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For Dad (Day 3)

Today is father's day, so in honour of my Dad, I'm writing just for him.
There are millions and millions of things that I love about my Daddy. From the day I was born it was clear that my dad and I would be extremely close. We even share birthday's!

I wrote a poem especially for my incredible father.

I hope this father's day is the best so far 
I hope it's a day as incredible as you are

Seeing you smile, it makes my day
I think about you when you're away

You make me smile, you make me laugh
You see it in our photographs 

I'm never alone, because I have you 
When you're around, I'm never blue 

Sixteen years have gone so fast
Every moment I'll make it last

You'll always be my first love
Don't worry if that's what you're thinking of

Down the isle, I'll hold your hand 
With you always, that's the plan

It's scary how quick time goes
But forever and always my love will flow

Life isn't perfect and neither are we
But I guess that's how life is suppose to be

Now put your feet up and relax 
Try not to worry about the tax

You'll always be my best friend
Forever and always, until the end.

I'll always love you with all my heart
Our bond is so strong, we will never part. 

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