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The Ultimate Guide to the best summer 2016 (Day 7)

Exciting news! This is my first ever collab! I am collaborating with Tonee aka Infoella. She is so lovely and it's  been great working with her on this blog post! Follow her and go read her take on this ultimate guide to summer!

Her blog:
Her blog post:

Summer is my absolute FAVOURITE season. Everything about it makes me happy. The warm weather, fashion, makeup and food! Everything is great. Not to mention that there is no school! Sometimes, because of how long summer is, it's easy to get bored, so hopefully these things will give you some things to do this summer.

One thing that I love doing is exploring. In the summer, exploring is the best! Whether it be in a different country or just a place in your home town that you've never been before, exploring can be super fun. It gives you so many photo opportunities and gets you out and about.

Exploring an island in Mallorca

During the school year, having time to watch your favourite shows and movies isn't always possible so binge watching them in the summer is a necessity. I recently had a little Netflix party with some friends which was fun. Movie days are always better with other people. Whenever I have movie marathons, I always make sure to have snacks at hand.

A picture we took at our squad Netflix party

 Speaking of snacks something else I enjoy doing is trying new foods. Last summer, I went to Chilli's for the first time in Orlando and fell in love with Tacos. Summer is one of the best times to try new foods as barbecues are traditional. If you love food like I do, there is no way summer will ever be complete without trying new food. Even trying food you've had  before but from other restaurants/companies is fun. You can compare them to ones you've had before.

Lunch in Mallorca

These are a few snacks that you could try to make:

  1. Ice cream sundaes- 
  2. Frozen yogurt bars 
  3. Fruit Kebabs 

I will be making separate blog posts on how to  make these, in a few weeks so be sure to follow me and check back to see how to make them.

As well as trying new food, trying a new look could be fun. You could buy new makeup and products and experiment with new looks. For  example, being more colourful and wearing bright eyeliner or lipstick if you don't usually. You don't even need to go out in it, you could just do it for pictures or for fun. If you don't wear makeup, you can do it with clothing too. Trying different styles and ways of wearing clothes you have gives you something to do and it may help; you to find your signature style!

I'm usually really casual so going to my grandmother's church was a chance to try something more sophisticated. \I didn't wear any makeup either. 

On the same note of beauty, here are my top 5 essentials for summer:

  1. Sun-cream- It's a basic but important product. Of course you want to have fun but you need to look after your health. Wearing sun-cream is going to protect your skin but also keep your skin moisturised and soft. I love the Garnier Ambre Solaire wet skin protection sunscreen. It is SPF30 which is perfect for UK weather as we don't get very hot but it is enough to keep us protected and it is also very convenient as it is a spray product. 
  2. I'm not the biggest fan of waterproof mascara usually but I think it comes in so much handy in the summer. You can walk around in the heat without worrying your mascara is going to smudge and sweat off. My favourite is the Maybelline lash sensational waterproof mascara as it is pretty much exactly the same the original but a lot tougher to get off. 
  3. I personally get such dry lips so lip balm is always needed. I tend to need it more so in winter however my lips are always dry, so it is an essential in summer too. One of my favourites is the Nivea lip care lip balm. It only costs £1 from Super-drug and works amazingly. 

  4. Primer is a good thing to have if you wear makeup and want it to last all day. Primer not only keeps your makeup in place for a long time but it keeps it looking smooth and allows it to apply smoothly too. I like the Nivea express hydration primer for normal/combination skin. It is a lightweight gel formula which feels like regular moisturiser on the skin. 
  5. My absolute favourite makeup product is highlighter. It just makes your skin glow and look so radiant. Your whole makeup look just comes together with a bit of highlighter. My favourite highlighters that I have tried are by makeup revolution. In particular, golden lights. 
It is a .little powdery at first but on your face it doesn't look powdery at all! (mine is broken so ignore the mess)

Something else you could do in the summer are pinterest DIYs. Last year I made a summer journal/scrapbook and documented things from each day. These included recipts from shopping trips, photos and tickets from Universal studios. I know have an A5 book full of memories from my 2015 summer! This year I want to do something similar. I plan to buy a photo album and fill the plastic slots with photos, tickets and little diary entries. It was so much fun  making the journal last year and it only took me about an hour to design and create. 

I plan to test some Pinterest DIYs this summer. One DIY that I definitely want to try is crayon art. It is all over Pinterest and YouTube and it would be so cool to have a bright colourful canvas to hang in my room that I create myself. If you would like me to film the making of the crayon art, let me know and I may film it. 

So those are  my ideas on how to have a good summer! I hope you enjoyed reading. If you're a follower of Tonee's and you like what you see, do follow so that you can read all the other posts that I am going be uploading this summer. If you're a follower or reader of my blog, go check out Tonee's and say hi! 

Have a great day!

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