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YouTubers who Inspire Me (Day 9)

Everyday I am inspired by several different people and things. All for different reasons. I would say that these things/people make me a better person each day and they help me to become the person I want to be. YouTube has become a big part of my life and I find myself watching it more than TV! There are a few YouTubers in particular who inspire me and I'm going to write about them today.

Katy Bellotte (Hellokaty): Katy is my favourite YouTuber/blogger. For 20 years of age, she has been through so much and experienced so much. She shares her mistakes, heart aches and memories with her followers, which makes me so happy. She is probably one of the most humble people on the internet. Everything she does is out of love and I respect her so much. One thing she promotes so much is kindness and I adore her for that. Kindness to me is the most attractive thing about people and she has that same opinion. She gives THE BEST advice on her YouTube channel. She is like the big sister I never had really. Although she doesn't know me and I don't know her personally, when she talks to the camera I feel like we're having a conversation. I relate to her so much and I understand all of her phases that she has been through. She isn't perfect but she owns up to her mistakes and makes things right. That is the sort of person I want to be. I want to be the kind of person that people can admire for being a genuine good person. I feel that there aren't too many genuine people in the world anymore but Katy is someone who I will always adore.

Cody (Imcutiefish): Cody is also a YouTuber, who is actually from my city! I admire her for two main reasons. One of those reasons is that she is such a ray of sunshine. Cody is honestly such a happy person and it makes others so happy when she smiles. I've actually had the pleasure of talking to her on snapchat and she is honestly such a sweet person. She is always spreading positivity through her videos and encouraging others to do the same. The first video I ever watched of hers was her GCSE results video. She saw her results for the first time and managed to get her reaction on camera. Her results were INSANE! Ever since I watched it, I had never worked harder in my life. I saw how proud of herself she was and how shocked she was at her results, which made me even more determined to work, hard. I wanted to be as happy as she was in that video. I would definitely say that she influenced me during exam season and I have a feeling that I'm going to be pretty proud on results day. The second reason why she inspires me is because she continues to be herself even after all she has been through. She unexpectedly lost her father, whom she was very close to. You would think that she would become negative and depressed after the event but she has continued to be the quirky, bubbly person she is. She doesn't care about people judging her and she is always expressing her true self. She inspires me everyday to stay true to myself and be the unique person I was born to be. I love that she isn't afraid to be herself.

Lizza Koshy: Lizza is one of my all time favourite YouTubers. It is simply for her humour and lovable personality. She is the most hilarious person ever and I've never watched a video of hers without laughing. She is known for her vines and's but the thing I love the most is her YouTube channel. She is such a creative person with such a kind soul. She inspires me because she takes risks. She is never afraid to be a weirdo in public and does anything for the entertainment of her viewers. She is one of those people that I could only dream of meeting some day. I can never not smile after watching her videos and reading her tweets. There is nothing I love more than people who spread happiness.

Jordeecakes Jay: First of all she is probably one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen. I never watch a video without admiring her simply because of how gorgeous she is. But that is most definitely not what inspires me about her. Jordan is such a sweet heart. She is always giving to others and putting others first. She is so mature for an 18 year old and understands so much about life already. She is someone who adults could take advice from. She inspires me because she knows how to forgive and forget. No matter the person or situation, she is always forgiving. I love that she puts the past behind her and focuses on what is important. She chooses to move forward and stands up for what she believes in. She has so much patience and grace and I adore her for it.She is someone that doesn't allow others to effect her decisions in life and has become very independent during the past few years and its been great seeing her develop.

 I am subscribed to over 100 YouTubers but these are the four that inspire me the most. They all have amazing qualities which I most definitely want to develop as I grow.

If you get the chance, check out their channels because they're awesome!


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