reading whilst being embraced by your duvet or wrapped around an oversized blanket is the best. You're lost in the book and morphing into a character. I find reading books so great because you get to make your own interpretations of what is happening and what the characters are like. I've just finished see me by Nicolas Sparks which was an incredible book! I had so many mixed emotions. I laughed, cried and smiled, which is what every book should make you feel. I'm currently looking for a new book to read. I'm reading player by Denise Grover Swank on google books, however I much prefer a physical product.

Burning Candles

Candles. Candles. Candles. Oh how I love them! Scented candles are the best way to cosy up your house. They look amazing with the lights off and just lift up your mood. I really wish we had bath and body works here in the UK because they have candles tailored for every season. I really like yankee candles but they take me ages to burn due to their size and they are really expensive. Some candles I really enjoy during this time are pinewood, fresh cotton and cinnamon and apple. They add so much to a room and to autumn. 

Having Baths
This may seem strange to some people but I prefer baths in the colder months. On a day to day basis I have showers but I quite like having a steaming hot bath in the evening before bed. I love using lush bath products like bath bombs too. Sometimes I burn a candle and watch YouTube videos and its really relaxing. I like to set a bubble bath or add in a bath bomb once in a while.

Having a cosy Bedroom

I'll admit, I'm not the best at keeping my room tidy but when its a new season, I always feel the need to change things around and keep it looking close enough to neat. I may put up some lights, change up my pillows, add pictures etc. I like having a cosy looking and feeling bedroom.

So those are my autumn obsessions guys! I hope this has made you too feel autumnal and I hope you enjoyed reading!

Have a great day x

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