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Day 13: HELP

Another non Christmas related post. Obviously it's the final month of the year and after Christmas my posts will relate to this year or the upcoming year in some way. I have already started planning my posts for after my blogmas series and I'm actually really excited to write and post them.

I just wanted to write a short blog post asking what sort of blog posts you all prefer and want me to post in the upcoming year. Although I do have ideas and plans, you guys are the ones who read them and click on the post in the first place. Do you enjoy long posts or would you prefer shorter ones?

I know a lot of bloggers pretty much just post pictures and like two paragraphs with it. Is that something that you would want me to do? Of course I will still do long posts as that is what I enjoy doing and I blog purely for enjoyment, however I am also happy to do short posts as well.

I am going to be planning my blogs more regularly so that I have consistent upload days. I really want to write content that people enjoy reading, as much as I love writing them.

If you do have requests, please leave them in the comments, message me on other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram etc.

Twitter: chellebellexo
Instagram: chelle._babes

Thanks for reading,

Have a great day x

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