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The other day, I was watching a YouTube video all about feminism. Definitely check out the video after reading this as it was definitely my inspiration for this post and it was really well created.


These are simply my own opinions on the manner, I am not trying to offend anyone in anyway and I really hope that some of the points do not upset anybody. If you do have anything to say or your opinions are different to mine, leave them in the comments as I am certainly open to hearing your views.

First of all, what is feminism? Most people would say that its the idea of women being equal to men, however I personally would say different. I would say it is giving women fair treatment to survive in this world. I believe that equality is most certainly a part of it but only a portion.

I'm a feminist for those woman who don't have a voice. I live in a privileged country. In the UK women have come so far. We can happily live our lives knowing we can have access to the basics we need to get by. However there are places on this earth who can't say the same.

Women moan that they still don't have equal pay to men but there are countries where women can't even get jobs at all. Hundreds of women across the middle eastern countries have acid thrown at their faces for simply requesting for them to work. It's considered shameful for them to even suggest such a thing. And we want to moan about having a few pounds less than men?

Sure it would be nice to have the wages that men do but the difference isn't so large that we can't go by. There are so many successful and well off women here and yet women still complain that its not enough.

We can walk down the street and do as we wish to ,without questions most of the time. Did you know that in places in Dubai, women can't even leave their house without their husband being by their side? They can't wear what they want to wear, they can't drive themselves to places. Here we can do all those things. There are millions of women in this country who drive themselves to places and who walk wherever they want to go and go out without the need of a man.

I am a feminist for those people who aren't treated as individuals, just as we should be.

Malala Yousafzai is one example of a woman who was a victim of violence simply for wanting an education! Girls in our generation alone take advantage of the education we are entitled to and don't see or hear about those woman across the globe who are in fear and are fighting for the education we have. Its such a shame that young women aren't being educated on this enough. If it wasn't for my interest in articles and the world news, I wouldn't know any of this either.

Personally I feel that we need to stop complaining so much about ourselves and what is needed in such privileged nations and focus on helping the women who don't have a voice. We need to start raising awareness for these people and raising money for them to live on. We need to offer support for women who go through such traumatic events such as gun violence and acid attacks. We need to stand up against these countries' systems and make changes so that things are fair.

Make a change for them. Show them the love that they may not be getting. Of course its difficult to get through to some but we need to start by understanding how lucky we are. Focus less on ourselves and more on others. Sexism from men who say "you belong in the kitchen" or "you wear makeup to impress us" is obviously very infuriating but its the least of our problems. We know that we're more than that so why waste our time trying to argue against it and prove ourselves?

Those are my main points about feminism. If you enjoyed or found my points interesting, let me know your thoughts in the comments. I will happily make a part 2 for a more specific area if you would be interested in it. I hope this has some how inspired you to want to help other woman and I hope that men reading this can see that its not about hating men or wanting to be more superior like some may believe. I could have gone on but I didn't want to make it too long.

Thanks for reading!

Have a great day x

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