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Day 4: Don't Be Malteasers

So, a not so festive post today. I wanted to sort of stimulate a deep in thought kind of vibe by discussing the topic, relationships. I am more happy about being single than I have ever been. Of course I see those cute couples and aspire to find someone I can be as happy with but I'm genuinely happy being on my own. I don't feel lonely at all, I feel very happy to have the people I do in my life and I'm certainly happy to wait for the right person.

People tend to think that single people know nothing about love or relationships when the fact is that the singles sometimes know more than people in relationships do. I know a little but as a 17 year old I can't say that I am one of those people. However, seeing people around me choose the wrong kind of people, hearing about arguments couples have, seeing the cringiest of couples in public EVER and talking to my parents who have been married for 20 years has taught me quite a  bit about the do's and don'ts of relationships.

Obviously every relationship is different and these are just things that have come to my mind recently.

I feel like nowadays, girls don't value themselves enough. They just want to be with someone and feel loved, rather than waiting for the right person. Girls will have like 10 different boys in their life before they're even adults and I don't understand how. Why would you want to be passed around like that? Its like being a box of Malteasers. Its something that can be shared and passed around. I don't know about you but I don't want to be Malteasers, I want to be a....lollipop? I mean you have those strange ones who share lollipops but you get what I mean. One lollipop for one person. I feel like girls just don't see how precious they are and they should be treated like they're a rare diamond. That box will get passed around and bit bit one will be taken out until its empty inside. That is literally what happens to people. They get a part of them taken from every person they choose to be with until there is nothing left.

Lollipops are different. For example in a bubblegum lollipop, the centre of a lollipop is known to be the best part. You want to find someone good enough to see that, not make you empty.

One of the best things about me being single all my life is that I know EXACTLY who I am and I will never loose that. No man will ever take away who I am because I've spent so long working on myself and I know the person I am. There are unfortunately girls who haven't been single long enough to know what they want in life, their standards for guys, etc. Its so sad that so many girls loose themselves because of boys and also vise versa. Boys loose themselves because of girls too. So many people tear themselves apart simply because they haven't been treated right. Thinking that there something wrong with them when they literally just fall for the wrong people.

Something that my parents have taught me is that love and marriage isn't all fun and games. There is a lot of hard work, commitment and effort needed to make a marriage work. One thing I have noticed is that so many people give up so easily. Once the spark is gone in the relationship, once the can't keep their hands off each other stage is up, that's it. People don't understand that its not meant to be easy. You're not suppose to just give up on someone once the spark is gone. You know they're the right one when you still stay even after their mistakes, flaws, the arguments etc. What is the point if you're going to stay for 5 minutes? Its literally like dropping out of University after freshers week. Don't be along for the fun and then as soon as the work kicks in you're like "ah no thanks".

I am in no rush to get with anyone at all. Eventually when I do find someone, I want to know everything about them before I commit to anything. I want them to be considered like my best friend. For some people, speaking to them on that level for a week or so can work but for me it just won't cut it. I can't see myself  being in  a relationship that lasts a long time after speaking to them for less than one month. I'm pretty traditional. I would much rather go on a couple of dates to get to know the person. You wouldn't jump out a plan without preparation right? The preparation you do before hand will determine how you land.

I see the cringiest couples in the entire world. They literally can't take their hands off each other! Like the bus is the worst place for that. I hate PDA so much and it just makes me uncomfortable. Seeing how clingy couples can be makes me think what they'd be like if they were to ever split. Would they even live? Like seriously some of them are that bad. They'll be kissing for half an hour without coming up for air and I'm thinking my gosh will you relax. I don't understand why couples feel the need to make others feel socially awkward. I have always hated PDA so it may just be me who thinks this but I feel like these type of couples aren't even cute, half the time. Like yeah you love each other and all, I'm glad you've found your husband and father of 18 children but we don't need to see the love ourselves.

So that's my ramble of a post with no sort of structure at all. I hope this was relatable in some of way and I hope it made some people think. I've been really deep in thought about this topic today so I thought I'd share

Thanks for reading,

Have a great day x

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