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Super cheap lip liners? (Day 2)

One thing that you may nor know about me is that I am OBSESSED with Ebay! I love finding extremely underrated and inexpensive brands. I think it's really cool seeing products that cost so little and testing them out to see if they work.

I was on Ebay (like always) and I found some lip liners, which looked really interesting to me. Of course I had to get them because like I said, I love testing out cheaper brands.

They cost me less than £2 AND had FREE shipping! You'd be crazy not to try right?

It took a while to arrive (about 3 weeks) but I was elated when I got my package! As soon as I got them the first thing I wanted to do was blog about them. So today I am doing exactly that!

So, like I said it cost me less than £2, which is the first pro, however the 2nd pro is that you get 12 of them! That is just pennies per liner. Can't go wrong really.

The packaging is super cute and pretty. Definitely very girly. I feel that the coral on the packaging really reflects the colours of the pencils as there are quite a few pinky coral sort of shades.

The liners it self are your traditional pencil style, which I don't mind at all but it would have been cool if it was retractable, just because I'm lazy when it comes to sharpening them.

One thing that I would say that was a little disappointing, was that the packaging of the liner, e.g. the cap, is different to the actual product. However I am still a big fan of the colours, so I am not too fussed but I was however expecting a nice deep brown shade and it turned out to be red.

A lot of the colours are more nude/nude pink, which is right up my street. Here are all of the shades swatched for you:

They feel alright when being applied. I hate when lip liners are harsh and you can feel them tugging on your lips, but this definitely isn't like that. I wouldn't say they're creamy but they're certainly not too harsh. The pigmentation is really great and they last AGES. They claim to be waterproof, which I agree with 100%. I went swimming with the red shade when I was on holiday and it didn't budge.

Overall, these lip liners are definitely worth your money and I'm glad that I got them. It makes me excited to see what else I can find on Ebay! Let me know if you want me to do more ebay product reviews and I will do so! I mean it's an excuse to shop.

Here is the link for anybody who would like to try them out! The shipping has gone from free to 19p now but that shouldn't make much difference.

Have a great day!

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