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Day 18: Sick Day Survival Tips

With cold weather, comes colds. I don't know about you but my immune system always seems to be weaker in the winter. Unfortunately flu season can make us sick at the worst times. I have a few tips on how to survive when sick and recover as quickly as possible.

Get plenty of sleep

Sleep does wonders for the body when we're sick. Sleep allows the body to recover and fight off pathogens. Have a lie in if possible or take a nap during the day. If you're unable to do those things, try to get an early night. The more sleep, the better!

Drink hot substances

When you wake up, have herbal tea. This is good for your health in general so it makes sense to have it when unwell. I have peppermint tea when i'm ill and a lot of people tend to have pure green tea too.
I really like having soup when i'm ill, especially if I have a fever and one of the symptoms is feeling cold.

Have a healthy breakfast! 

Too many people skip breakfast and to me that is crazy. You don't eat for atleast 8 hours after you go to bed, is important that you fill your body with enough to keep you energised. Don't have anything containing a lot of sugar, salt or fat. You want to fill your body with healthy food. I love to have wholemeal toast with egg and spinch. I either have peppermint tea or orange juice with that as they both help with recovery. Orange juice contains vitamin C which will definitely be a big help when it comes to recovering.

Steam your face

I have a steamer at home as I use it for skin care too sometimes but using a bowl with a tea towel works EXACTLY the same way. Just boil the kettle with steaming hot water and fill the bowl. Hover your face over it for 10 minutes and put a tea towel over your head to stop heat escaping. It works wonders for a blocked nose as it gets rid of all the gross stuff. It also really helps your skin if its dry and tense. It unclogs pores really well. Some steamers allow you to put essential oils in so you could use peppermint to help with unblocking your nose.

Do something that keeps you relaxed 

Try not to stress out! If it is possible, take the time off from work or school to recover and stay relaxed. Stress just adds to the mix so try to keep yourself calm. I like to write blog posts in bed, read a book or watch movies. It takes my mind off things and doesn't make me feel stressed. You can always do that work when you are feeling more like yourself. Don't force yourself to do something you're not capable of.

Try not to wear makeup

There are YouTube videos out there that show 'sick day makeup tutotials' but its actually better not to wear any makeup at all. Let your skin breathe. Not only does it clog your pores but its pretty time consuming. If you're ill but you need to go out, fair enough wear a little but I would skip any kind of base makeup like foundation and just go for eye makeup to make your look more awake.

Be prepared

There is nothing worse than being ill at school. I hate being ill at school because I'm blowing my nose every two seconds. You wouldn't believe how many times I had to get a full toilet roll from the bathroom because I ran out of tissue. Make sure to bring anything you need to get through the day. Lots of tissues, tablets etc.

Those are my tips on how to survive a sick day. I hope they help in some way!

Thanks for reading,

Have a great day x

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