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Story Time: Up, Up and Ding (Day 4)

This is a very very short story about an event that happened on holiday. I do have MANY other embarrassing stories that are much longer so leave me a comment if you want me to write about any of them.

Almost one month ago now, I went on a family holiday to Budapest. It was an amazing holiday and I plan to share pictures very soon.

One major part of this holiday was an embarrassing event that happened in our hotel, which I will NEVER forget.

It was our last few hours in Budapest before we were due to go to the airport, when my brothers and I decided to explore parts of our hotel that we never had a chance to. We told our parents that we were going to go to the top floor, whilst they waited in the lobby.

The lift was so cool. It was a glass lift, so we could see the amazing city view on the way up to the 8th floor. We were talking in the lift, excited to see what was at the very top of the hotel, until the embarrassing event occurred...

The doors opened. It was a portal to embarrassment. The doors opened and my heart raced. We had just entered a very important conference with some rather distinguished business people. Track suit bottoms and all.

I remember seeing them turn as the lift dinged. The woman holding the meeting looked straight at me and my brother as she continued to talk to her colleagues. What did I interrupt? An evil plan? The next iPhone release? The new Ferrari design? WHO KNOWS?

I froze, I panicked, I had no idea what to do. My brother Arron had to shout at me and tell me to press a button. I just wanted to get out of there, so I pressed anything in my view. The awkward person I am, of course would press level FIVE! I could have just went to ground level or even our floor which was 6, but no, I pressed 5. The doors closed and I just knew what I did was wrong.

The whole trip down, my brothers and I just laughed. There were tears in our eyes because we just found it so funny. I keep telling myself that it's just a typical thing to happen to me really. What else would you expect? I'm me!

My parents just laughed at us when we told them in the taxi, on the way to the airport. It's a moment I will never forget.

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