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Day 2: My Christmas Wishlist 2016

I am so excited for Christmas guys! I have said it a million times already and I'll keep saying it until its over. Every year I've always waited until mid December to decide what things I wanted for Christmas but this year I started mid November! This is my Christmas wishlist for 2016.


I do not intend to get all of these items, or even half of them. I am grateful for whatever I get as I don't believe what so ever that Christmas is about presents and receiving. In fact I much prefer giving presents and if you know me personally, you will know how much thought I put into buying for others or giving to others. This list just consists of things I've had my eye on for a while and that I would be extremely elated to receive.

1. The Morphe 35F palette (It is beautiful and these colours are right up my street)

 2. The Olivia satin rose bomber from Booohoo

3. A forever 21 gift card (I love that store so much)

4. Mario Badescuo drying lotion

5. A Vanity Planet facial brush or any kind of good quality cleansing brush

6. Chokers (specifically from Forever 21)

7. Sony Cybershot W800 camera (I want a proper camera for blog pictures as I'm currently using my phone) I may just save up the money I get to buy it though, but it's on my list anyway.

8. A trench coat (I think they're so sophisticated and I've been wanting one for ages)


9. Samsung Earphones (Mine broke and I really love the quality of them so I would love another pair)          

10. Books (I love to read so any books I can read for enjoyment rather than as part of my studies would be great) 

11. One of the Becca on the glow kits (I've always wanted to try Becca highlighters and this mini kit is perfect as I never hit pan on highlighter so there isn't a need for the full size and it works out cheaper too)

12. Homeware/Bedroom stuff (I REALLY want to re-decorate my bedroom and I already have a colour scheme in mind, so I would just love things that would fit it. Anything baby pink, black, white and copper/rose gold).

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