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July Goals and Results(Day 10)

At the end of each month, I would like to set myself three goals for the upcoming month. At the end of each month I will post pictures and diary entries on how those goals turned out. This will be the first month that I try this out and if it goes well, then I'll make it a regular thing.

So, I am going to set myself three goals for the month of July that I would like to achieve.

The first thing I would like to do for the month of  July is to make at least three new friends. Now that I have graduated from high school, making friends is going to be a little harder. All of the friends I have, I've made at school, so my goal for this month is to make at least three new friends that I've never met before. This requires me to talk to lots of different people and get to know as many people as I can.

The second goal that I am setting myself is to find a part time job. I had a job for a bit but I didn't like it at all. I ended up not going there and decided to start looking for some place else but by the time exam season hit, I didn't have any time to find a job. Therefore, during the month of July I am to apply to at least one place. I would like to have had at least one interview by the end of July. To make sure I achieve this goal, I will apply to jobs online and go job hunting around my local area.

And finally my third goal for the month of July is to buy 5 pieces of summer clothing. Since exam season started, I hadn't bought any summer clothes and a lot of my clothes from last summer already don't fit anymore. I would like to buy five pieces of clothing for summer, both in store and online. This can include shoes as I do not own many pairs of shoes.

These are my three goals for July. A month from now, I will post the final results and tell you whether I was successful or not.

Thanks for reading!


At the start of the month I made 3 goals that I wanted to achieve for the month. Those three goals were to make new friends, buy at least 5 pieces of clothing and to apply for a job.

As a result of doing NCS, I have managed to make so many new friends. Even after finishing the program we have met up and spoke to each other every day! I've become very close to a lot of them and I can't imagine what my summer would be like if I hadn't met them.

I have bought more than 5 pieces of clothing during the month of July. Due to summer sales, this is the best time to shop in my opinion. Once I have collected a good amount, I will do a haul.

I haven't had any job interviews yet, however I have applied for Head start which will give me a guaranteed job interview for new look! All i have to do is 16 hours of volunteering at an allotment. I start on August 16th, so hopefully I'll have a job by September.  

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