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Day 22: My Winter Morning Routine

I can't believe we're coming so close to the end of blogmas! It's flew by so quickly and despite the stress of having to get all the posts up each day, it has been so much fun to give you all posts everyday. Only three posts left! 

Today I thought I would share with you my winter morning routine for 2016. This genuinely has been my routine for winter break. I've only seen a few morning routines in written format so I thought why not! We see so many of these through video so why not shake it up a little. 

I wake up at around 9:30am. There are times where I press snooze and also times where I wake up earlier but I set an alarm for 9:30 so that I can have a lie in but not sleep the day away. 

I usually stay in bed for quite a while before getting ready. I go down stairs and make some breakfast and take it up to my room. Today I had a crepe. I'll check all my social media like Twitter and Instagram (bad habit I know) and I'll read a bunch of blogs. I really enjoy reading blog posts in the morning, especially if they're motivational. 

If I'm still not up to getting ready and I don't have any plans, like today, I watch YouTube videos. Today I binge watched Mylifeaseva's vlogmas videos. Eva and Adam are the cutest! She has actually made it a life goal of mine to go to Switzerland with my future partner now. 

Half way through watching videos or scrolling through Instagram, I always feel the urge to make a cup of tea. Today I had peppermint tea and it was so good! You have to start the day right guys! Nothing better than a cuppa in the morning (I swear I'm actually 40 years old). 

Eventually I actually get ready for the day. I go to the bathroom and do all the basics. I do my morning skin care routine, brush my teeth and take a hot shower. Showers are the best way to wake you up if you're ever still tired. 

Once I'm out the bathroom, its time to finish getting ready. I pick out some clothes to wear. Today I went for a halter crop top and some plaid leggings as I just wanted something comfortable. I wasn't leaving the house today so I didn't need anything fancy.

I then do my makeup for the day. There are some days when I have no plans and I don't feel like putting makeup on but today I was feeling to put a little on. I wore some foundation and concealer (set with powder of course), a little bit of blush, eyeliner, mascara and a clear lip-gloss. And of course I had to fill in my brows's just necessary OK.

Now it's time to get on with my day! 

Thanks for reading,

Have a great day x

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