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Day 12: An Interview with Santa's Elf

So, for day 12, I thought I would do something a different. I wanted to do a fun post that would bring out my inner child. I am going to be posting 20 questions that I would ask an ELF who works for Santa Claus. If I ever had an encounter with an elf, these are the questions I would ask.

1) What is it like working for Santa?

2) Do you ever feel bad when you see children on the naughty list?

3) How long does it take you to make one toy?

4) When do you start making the toys?

5) What do you do for fun at the North Pole?

6) Do you communicate with Santa a lot before Christmas eve?

7) Has a child ever spotted yourself or Santa on the Job?

8) Do you know how to ride the sleigh?

9) On average, how short are you?

10) What is your favourite Christmas memory?

11) How do you monitor behaviour all year around?

12) What is your favourite thing about being an elf?

13) How do you get a job at the North Pole?

14) Is the North Pole festive all year round?

15) Who is the head elf?

16) Why do you think so many adults don't believe in Santa?

17) Does Santa watch children sleep?...

18) What is your favourite thing about being so tiny?

19) How do you travel the world in like 12 hours? 

20) Is there training for every job in the factory? 

I hope you enjoyed thus post! 

Thanks for reading, 

Have a great day x 

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