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Day 5: My Christmas Playlist

I love Christmas songs. They can make me feel so many different emotions. I have a playlist of different songs that I particularly love listening to during the lead up to Christmas. Some are very well known and others may not be as known.

I am a Christian so I do listen to a lot of worship songs and gospel music during December in particular. Some of these are:

1. My life is in your hands- Kirk Franklin 

This song has got me through a lot. I love this song and it has been one of my favourite songs since I was a toddler. I used to sing it as an infant, all the time in Church and I still listen to it all the time now. Its one of those songs that I already know will be played at my wedding.

2. Father can you hear me- Tyler Perry

This is a song that I've only started listening to this year and I love it. Its very powerful and a beautiful song.

3. Heaven- Mary Mary 

I have ALWAYS adored this song. For as long as I can remember, I have sung, danced to, played this song. Its one of my absolute favourite songs in the entire world. I wish it was as popular as shackles is.

4. Looking for you- Kirk Franklin

This is actually the final song played in the film Norbit if you've ever watched it. I love this song and have since I was in Primary school. Its definitely a song I'll always love.

5. Pray- Cece Winans 

My mum got her album when I was in like year 7 and I remember just instantly falling in love with this one song in particular. Its an upbeat song which is probably why hyperactive 12 year old Rochelle loved it so much. I stopped listening to it for a long time and then re-discovered it in the summer and have kept it playing since.

Typical Christmas songs:

1. All I want for Christmas is You - Mariah Carey

I mean DUH! Its a classic

2. Oh Santa- Mariah Carey

I get so hyped to this, not going to lie to you

3. The First Noel- Mariah Carey

Mariah is just the QUEEN of Christmas songs to be honest. She sings this song so beautifully.

4. Santa Tell Me- Ariana Grande

I played this in July once. Enough said

5. It's not Christmas without You- Victorious

I still listen to this every Christmas season...DON'T JUDGE

6. Last Christmas- Wham

Again, its a classic

7. Baby it's cold outside- Michael Buble and India Menzel 

I adore musicals and this has such a musical theatre vibe that its impossible not to love

8. Santa Claus is coming to Town- Justin Bieber

I just really like this version of the song above any other

That is my Christmas playlist that is ALWAYS playing. I do listen to other Christmas songs and other gospel songs of course but these are the ones that I listen to pretty much every single day, hour, minute, second.

Thanks for Reading,

Have a great day x

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