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Day 3: Life Hacks (Christmas Edition)

Christmas is the greatest time of year but it can also be the most stressful time of year. Here are 5 life hacks to either make life easier or keep you relaxed during this busy season.

Hack 1: Got small gifts?

I love giving smaller gifts to people, also known as stocking stuffers, however I don't really know of anybody who actually owns a stocking. In order to fit smaller gifts, chocolates, sweets etc, this is all you have to do.

1. Grab yourself a toilet roll or kitchen roll (yeah you read that correct)

 2. Place your small gift inside

3. Cut a piece of wrapping paper big enough to wrap around the roll

4. Tape this wrapping paper wherever is needed to be secured

5. Grab each side and scrunch them up

6. Tie these edges with an elastic, ribbon or string

8. Decorate as you wish! I added a gift bow

YOU'RE DONE! Looks like a Christmas Cracker!

Hack 2: Tired of loosing the end of your tape?

Wrapping presents can be stressful enough, and nothing is worse than loosing the end of your tape when you're already frustrated and in a hurry. Well fear no more!

All you have to do is get a paper click and slide it at the end of your tape! Fold the small end over and you're good to go! Easy right?

Hack 3: Got some boring lights?

This is probably my favourite of the 5 hacks. Its such an easy and cheap way to spice up your christmas lights.All you need to do is obviously have a set of fairy lights, get some cheap ping pong balls and scissors or a knife.

1. Unravel or spread out your lights

2. Test that they work first, just in case (but take them out after)

3. Poke holes into each of your golf balls

4. Slot the lights into the balls

5. Turn on your brand new £50 lights! (So your guests shall believe)

Hack 4:Wrapping paper keep wrinkling?

If there is one thing you want when it comes to a wrapped present, its smooth aesthetically pleasing paper. This hack will ensure that the paper stays as neat as possible when stored away. All you need is kitchen roll, a pair of scissors and tape.

1. Roll your paper back if its messy

2. Cut straight through the kichen roll

3. Slot your roll around the centre of the paper

4. Tape the middle of the card into place

TADAR! Neat paper

Hack 4: Night time movie run?

I love watching Christmas movies and YouTube videos. Its one of those things that just gets you in the festive attitude. However watching it at night or in the dark can sometimes hurt your eyes with how small your phone is. This DIY projector will be the end of your problems. This is all you need to do.

1. Grab a box big enough to fit your phone in (preferably with a lid)

2.  Wrap your box with wrapping paper or paint it (Looks a bit nicer that way but this step is obviously optional)

3. You'll need a magnifying glass. Make sure its good quality as this will make the videos clearer.

4. Use force to pop out the glass from the frame or if you have any REALLY sharp tools at home (Ask permission first if you're young) then slice off the handle.

5. Draw around the glass onto the inside of the front of the box

6. Cut out this circle shape (You may need to go slightly bigger for the next part)

7. Slot the glass into this hole so that its wedged inside and secure or use a hot glue gun to stick it directly behind the hole

8. Grab some foam (The sell packs in poundland in the craft section) and cut this up into two pieces to create a stand so your phone won't slide.

9. Turn your phone up to the brightest setting, put on your video or movie and place it at the back of the box. Make sure the video is playing upside down so when its reflected, its the right way up!

YAY1 You have your very own smartphone projector. Of course you can use it all year round and its MUCH cheaper than buying a real projector.

I hope you enjoyed these life hacks. I really enjoyed trying them out. Make sure to come back for Day 4 tomorrow and if you missed Day 1 or 2, go check them out too.

Thanks for reading,

Have a great day x

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