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How to: Have an instagram photoshoot

Lately I've been struggling to come up with original and interesting blog ideas due to lack of inspiration, however I have a free week before I go to London, so I can be creative. The next few blogs are ones I am proud of and happy to be uploading.

Sometimes I have days where I feel like posting on Instagram but I don't have any new pictures that I want to post, whether it be a selfie or something artistic. That's when Instagram photo-shoots come into play. Not only do you end up with pictures to post but it's so much fun to do. It can be done outside or inside, My personal favourite is to get a bus day saver and take pictures around my area, however a lot of the time i do it within the comfort of my own home. Here is how to have an Instagram photo-shoot.

There are two things you can take pictures of during an Instagram photo-shoot. Those are artsy photos and of course, selfies! Both are amazing for Instagram and you can prepare for them in many ways.

For selfies:

The first step to taking good selfies for Instagram is to make sure you look presentable.
Doing your makeup is always a good way to get photo ready. I tend to wear more than needed for Instagram photo-shoot days as it always looks better in photos. Makeup can tend to look washed out in pictures, so by wearing more than usual, it will stay looking flawless. You don't have to wear any makeup of course but I prefer to in my pictures. You don't have to be a makeup artist to take amazing pictures.

Hair is one of the those things that the eye is drawn to in pictures, therefore it has to look good right? It doesn't have to be perfectly curled or straight but it can't look like you just got dragged through several bushes. Even messy buns, which take a few seconds to do, can look amazing in pictures. I love wearing bandanas because I feel its what suits me best. You see its all about what you feel good in and what you think you look good in. I could have the messiest hair but by adding a bandana, it looks like i put in so much effort.

When it comes to selfies, you want to have an outfit you feel comfortable in. There is no point wearing a low cut top if you're insecure about your body. It just makes taking pictures feel like a task and feel awkward. Wear clothes you feel comfortable in and that look nice. Obviously make sure it's clean and stain free, otherwise that's just embarrassing. There is nothing worse than scrolling past an Instagram with people that look like they woke up 2 minutes before they snapped it. Even clothes being creased can sometimes be a turn off. There are days when I like to wear play suits/dresses, however I also love wearing a simple tank top and leggings.  

I've found that lighting is one of the most important ways to get a good selfie. Standing in front of a window is always a good way to get natural good lighting. My favourite place to take selfies is my conservatory as there is good light all around me. It's always bright and does amazing things for my skin. Sometimes lighting can make your skin look smoother and blurred, without having to edit.

Also having a good background or interesting foreground will improve the quality of the photo. It doesn't have to be a backdrop or anything expensive. All you need is a blank wall or something that draws the attention to you. I usually try to make sure to clear behind me when I'm taking a selfie.

Artsy pictures:

What do I mean by artsy pictures? I mean those Tumblr looking pictures of random things like drinks, shoes, food etc. The key is to find things worth taking pictures of.

One of the most important things needed for an artsy picture to work is the background. I have a fluffy throw blanket that I always use for these types of images. I usually lay it out on my floor. As I take my photography more seriously for my blog, eventually I will invest in backdrops and tiles etc. My favourite background to look at on Instagram is marble, so I will definitely be getting some soon. A good background, makes it look clear and of high quality.

Again, natural lighting is important, however using the flash also works, depending on surface and textures.

For an example, I used a pair of nude heels. The first thing you need to do when taking artsy pictures is to spend time moving the object(s) around. You want everything to look aesthetically pleasing. I sometimes spend more time moving things around than taking the actual picture.

You should also try from different angles. Depending on what the object is different angles may be best for different things. For example from the side, birds eye views, leading lines etc.

My favourite feature to use for artsy photos is the grid lines. You can turn these on by looking at your camera settings. It is really good to use as you can move your objects around to look the most appealing. If you want a particular thing to be the focus of attention, you could use the grid lines to get it in the middle. I also like to use it to see where i can fit extra things in the frame, if i feel the image needs more space to be filled.

Now you have pictures, all you need to do is edit them and upload! Roll on the likes and comments.

Thanks for reading! And don't forget that I have an Instagram account just for this blog! @chellebellexox

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Have a great day x

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