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Day 7: 7 ways to save money for Christmas

December is EXPENSIVE. There's presents to buy and festive fun to have, which isn't always free, sadly. Here are some tips for saving money during the Christmas season or for the Christmas season.

1. Join discount sites such as wowcher and Groupon to get deals and even presents for discounted prices.



2. Join sample sites to try products you may be wanting but can't afford the full size of yet. There are websites that ship you free samples for all sorts of products such as perfume and foundation. If you've been wanting to try certain products but know you need to keep the money for other things, you can get samples instead. Not only will it save you money now but also in the long run because if you end up not being a fan of the product, you haven't wasted money.

A sample site:

3. Save your loose change in a jar

You may think that 20p is nothing but if you save loose change, it will turn into pounds. Put your change into a jar or piggy bank and then count up what you have when you are in need for extra money. Whether it be for bus fair, lunch or even gifts. I did a blog post on how to make a savings jar. If you haven't seen it already, check it out. You can adapt it to make it more winter appropriate.

4. Get a Job if you haven't already

Whether it be a christmas temp or a job in general, getting a job is an obvious way to make money. The more money you have, the easier it is to save.

5. Make the most out of discount codes

Search for discount codes when buying online. Whether it be money off your overall purchase after spending over a certain amount or to get a percentage off your overall price, make the most of the codes brands give. They usually post them on their social media platforms, through subscription emails and sometimes on the home page of the store.

6. Set a budget for each person you buy for

They don't all have to be the same, but set a maximum price you're willing to spend on each person that you're buying for. That way you know exactly how much money you should be spending over the Christmas. Make sure that what you buy stays within the budget!

7.  Use your points!

If you have loyalty cards like the Superdrug beauty card, Boots, Tesco points etc, USE THEM! You've probably been collecting them all year, so use them during the Christmas season! It will save you so much money.

These are my 7 tips for saving money this season. I hope it was helpful in some way.

Thanks for reading,

Have a great day x

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