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Best Year EVER

Oh my goodness gracious, there are only four days left of 2016! It has come and gone so quickly. It has been such an eventful year full of memories. For me personally, it has been the BEST year ever.

Around this time last year, I made 16 goals for 2016 but I had three main goals. Those were to be myself and myself only, to love myself and to be more positive about life. I genuinely believe that I succeeded with all three of these goals. I kind of just decided that I was done pretending to be like everyone else and doing things because other people were. I have always been different and always had my own way of thinking, acting, looking but I never liked to exercise them, because I thought I would be judge. (I will probably write a whole post about that stage in my life). In 2015 I decided to leave the fake me in 2015. I have never gone back to being so self concision and always degrading myself. It has been the best year for that reason.

There have been so many different events happen in 2016 that have just made the year so amazing. Here is a recap of the year!


I got to go travelling this year which was so much fun! I went to Majorca, Budapest, London, Scotland and Skegness! It has been so great visiting new places and getting to experience travelling. This has been the first year that I have been out of my city multiple times within a year and it has truly been so much fun. You learn so much about the world and yourself when travelling. I can't wait for new journeys in 2017!

Going to my first Music Festival

I went to my very first music festival with my friends as a treat just before exam season. We had SO much fun and it was great just getting to spend time with some of my best friends. It was an amazing experience and I definitely want to go to another in 2017, for sure! It was the MTV music festival. There were celebrities there and we were on TV so many times (well Taya was anyway) and it was so cool.

Being in a fashion show

Our school did a fashion show to raise money for our prom and it was super fun. We got to see everyone dressed up and really get creative with costumes. Our theme was movies so there were film characters and celebrity inspired looks. It was kind of a glimpse of what prom was going to be like as everyone just came together to have a good time and we saw people in makeup that never wore makeup to school usually.

Being assistant HeadGirl at school 

If you had told me a year or two ago that  my peers and teachers would have voted for me to be 1/3 assistant head girl's of our school, I would have thought you were crazy! Being assistant head girl was fun because we got to have official meetings, help organise events, network with important people and continuously develop our public speaking skills. It was a great experience and will definitely be something that will help me in the future.


Prom was such a great night. It was (almost) a drama free night celebrating the friendships we made, getting through exams and the future that we could all look forward to. I do regret not taking more pictures but at the time I was more in the moment, enjoying myself. The memories will always be there, which is what is important.

GCSE Results

I got my first full set of important grades! From the age of four years old we learn so much and do so many exams, to prep us for our GCSE exams. In 2016, my 11 years within education paid off and I finally got my GCSE results, which I was very proud of. With those grades I knew that I could secure myself a job in the future and could move onto the next stage in my career as a student, to do A-levels.

Starting A-levels

A-levels are said to be one of the hardest form of exams you can take in the UK. A lot of people actually find it harder than doing a degree. Being able to go to sixth form and start studying A-level content has been challenging but exciting. It has been a test of organisation, intelligence and patience. All things that we need in life.


Doing the NCS program was probably one of my favourite parts of 2016. I got to go to a new place and do activities that I never thought I could possibly do, I got to experience life as a university student and live with people I didn't know, who soon became great friends, I got to make a change in my community and raise awareness for mental health. NCS was truly the greatest experience and I loved every second of it. It's strange because I was more sad leaving the people on my wave, after just three weeks of knowing them, than I was leaving school and I had known those people for at least 5 years of my life.

Graduating from School

Calling yourself a high school graduate is so strange but so cool. When you're in school it feels like forever. It feels like leaving will never happen, but let me tell you, it comes around so quick. I remember being in year 7 like it was last week and now I'm 17 doing my A-levels....that is insane. It's strange not seeing the people I used to see everyday, anymore.

Volunteering for the first time

Summer 2K16 was my first time volunteering. It was a real eye opener and I had a lot of fun. I learnt new things about people, life and skills that I needed for future success. I definitely want to do more social work and charity work in 2017. I feel like no matter how small, the things you do can change a life.

So that is a break down of some events in 2016. I couldn't mentioning everything obviously so these are the things I thought of. I hope you enjoy reflecting with me. I hope you had a great year too!

Thanks for reading,

Have a great day x

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